Once Upon A Time Recap S03E20 Kansas

With Snow in labor, David rushes her to the hospital with henry and Emma in tow. So much for having the time they needed to stop Zelena. Meanwhile Rumplestilskin is busy spinning straw into gold. Zelena takes his work, and turns it into a brain. She only needs one last ingredient, and its about to arrive.

Past. Rumple is busy teaching Regina how to harness her magic. She struggles to make a fireball as Zelena watches. It’s not a difficult spell she proves. Her flying monkey comes in with a screech, Glinda has arrived. She’s not there to fight, but to thank her for teaching Oz the truth about the Wizard. She sees that Zelena is very powerful, but that she’s wasting her talent on pursuits that will never come to fruition. Instead she invites her to come and meet her real sisters.

Now, Zelena puts Rumple to work as she monologues all evil villain style. She thinks once her spell is cast she’ll get everything that she wanted. Rumple points out that even if the spell works, and she gets all that she wanted one thing will remain the same, she’ll still be the same person she is.

Regina and Emma cast a protection spell hoping it will be enough to keep Zelena at bay. Hook wishes to be of help, but Emma is still holding a bit of a grudge. Sure he should have told her that his luscious lips were off the table and cursed, but Zelena did threaten Emma and Henry and he was just trying to protect her. Emma is all gung-ho to be the martyr through, and no amount of soulful looks from Hook will change that. Even David points out that she doesn’t have to do this all alone, but Emma thinks she does. David tells her to take Hook, which shocks her. Hook was backed into a corner, and he did what he could. If nothing else he can be cannon fodder for her, but she finally agrees to let him come with her. After a quick good-bye to Henry, she leaves him in Regina’s capable hands, and Emma runs off with Hook.

Henry chats a bit with good ole Jiminy Cricket aka Dr. Hopper. He’s looking for apartments, for a place for him and Emma in Storybrook, but the good old voice of reason points out that may not be what Emma wants.

As Emma and Hook walk towards battle, they’re talking about much of the same thing. Emma thinks she knows what’s best for Henry, and Storybrook isn’t it. Hook points out that she and Henry could have a great life there, that Storybrook is the place for them. All this talk of home is interrupted by Zelena and Rumple. I really hope they weren’t hoping for a sneak attack, because their bickering gave them away way before the house. Zelena taunts the cute couple. She gives Emma the option of keeping her magic which is making her miserable, or saving the man she can’t wait to run away from. Using Rumple’s power, Hook flies through the air and into the water, where he’s held down as Emma struggles to pull him free.

Past. Glinda takes Zelena to meet her sister witches in the heart of Oz. The other sisters represent wisdom and courage, with Glinda representing love. Together their powers are far stronger, that lets them to do things none others can. Zelena wishes to travel time, but that is not why Glinda brought her here. She brought her to change her future. The West represents the most elusive of gifts, innocence, which Zelena thinks she is far from. She thinks that she is wicked, but Glinda knows that she doesn’t have to be. Innocence reclaimed is just as powerful as original innocence. Zelena isn’t so sure in second chances, but one of the sister witches reveals that Glinda is the keeper of records, she can see the future. A powerful witch will come by cyclone, and join the sisterhood. They think that she can do this if she lets go of her past.

Emma pulls Hook from the water, but he won’t awaken. She has no choice but to give him mouth to mouth. When her lips touch his, her magic goes. Hook awakens, distraught over what she’s done.

Zelena watches Regina and Rumple in the past, and at first it angers her, but she lets it go. She’s over it. Glinda is proud of her. She gives to Zelena a clear pendant, one which all of the sister witches wear. With it she will gain power, but without it she will be powerless. As she looks in the mirror, the green falls away from her skin, she took control of her destiny and let go of her envy.

As the baby prepares to make its entrance into the world Zelena and Rumple make their way to the hospital. Robin stands wait, but he and his merry men are no match for her. Belle stands in Zelena’s way. Her true love may be no match for Zelena, but she still isn’t backing down. With a flick of her wrist Zelena takes out Belle, and Rumple can do little to stop and help her. Regina tells Henry to hide with Dr. Hopper, it’s just her that stands between Zelena and the baby. Regina takes her stands, but Zelena is determined, and blasts her.

Past. Glinda has prepared a path for Zelena to the west, it’s the yellow brick road. Glinda tells her that its future and potential is as limited as her own. The appearance of a cyclone causes alarm. Glinda and Zelena go to check out the newest arrival to Oz. It’s Dorothy Gale. She’s shaken up, and surprised to hear that she isn’t in Kansas anymore. Glinda tells her that few are powerful enough to survive a storm, and that she must be a special girl. Zelena cannot hide her jealousy as Glinda makes plans to take the girl home and introduce her to their sisters.

Snow gives a few final pushes. Zelena walks over Regina’s passed out form. The baby is born, it’s a boy, and the Charmings cannot be happier. Now someone quick jump out the window with the baby, but it’s too late. Zelena arrives and takes the baby. Before David can raise his sword she freezes him in place, followed by Snow. She takes the baby without anyone left to stand in her way.

The witches of Oz have been very kind to Dorothy, all but Zelena who lurks in the shadows. She worries Glinda who tries to check on her. Zelena is turning green again. She hasn’t been spying on Regina but rather getting jealous over the girl she thinks is replacing her. A spunkier, fresher faced protégé for Glinda. Zelena has the book of records, and she’s been doing a little reading. Glinda forgot to mention the rest of the prophecy, where a sorceress from another land will unseat the greatest evil the land has ever seen. Zelena sees herself as that evil. Glinda points out that may not be the meaning, that she can shape her destiny and if she believes herself to be evil that is what she will become.

Zelena hums a lullaby to the new baby as she walks home. Snow mourns the loss of her son. David goes to retrieve his child. Emma arrives to find that her brother is missing, and David is gung ho to get him back, and she’s forced to reveal that she’s lost her magic, which was their only hope. Henry has faith in Regina’s strength. Glinda was specific. Only the purveryor of the strongest white magic can defeat her. Henry knows that she has plenty of white magic in her, that she was able to break the curse on him with true love’s kiss which was white magic even though she wasn’t in possession of her heart. They all rally to make Regina believe, even Robin knows she can do it. Henry reminds her that she was once a villain, but that she’s a hero now. He believes in her, she just needs to believe.

Zelena sneaks up on Dorothy with her true colors showing. Zelena plans to get rid of the only thing that she thinks can defeat her. She prepares to throw a fireball at her, but Dorothy throws a bucket of water at her to put out the flames. Zelena begins to melt. Dorothy calls Glinda for help. She offers her a spot in the sisterhood, but Dorothy only wants to go home. Glinda cannot give her that, she doesn’t have the ability, but with Zelena gone, the Wizard may be able to help. The pair head over to the yellow brick road, and Zelena materializes from a cloud of green smoke.

Zelena takes the innocent babe, and places him into the shape that Rumple had carved out. She tells him that when she changes the past he will choose her, and she will be enough. Rumple knows differently, no matter what he will find her and kill her. She casts her spell, but before she can time jump, Regina, David, Hook, Robin and Emma arrive. Emma may not be the savior any longer but she plans to help stop her. Hook and Emma take up sides against Hook. David and Robin go to retrieve the baby and Regina’s heart. Rumple takes out the four of them as Regina takes on Zelena. Zelena thinks that she has Regina easily beat, but Regina makes her own destiny and uses white magic to knock her aside. She removes Zelena’s amulet. The flying monkey turns back into Little John. The baby is okay. Rumple goes to kill Zelena, but Regina stops him. They’ve taken plenty of lives to get what they want, and good defeated evil today. Heroes don’t kill, and today that is what Regina is.

Glinda and Dorothy make it to the Hall of the Wizard. It looks the same as when Zelena was there, and before when it was the Wizards. Glinda pushes her to address the Wizard. He’s willing to send her home for freeing him. On her feet are a pair of gold slippers. He tells her to click her heels and return home. Dorothy happily returns home, and Glinda tells the wizard to reveal himself. Glinda is surprised to see Zelena there, she sent Dorothy back so there would be no one else to stand in her way. Glinda tells her that she will find someone to stop her. Zelena sends Glinda out of Oz, as Glinda begs her off this path. Zelena finds that her amulet has gone from clear to green.

In her cell, Zelena taunts Regina, asking her to just kill her. Regina understands Zelena. She understands what its like to not have the life that she wanted, to think you deserve better. Zelena doesn’t feel bad for her. Regina had to lose the love of her life for her mother’s plan. If she had killed the people that she wanted to she wouldn’t have the life she has now, the son that she loves. Instead Regina will give her a second chance, an opportunity for a new destiny, or she will kill her. Regina takes Zelena’s amulet to a safe place, her little vault where she locks everything away.

Rumple looks over his items, as Belle returns. The beauty and the beast are finally reunited, she never gave up hope that he would return. Even after everything that he did, she still believes in her. He doesn’t understands why she continues to stand by his side, not everything he did was because of Zelena. But Belle loves him. Belle shows Rumple his dagger. Regina gave it to her to make amends, and because she knew that Belle would not abuse the power. Belle gives it to Rumple, he’s a free man. She just asks that he not go after Zelena, because he’s better than that. He knows that she trusts him with all her heart, and he trusts her with his too. He gives the dagger back to Belle, he is hers for all time. He asks her to marry him, and Belle joyfully accepts.

David returns to the hospital with that beautiful baby boy in his hands. Snow is brought to tears. Emma watches the happy scene, and Hook is pleased to see her smile. He thanks her for saving him. She would have never let him drown. Worse her power hasn’t returned, but Emma reasons that with Zelena’s defeat she won’t need it. Emma introduces Henry to his new uncle, and Hook looks at the happy family a little mournfully.

Zelena’s surprised to get another visitor, it’s Rumple. Zelena doesn’t fear Rumple though, she saw Regina take the dagger. Rumple tells her that Belle thinks she has his dagger, but she does not, and he’s come to avenge his son. He stabs Zelena through the stomach and she turns to shattered porcelain. Rumple leaves the cell, and Zelena turns to smoke. The smoke goes to Regina’s vault, and out to the barn where she attempted her little time travelling spell. It’s activated and she disappears. R’oh this tale of Oz isn’t done yet.


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