Hannibal S2E13 (Season 2 Finale) - "Mizumono" Recap

Will meets with Hannibal and advises him on how to kill Jack. He then meets with Jack and tells him how to best fend off this attack. They are both shown to be asking him to come running when the other is screaming and "do what needs to be done." Will says yes to both of them.

Will then heads home and hears his dogs barking as he nears the front door. Garrett Hobbes is sitting on his front porch. Garrett stands and tells Will to "see." Will takes his hunting rifle and aims at an antlered creature before firing.

Hannibal visiting Bella, who is even closer to death. She is bedridden, weak, and has an oxygen tank she breathes from when the task becomes difficult. She notes that she is still alive because of Hannibal and her tone is not exactly thankful. But she says she has stayed alive because she cannot abandon Jack again. She asks Hannibal to save Jack for her when she is gone, after saving her for Jack.

Freddie tells Will she's looking forward to being resurrected since the survivor story will be lucrative. Will says he's not sure they will survive this and then asks her not to write about Abigail, adding that she is free to write about him or Hannibal. She seems interested in the fact that he truly doesn't know if he will survive this and Will again asks her to let Abigail rest in peace.

Will looks through Hanibal's notes on him and begins burning some of them while Hannibal joins in. Hannibal doesn't want the FBI scrutinising his patient files after he has gone. Hannibal and Will comment on Hannibal's mind palace, with Hannibal saying that it is vast even by medieval standards. Will says he only needs a stream to reach into his memories. Hannibal says if he is apprehended, he will live in his memory palace. Hannibal appears to sniff and then has a vision of the hair on Freddie Lound's head. He looks on at Will, and we can't help but wonder if Hannibal has somehow figured out that Freddie is still alive.

Alana tells Will that she dreams of darkness consuming her and feeling poisoned. Will says they have all been poisoned and she replies that he saw what no one else could. Alana says they are still in the thick of trauma and asks how he can be sure Hannibal is actually goading Will into a trap, despite the fact that Will believes he is doing that to Hannibal.

Hannibal has prepared a rib cage for dinner which is surrounded by vegetables. He talks with Will about how they both have concepts of one another and Will replies that neither of them are ideal. Hannibal asks if it's ideal that Jack dies and Will says what happens to Jack has been preordained. Hannibal says they could disappear tonight and it would be almost polite. Will says this would be their last supper and Hannibal replies, "...of this life." Will asks what would happen if he confessed to Jack right now and Hannibal says he would forgive him. He then asks if he would accept Jack's forgiveness. Will says Jack isn't offering forgiveness and wants justice and the truth.

Kade visits Jack and says what he's doing is entrapment. Jack says one can't be entrapped into committing premeditated murder. She says he will never get a conviction but Jack raises his voice, declaring they are as close as they will ever get to catching him. Kade brings up Bella and says Jack is distracted. Jack turns over his gun and badge and is escorted out by security. He is then shown to be sitting at Bella's bedside.

Kade is astounded looking through Jack's files. Alana asks what she will do about Hannibal and Kade says his passport has been blocked. Alan says the only way to catch him will be in the act. Kade shows Alana the photos of Will's mutilation and says self-defence only goes so far. She says Jack misused his power and Alana says they are desperate. Kade says they have broken the law and will be brought up on charges. Alana says the men will not stop and that Jack will do what he has to do. Jack kisses a sleeping Bella goodbye.

Alana calls Will to warn him that the FBI have issued a warrant for his arrest for accessory to entrapment and the murder of Randall Tier. Will's dogs start barking and cars are pulling up out front. He says goodbye and hangs up, before walking out, calling Hannibal, and saying, "They know."

Hannibal is preparing dinner when Jack comes in. Hannibal offers him knives so he can act as sous chef and Jack thanks him for his friendship. The fight scene from the season premiere commences and Alana is shown to be approaching from outside as it rains. She hears the gunshots and calls the police to report it. Jack has been wounded and barricaded himself in the pantry. Alana approaches Hannibal with her gun drawn. She says she had been so blind and Hannibal notes that he had worked hard to blind her. He gives her the chance to walk away, promising to not come after her if she does, and says he'll kill her if she stays. She tries to shoot at him but the gun clicks. Hannibal says he took her bullets and moves towards her. She runs up the stairs and into a room where she reloads the gun. She fires at the door and shouts that she found more bullets. She turns towards a shadow and finds that it is Abigail, who apologises before shoving her through and out the two-story window.

Will arrives and finds Alana bleeding and broken on the pavement. He pulls off his jacket to cover her and calls for an ambulance. She tells him Jack is inside and to go after him. Jack is also struggling to hold on inside the pantry as his neck wound is bleeding heavily. Will finds a large puddle of blood coming from the pantry and then sees a crying Abigail. He is amazed to see her and lowers the gun. She says she didn't know what else to do so she just did what he told her. Will asks where Hannibal is and at her silence, he turns around and finds Hannibal standing behind him. Will tells him he was supposed to leave and Hannibal says they couldn't leave without him. He touches Will's face and stabs him in the gut with a small knife. Hannibal embraces him and says he wanted to surprise him just as Will had wanted to surprise him.

Hannibal asks Will if he thought he could change him the way Hannibal had changed him and Will says he already did. Hannibal forgives Will and asks for forgiveness before summoning Abigail and slicing her jugular. Will cries as the blood sprays him. Hannibal tells Will he can make it go away and to put his head back, close his eyes and wade into the quiet of the stream. Will crawls forward to Abigail and puts his hand on her neck to try to stop the bleeding.

Hannibal walks out into the rain and allows it to wash the blood off his skin. Jack has called Bella, who answers, but Jack is unable to say anything. Will is no longer able to maintain his hold on Abigail's wound and watches as the antlered creature lies on the floor and breathes its last breath.

A plane flies overhead. Hannibal sits in first class and takes a glass of champagne from the French-speaking flight attendant. Bedelia is seated next to him and Hannibal takes her hand before closing his eyes and leaning his head back.

Hannibal will return to NBC for Season 3!


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