Fargo S1E7 - "Who Shaves the Barber?" Recap

The gun Lester planted falls out of his nephew's backpack at school and needless to say, things begin to kick off. Police officers head to her home with a warrant in hand and say that they have announced little Gordo. They cut the lock on the weapon cabinet and find the murder weapon, the undergarments, and incriminating photos.

Lester is brought in for questioning by the police chief. They know his hand wound is from a shotgun pellet that places him at the scene of the murder. But now with all the planted evidence, signs point to his brother Chaz. He falsely confesses that he heard Chaz arguing with his wife, the murder, and the eventual death of Chief Thurman. Following this, he walks out and seems pleased with himself. Chaz shouts out to him from his cell but Lester carries on walking.

Molly wakes in the hospital and Gus tells her one of the criminals is upstairs after she shot him twice. Gus tells her that he was the one who shot her, accidentally, because he couldn't see well through the blizzard. She seems okay with what happened, not blaming him in the slightest. She'll need a new spleen but apart from that, she's doing fine. Gus heads out when her father comes in to visit.

Lester arrives at home and calls for a cleaner since his place has still yet to be tended to following the murders.

Malvo is actually shown to be in Reno, Nevada to enquire after those that came after him. After getting his confirmation, he heads off to take out the Fargo operation.

Molly goes to visit Mr. Wrench and they communicate through lip-reading and a whiteboard. She tells him his partner is dead and tries to get information about Malvo and Lester but as he becomes non-communicative, she gets a bit existential on him, noting that he's going to spend the rest of his life in jail and for what? But she's still investigating and piecing things together regarding what really happened with Malvo and Lester.

Lester goes to visit Gina Hess, as he is supposed to tell her that Sam had stopped paying the premiums on their policy. He uses this as an opportunity to get her to have sex with him by implying that she'll better be able to get the money with his help. It's pounding, vengeful sex as he stares hatefully at the photo of her with Sam on the wall.

Molly returns to the station and learns of Chaz's being incriminated. She's not happy to learn that all of what she has pieced together has been undermined. She heads back outside and momentarily looks as if she'll lose it, as her father asks if she's okay, but I doubt that she'll be down for long.

Fargo airs on Tuesdays on FX at 10PM.


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