Orphan Black S2E6 - "To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings" Recap

Sarah and Helena are headed to Cold River. Helena won't tell Sarah where exactly it is because she doesn't want to be left behind. She then enquires after Kira and wants to know if it's possible for her to have children since Sarah was able to and they are twins. Sarah asks what happened with the Proletheans and the so-called marriage ceremony and Helena says she doesn't know. The mood is lightened when Helena starts making hand puppets and showing off more of her talent for animal sounds. After they go to sleep, Hot Paul rifles through Mrs. S's truck.

Cosima is with Delphine and continuing with her stem-cell treatments. She's also concerned about Sarah's discovery of her illness, not wanting her to worry even more.

Alison is still in rehab and encounters Vic in the group therapy session. Vic approaches her, remembering she was the one who had maced him in the park. He asks if they're twins and she sarcastically says that they're twins. Vic doesn't believe her and claims to now be a Buddhist. Alison just wants to be left in peace.

Felix is back at his flat, painting, and drinking his stress away. Art comes in to check on him, per Sarah's request. Felix has had enough of being a bargaining chip and having his love life destroyed.

Sarah and Helena arrive at the church where Swan Man was last seen. Sarah foolishly leaves Helena alone in the car, telling her not to do anything stupid, and Hot Paul pulls up shortly after. Inside, Sarah spots a photo of a building and a woman inside tells her it is the Cold River Institute (that is now shut down) and identifies Swan Man as "Mr. Beckham." Sarah wants to look at the archives and claims to be a student of Beckham's looking for information for her thesis.

Helena spots a bar across the street and heads over, ordering multiple drinks for herself and spraining the finger of an unwanted suitor. A young small-town man named Jesse comes over and tells the man to back off. Helena offers him a White Russian (one of her several drinks laid out in front of her) and he offers her some pork rinds. They chat, arm wrestle, and enjoy some more drinks. Paul comes in and encounters a Prolethean.

Alison threatens Donnie after he doesn't bring their children to visit her. He assures her he will bring them on Family Day.

Sarah looks through the archives and finds images of deformed children who were experimented on at the Cold River Institute. She calls Cosima to fill her in and to check how she is doing. Not only has she found proof of their trying to clone people, she has gotten the address for the Cold River Institute at which she believes Ethan Duncan to be hiding. Ethan Duncan had also stolen a dead child's identity.

Helena is still arm-wrestling with Jesse until a slow song comes on and he asks her to dance instead. Paul tells the Prolethean to keep away from Sarah and that they can each have their own respective clones. But he seems surprised and moved after spotting Helena dancing with Jesse. Then they begin making out but when the thug from earlier tries to cut in, Helena attacks him with a pool ball, and begins gauging his eyes. Helena is arrested and Sarah spots her being loaded into the back of a squad car after exiting the church. She then opts to go ahead after Ethan Duncan without Helena.

While Helena is in custody at the station, she is told that her sister has come for her but surprisingly, it's Gracie. Helena says she had the same thing happen to her lips and that they will heal. Gracie asks her to come back and says Sarah isn't coming for her. She tells Helena that she can bring her to children and Helena is told that she could have her babies put inside her so she may carry them to term. The Prolethean from the bar has bailed her out and gives her Jesse's hat, which he had wanted her to have.

Back in the lab, Scott the assistant tells Delphine that there is an anomaly in the stem cells. They aren't fully clone cells (Kira's perhaps?) and Delphine tells him not to tell Cosima.

Vic and Alison are shown to be getting along but then it's revealed that he's working for Angie and being paid to get information on her.

Sarah arrives at Ethan's house and it's Mrs. S that answers the door. Sarah comes in and unleashes questions. She finds Ethan Duncan inside and learns that Dyad had hijacked his project. Ethan wants to see his daughter and claims that they truly loved her. Mrs. S heads outside to speak to Paul who has pulled up in his truck. She's brought tea and is ready to advise him on his next move. She also knows something about Afghanistan and is offering to be his new friend.

Sarah is insisting that Ethan help her and all the other clones, feeling charged to action because of Cosima's sickness which may or may not manifest in the rest of them. Mrs. S comes back inside and encourages Ethan to talk. He shares how he and his wife had wanted to expose what was going on with the project. But then Leekie stole Rachel away after killing Ethan's wife. Ethan has been hiding from Leekie for all these years.

Orphan Black airs on Saturdays on BBC America at 9PM.


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