Fargo S1E5 - "The Six Ungraspables" Recap

The men in the cell with Lester are able to muscle Malvo's name out of him by pressing on his irritated hand wound and stuffing a dirty sock in his mouth. Lester's not one to do well with torture so he gave up the name and shortly after, the men are told they're free to go since their bail has been paid.

Deputy Molly gives Malvo's name to her boss who has been continually pushing her investigative pursuits aside. But he's finally reached a point where Molly has pieced too much together to ignore. She gets permission to question him again but also learns of his recent arrest. When they go to pick him up, they find him delirious and rambling. An ambulance is called to tend to his hand wound. Molly asks him while en route to the hospital if she paid Lorne Malvo to kill his wife. He says repeatedly that he never paid him but she believes that a deal was made. Lester, still delirious, neither confirms nor denies this.

Malvo is still working Stavros from both angles of pretend-protector and blackmailer. Stavros gathers a million dollars from his safe while his son Dmitri tries to tell him he has learned that the crickets were lizard food and that he had called around to various pet stores. Stavros cuts Dmitri off and simply wants him taken somewhere safe.

Molly learns from the doctor at the hospital that Lester's injury is a pellet wound. She then gets the good news that Chief Thurman's wife has given birth to a baby girl named Bernadette. She sneaks a visit to Lester's home, noting the blood stain still on the floor and going down to the basement where she examines the laundry machine.

Malvo picks Stavros up and talks about wolves and their hunting, killing ways. They reach their destination and Malvo open the trunk, preparing to grab the briefcase full of money but Stavros brushes him off, saying that they're done and attempts to give him his pay. He tells Malvo he can stay but he has to leave at dawn.

Molly calls Gus from Lester's basement and makes plans to meet him the following day. Gus is feeling insecure about how to proceed with his investigation of Malvo. Malvo pulls up outside Gus' apartment building and Gus' neighbour, Ziskind, tries to scare him off as a member of the neighbourhood watch. Malvo isn't afraid in the slightest, and offers a not-so-subtle threat to him by noting how people think they're safe on a second story and therefore don't install an alarm system. They might also save money by not hooking the alarm up to the phone line so the noise will go off but no one comes to rescues them. Malvo had been using his new walkie-talkie to listen to Gus' daughter Greta exchanging homework answers with her friend. Malvo then drives off.

Molly visits Ida, the chief's widow, and lets her know that he is working hard to find her husband's killer. She then heads to Lester's room and stares for a moment before heading out, while he pretends to be asleep.

Fargo airs on FX on Tuesdays at 10PM.


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