Orphan Black S2E3 - "Mingling Its Own Nature With It" Recap

Sarah has driver Felix and Kira out into the countryside and they discuss the new revelations regarding Mrs. S and try to make sense of the recent events that took place that nearly got her killed. Meanwhile, a man comes to check out the house and finds the dead bodies scattered about but hides when a car pulls up. The Proletheans have arrived and they set the house on fire, thus destroying all the evidence inside to the ground.

Felix, Sarah, and Kira team up. While Kira deliberately steals some candy, keeping the shopkeeper busy, Felix steals a larger supply of food. Sarah decides they must break into a summer home in order for Kira to sleep in a proper bed.

Alison is harbouring passive-agressive tension against Donnie, who can tell something is wrong. She's vacuuming, snappy, and when he tries to proposition her for sex, she tersely replies that she has already showered.

Cosima displays an uncanny ability to imitate Leekie before Delphine shows her footage of another clone, Jennifer Fitzsimmons, a swim coach and teacher at Sheldon High. Jennifer displayed some of the same symptoms as Katja and Cosima and died three days ago. The sickness took her life over the course of six months.

Grace, one of the Proletheans, brings Helena some food. Helena asks why she is there and then asks about her former handler, Tomas. When Grace informs her he is dead, Helena says good riddance.

Felix wakes Sarah up in the middle of the night to warn her someone is coming inside. It's the owner of the house, Cal, whom Sarah previously dated and is in fact the father of Kira. Of course Cal didn't know this until Kira came out and asked him if he was her father, leaving Sarah quiet which was as good as a verbal response.

Alison's still tense at the rehearsals for her musical. Outside, Angie asks to borrow her mobile phone under the guise that she is a new resident of the area and asks to buy her a cup of coffee afterwards which Alison flatly refuses.

Sarah has a talk with Kira, telling her she brought her there because there are two parts of her, one of which is from Sarah and the other from her father. Kira is a sweet, understanding child who says she likes Cal's beard. Felix has a talk with Cal, expressing concern for Sarah's well-being. Cal shares that he used to work as a pollinator but his partners teamed up with the military and now Cal is on his own.

Cosima continues to watch the video diaries of Jennifer. She had been flown out by Leekie to get some treatment but it didn't work. Her condition worsened and her boyfriend (monitor) Greg was by her side for the whole thing.

Felix and Sarah get into a fight. He's upset that she kept this secret from him. He's understanding to her wanting to stay and work things out with Cal but lets Sarah know that he has drama of his own and needs to get back to Alison who needs him. He sheds some tears, saying there's no place for him there, and heads off to say goodbye to Kira. He packs up his few possessions and hitchhikes back to the city.

Cosima performs Jennifer's autopsy, assisted by Delphine, and discovers that the disease originated from the uterus. This may perhaps account for the clones' infertility, though it doesn't explain why Sarah had a child. She is interrupted by a call from Alison, letting her know about being approached by another monitor. She warns her she can't trust Delphine and Cosima tells her to go through the motions and will call her tomorrow.

Alison is approached again by Angie and Alison tells her to go back to her bosses and say it didn't work. Angie admits she is a police officer like Beth and asks for answers regarding Beth and Sarah Manning. Alison simply prods her with a finger and warns her to stay away.

Sarah gets spooked by a local cop coming to visit Cal regarding the recent shoplifting incident. Cal is able to get him to leave without seeming too suspicious and convinces Sarah to stay put. They have sex.

Alison prepares for opening night and the director gather everyone around to dedicate the performance to Aynsley. She has some booze (probably too much) to settle her nerves and spots Felix in the audience before heading onstage. She pleads for forgiveness (all part of the song, of course) and falls off stage upon spotting her husband-monitor in the front row.

The man from the Dyad institute has tracked Sarah and Kira to the store from which they shoplifted and Art is shown to be spying on the Proletheans with a camera in hand. Dyad-man arrives at the house and gets hold of Kira but Sarah wrangles her away from him and sends Kira back into the arms of Cal. Dyad-man now has Sarah and shoots the local police officer right after he has called in for backup. He finds the photo of Mrs. S and Project LEDA on Sarah's person, loads her into his car, and drives her away.

Henrik reassures Gracie, telling her that Helena will now be part of her family. Helena wakes to be surrounded by Proletheans dressed in robes. A bizarre ceremony takes place in which Henrik seems to marry her, at least by his own made-up religious methods. He calls for Helena to be saved from eternal damnation and to bless their flock with his bounty. Henrik then carries Helena off and we're left with an even more ominous feeling since we know that Henrik wants Helena to bear a child.

Dyad-man calls his bosses to update them, concerned about both the photo and getting Kira. Sarah warns him that she will bury him if he goes anywhere near her daughter. He had told his bosses they would be back in eight hours but a truck crashes into them before they can go any further.

Orphan Black airs on Saturdays on BBC America at 9PM.


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