Hannibal S2E10 - "Naka-Choko" Recap

In revisiting last week's ending, we see Will hallucinate a black elk crash through his window, which he shoots and then beats. He sees it as having Hannibal's face before he finally sees it as Randall, dead and bloody. The conversation is replayed between him and Hannibal regarding their being even now about having sent people to kill one another. They note that the kill was intimate, as Will had beat him to death with his hands.

Jack looks over Randall's body on display in a museum. His head has been put on the head of prehistoric bear and the massive teeth have been put into his jaw. Both Hannibal and Will come to the crime scene to consult. Hannibal says it is a humiliation to the victim but Will says it is a commemoration. The killer does not feel guilt. Will gets into the killer's mind but this time, it's his own and he speaks with Randall. He tells Jack that the killer knew and understood Randall.

Will visits Freddie Lounds, who has been offered film deals for her book. She has great wealth headed her way even though she is now a pariah among jounralists. They talk about the Chesapeake Ripper and she says that Chilton didn't have the surgical skills to perform the Ripper murders. She does not believe he killed Abigail and promises that she will never let that go. Will says he won't either.

Margo has another session with Hannibal who tells her that although she still loves her brother, she must allow herself to hate him otherwise she will be begging him for things for the rest of her life. She says that her father's will is set up in a way that if the male heir died, the fortune would go to the Southern Baptist Convention and she would be left with nothing. He tells she must make her own legacy.

Margo returns home and her brother shows her a small pig that he has named Pavlov and then a maze he has had constructed. Pigs are released into it and he explains that the maze was designed to antagonise them and has figured out how to make them eat a live person. He has a dummy lowered that is full of meat and wearing one of her suits. Human screams are played each time the pigs are fed and the pigs quickly devour the obvious representation of her.

Hannibal teaches Alana to play a theramin. Margo visits Will with a bottle of liquor in hand. She enquires after his window and he blames it on a stag. Hannibal and Alana continue their flirtations while Margo removes both her and Will's shirts. Will examines Margo's scars and she tells him they are from her brother. She asks about his bullet scar and he says a friend shot him. Both couples begin kissing and it becomes difficult to distinguish whether things are actually real or simply imagined as Will imagines the black antlered creature mounting Alana, who then rolls over towards Hannibal.

Freddie visits Alana on campus and questions her about her relationship with Hannibal but she refuses to answer. Freddie lists several of Hannibal's past patients who are now dead and that Will has now joined Hannibal since he couldn't beat him.

Hannibal visits Mason, who is pleased he has accepted his invitation. Hannibal compliments him on his pigs and discuss breeding. Hannibal also admits he had a sister. Mason claims Margo is pathological and Hannibal invites him to start therapy with him, claiming everyone needs someone to talk to. Mason offers to have a pig slaughtered for him to take home and Hannibal accepts on the condition that he choose the pig.

Will and Alana have dinner at Hannibal's and the pig is the main course. Things are a bit tense and Freddie is brought up in the conversation. Hannibal claims she is resorting to fiction and Alana says Freddie has no boundaries. They discuss crossing boundaries and Alana claims it's hard to know where they are with one another.

Hannibal sits in his plastic suit. Freddie drives up to Will's place and hears the dogs barking. She knocks on the door and heads around back when no one answer. She picks the lock to his barn and heads inside. She finds plastic sheeting and upon going behind it, finds Randall's mechanical animal suit hanging. She takes pictures of it and then finds a freezer. She picks the lock, looks inside, finds packets of meat, and then the jaw from a skull. She shuts the freezer and finds Will staring at her.

Freddie draws her gun on Will and he claims there is a good explanation. He is eerily calm and she tells him to get away from the door. She tries to shoot at him but misses. He attacks her trying to get the gun away from her and a struggle ensues. She runs out to her car and tries to make a call. She puts her keys in the ignition but then Will smashes her window with a crowbar and drags her out.

Jack plays a voicemail he received from her of her screams when getting pulled from the car. Hannibal and Alana are also present for the sit-down. Jack says the phone was traced to a cell tower close to him and security cameras show her at a gas station six hours from his farm. Will claims she was supposed to interview him but never showed up. Jack asks why he would grant her an interview and Will claims he owed her. Will also notes that as he lives in the middle of nowhere, it's a good place to abduct her.

Will brings Hannibal a piece of meat and claims it is from a slim and delicate pig. It is prepared into a gourmet meal that they sit down and share together. Hannibal says it has an interesting flavour and claims meat is more flavourful when it is stress free before slaughter. He says the meat taste frightened and acidic but Will says it's merely bitter about being dead. Hannibal says the meat isn't pork and Will says it's long pig. Will says he has given up on good and evil for behaviourism and tells Hannibal he is destructive, which is the same thing as evil. Hannibal says that storms and tornados are destructive and likens the to acts of God.

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