Hannibal S2E11 - "Ko No Mono" Recap

Will and Hannibal share a meal of songbirds and Will admits that he felt euphoric when killing Freddie.

A flaming body in a wheelchair rolls down a hill, crashing into Freddie's parking spot. Dental records confirm that the body is Freddie's and she was dead for a day before being set on fire. There's also a cut on her body from a hunting knife.

Margo is pregnant. She tells Hannibal and Will and Will learns he is the baby's father. He asks what she wants and she says he is free to give as much or as little as she wants. She's open to a male influence but doesn't want it to be her brother, as he is not good with children.

Some young children are visiting Mason's stables. Mason pulls a boy aside and frightens him into crying. He takes the child's tear using a small tissue and gives the child a chocolate. Mason then takes the tissue and puts it into his martini before drinking it.

Will has a nightmare about Freddie and is visited by Alana. She is concerned that he may be a killer and criticises his relationship with Hannibal and he points out the hypocrisy in this since she is involved with Hannibal. He gives her a gun and tells her to practice with it and use it on whomever she is afraid of.

Mason has a session with Hannibal and talk about camp at Lake Michigan, where he got a slap on the wrist for some unsavoury actions and was sentenced to some community service and seeing a therapist. Mason says his sister has to love him or she will be destitute and says he is the sole heir to the fortune. Hannibal replies, "Unless biology provides another..."

Will arrives and stands with Alana at Freddie's funeral. He says he's not there to dance to dance on her grave and asks her if she's profiling him, adding that Hannibal told him it would be therapeutic. Later, he speaks with Hannibal about his upcoming fatherhood. Hannibal says he was a father to his younger sister Misha who is now dead.

At Freddie's grave, her body has been posted and there are now holes in her. Alana says her killer also killed Randall Tier, as they were both mutilated and displayed.

Mason tells Margot that he wants a baby that will be an heir. He says a child will bring them closer together and repeatedly comments that she has a bloom in her cheeks. At Mason's next session with Hannibal, he talks about the swine fairs at which his father would stab pigs competing against his own to test their fat depth. The conversation switches to his paranoia regarding Margot becoming pregnant.

Alana tells Hannibal that Will is pressuring her to believe something she doesn't. She's beginning to question everything and when Hannibal kisses her hand, he smells the gun powder from her practicing firing a gun.

Margot is driving but a truck hits her and runs her off the road. The pig torturer that works for Mason gets out of the vehicle. Margo wakes up on a surgical table with Mason standing over her in red scrubs. He says he needs to remove this temptation and says the record will show that something was wrong with her lady parts so he will be advised to take everything. A tear leaks out from her eye and Mason takes it with one of his tissues. He also tells her the only person she'll be celebrating Mother's Day with is him. She's unable to move and a team of doctors move in with equipment.

Alana expresses her concerns to Jack and asks if he thinks Will killed Freddie. He says no and begins to say that the evidence shows Chilton was the Ripper but she shouts at him to stop lying. She tells him he will lose if he hasn't already. Jack asks her to come with him and brings her to a room where Freddie is waiting and asks Alana how her funeral was. Alana is shocked.

Will visits Margot who is sleeping in her hospital room. Hannibal joins him and then Will leaves. Will attacks Carlo, the pig torturer from behind. Mason is sitting above his killer pigs when his music stops. He calls for Carlo but then turns to see Will, saying he must be the daddy. Will punches him and Mason says he will feed him to his pigs. Will pushes him forward and dangles him over the den of flesh-eating pigs. Will asks if it was Margot's idea to have a baby, for Mason to kill it, and for Will to come to kill him. He says they all have the same therapist. He pulls Mason forward but then puts a gun to his head. He plants the seed in Mason's mind that Hannibal is the one he wants to feed to his pigs.

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