Orphan Black S2E4 - "Governed As It Were By Chance" Recap

Cal arrives on the scene to help Sarah out of the car after crashing into it with a truck. She steals the man's gun and the photo he had stolen from her. She tells Cal he can't call the police but a cop car whooshes by which Sarah briefly considers shooting at. She grabs branches to try to hide the vehicle and tells Cal to help her.

Helena awakes with her head hurt and is told it's from a sedative. She remains suspicious of the people telling her to rest and not worry. She remembers a ceremony but not much about what happened afterwards.

Alison wakes up and immediately begins throwing up the contents of her stomach into the toilet. She then notices that she's not at home and her arm is in a sling. Exiting the bathroom, she has little memory of what happened after falling off the stage. She demands to speak to Dr. Leakie when a woman comes in but she then learns she is not at the Dyad Institute, but rehab.

Cal brings Sarah back to his place where she is reunited with Kira. He offers to have them stay in his RV, which is not registered in his name, and they'll be able to go wherever they like. When on the road, Sarah sends a message to Rachel, pretending to be her would-be kidnapper, to prolong the time before the Dyad folks realise she is not in their custody.

Art snaps photos of the Prolethean compound from afar and the leaders know he's there but seem relatively unconcerned as he is keeping his distance. Gracie comes into Helena's room alone and tries to smother her with a pillow. But little Gracie is no match for even a sedated Helena. Helena plays dead and Gracie tells her to go back to hell where she belongs. But then Helena sneaks up behind her and puts her in a chokehold. "You sleep now." Helena begins running through the compound trying to find the best route of escape. She reaches a plastic room where she has flashbacks to some sort of operation the Proletheans performed on her (I'm assuming it was to fertilise her). She grabs a pair of scissors and takes off running off the compound. She passes by Art, still taking photographs, who responds to her wild appearance by saying, "Holy sh*t." He then encounters some of the Proletheans pursuing her and after whipping out his badge, notes that as they are no longer within the boundaries of their private property, they will need permits for the weapons they were holding. Half the men are forced to turn back and return their guns while the other half continue on after Helena.

Cosima is still watching Jennifer's video diaries when she gets a Skype call from Sarah. Cal is spending some time looking after Kira. Sarah fills Cosima in on the recent happenings and tells her about the mythology of Leda and the Swan, in which Zeus impregnated a human woman and the children (twins) were born half god, half human. She goes on to say that Project LEDA sounds like military speak. Were the clones created by the military, perhaps as some sort of army? They appear to be on the verge of a breakthrough if they can only get more information. Also, Cosima's only getting sicker.

Felix visits Alison at the centre and she is furious about not being able to get out and how Donnie is her monitor. She tells Felix she doesn't even remember the curtain going up. He advises her to spend a week in the centre as some time off and away from Donnie, adding that she can't be forced to stay there against her will.

Sarah says goodbye to Kira, saying that she will be going to patch things up with Felix but will return soon. They make up rather quickly and it's good to see the dynamic duo back on the same page.

Donnie visits Alison at the centre and tells her that if she leaves before the program is finished, she won't be permitted to have access to their children, and adds that this is coming from his lawyer. They end up snooping through Mrs. S's house, while Mrs. S is shown to be hooking up with an ex-con named Carlton whom she seems to know from way back when. Their conversation is cryptic but Mrs. S does say, "If Sarah digs any deeper into this, a whole world of sh*t is going to unravel."

Sarah tells Felix at Mrs. S's place to bring the newspaper clippings they found to Cosima so she could find more information on it. Someone is seen to have been hiding in Mrs. S's house the entire time but we don't see who. Sarah calls the luxurious apartment complex One King West, impersonating Rachel, who lives there. She uses this as a way to sneak into Rachel's actual apartment. Felix calls Sarah while she is snooping and Cosima speaks on the call to let them know what she has found using the newspaper clippings and her savvy research skills.

Susan and Ethan Duncan were British geneticists educated and Cambridge, who wrote papers on recombinant DNA before transitioning into more secretive work and eventually dying mysteriously in a big lap explosion. They were also Rachel's adoptive parents. Sarah finds some men's clothing in Rachel's closet, indicating that Rachel has a boy toy. Cosima goes on to speculate that Rachel had been raised as self-aware which would have led to a profound sense of narcissism. She thinks Rachel would have been raised without affection in order for her to be the perfect corporate leader but Sarah says that wasn't the case, as she watches a home video of Rachel as a child, playing and saying "I love you" to her adoptive parents.

This sleuthing is interrupted by a bloody Daniel arriving back at the apartment and calling someone to let them know what has happened. Through the conversation, we're able to deduce that he is also Rachel's monitor. He gets the jump on Sarah and ties her up in the shower with zip ties. He tells her it's a good place to talk as it will be easier to clean up after. He wants answers about where she got the photograph and who else knows about it. But badass Sarah doesn't spill that easily and proceeds to taunt him about his relationship with Rachel and being her monitor. She starts asking him questions and he menacingly begins sharpening a razor blade. He begins to cut her behind her ear but then music starts playing out in the apartment, distracting him from continuing. Sarah hears a struggle and sees Daniel fall down dead with his throat slashed. It's sestra-Helena come to save the day, looking like a bloody bride resurrected straight out of hell! She approaches Sarah with a bloody knife in hand while Sarah is more terrified at seeing Helena alive then she was at the prospect of being tortured by monitor-Daniel. Helena says she followed Sarah from "mother's house" and says it's a miracle that she survived Sarah shooting her. Helena pleads for Sarah to help her, to not be sent back, and says "he took something from inside of me," gesturing to her womb with the knife before cuddling up to Sarah's front. The Proletheans are then shown to have one of Helena's eggs and it is fertilised. "Hallelujah," says one of the followers.

It's a powerful ending to a show that just keeps escalating without losing the quality of its story.

Orphan Black airs on Saturdays on BBC America at 9PM.


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