Reign Recap S1E21 Long Live The King

The gates are opened, and the Duke of Guise returns the hero. Mary worries that she has not seen Francis yet. Greer hopes that Leith has not returned, that he is not shamed anymore. Keena wishes for Bash to stop hunting the darkness and save her from Court, from Henry. Francis is all too happy to be home, to be vicorious, and to have Calais free. Guise makes the smart move and  names Henry victorious. Henry has good news of his own. Queen Mary of England is now dead, and although she has named an heir, Henry plans to take the throne in Mary’s name after their victory is celebrated.

Mary and Francis have a very happy and lustful reunion. Francis thought Mary would never forgive him for going to Calais instead of Scotland, but he mother escaped. He kisses down her body, as he tells her how much he missed her, how he thought of her every night, and how he loves her.

Julien brings in more wood for the fire. Lola is thrilled that he not only enjoys cutting his own wood, but also that he found a home for them so soon. Lola only hoped that they had a home further away from court. She worries that her child, their child, will have fair hair, but Julien assures her that many dark haired couples have fair children, and no one will be the wiser, as he’ll be the happiest papa in the land.

Mary doesn’t want to get out of bed yet, she doesn’t want to think of the throne of England and becoming enemies with her cousin if she takes the throne, or of her half brother who has control of her country. Francis will support whatever choice she makes. Mary will write a letter to her cousin Elizabeth.

Bash and his men search the woods during the eclipse. There’s blood, fresh blood, and Bash find a child. His man warns him not to touch the boy. The boy is cold to the touch, Bash takes the boy’s whistle, and uses it. It’s the sound of the Darkness. The boy makes a run for it, hearing the sound, but Bash catches him. He wants the boy to take him to the Darkness.

Mary pays her uncle a visit, he wishes to discuss business. He wishes to speak to her about the letter that she wanted to send to Elizabeth, relinquishing her claim on the throne of England. Mary doesn’t see the point of both of the girls sending their countries to war, and having one of them lose their heads. Guise finds folly in that reasoning. Just because she disarms does not mean that her cousin will, it will just give her cousin the guile to pull the trigger. He warns her that once she plays this card its gone, and she may not get another.

Nostradamus looks over the child. Kenna is happy to see Bash has returned. Nostradamus concludes that the child was not attacked by the Darkness. Kenna stops them from questioning him, and Nostradamus thinks perhaps he will open up to Kenna since he seems to fear Bash.

Catherine speaks to her spy. The maid reveals what she’s learned from Henry’s men. Henry is not going to sit on his laurels. He is not going to allow his men to rest and recover from the battle they were just in, or to replenish the ranks. He plans to go full steam ahead and take the throne of England for Mary.

Julien’s uncle comes to speak to his nephew, but well, Julien is not who he seems. His name is really Remy, and the uncle does not plan to leave until he has seen Julien. Remy runs to Lola and confesses to everything, because he really doesn’t have a choice. Julien died in a fire, and the magistrate who he ran into mistook him for Julien, and with his life for the taking, Remy took it. Julien hated his family anyways, hardly saw them, so he thought it could all work, until that family decided to call home its wayward son. Lola puts together the pieces. Remy was cut off by Julien’s family. When Julien did not come home, they cut off his funds, and then he met Lola. Remy admits that much is true, but then he fell in love with her and he risked everything to stay with her. Remy asks that she not turn him over, that she help him get the uncle to leave, but Lola isn’t sure that she wants to help him. She fears him and his lies.

Francis does not believe Henry would launch an immediate attack, but both Catherine and Mary tell him of Henry’s plans. The French forces are vastly depleted after the battle of Calais, and if they were to strike now they will be slaughtered. Catherine suggests what they should do, but Francis does not want to take that step, he does not think that they should. He believes that his father deserves help, that they should get him away from the castle. They tell Francis to hurry and try to save Henry. When he leaves, Catherine appeals to Mary to help her kill Henry. They need to murder him to save the men that will follow him to battle and die because of his madness. They will also save Francis from being the one to murder his own father.

Remy speaks to  Julien’s uncle. The Uncle isn’t happy that he’s been given the run around. He met Julien’s silent wife, Lola, and sees that all of the servants are gone, he doesn’t really understand what’s happening. Remy makes a passionate case for Julien, that he’s run off due to gambling debts and abandoned Lola even though he loved her very much. Lola is upset over the lies, and the abandonment. Uncle seems appeased with the story, vowing to take care of Lola and the baby, and leave it at that, but when he shakes Remy’s hand he sees the signet ring, which raises his alarms.

Kenna comforts the child. He doesn’t look so bad once the blood has been all cleared away. She asks about his parents, as Bash stays close by listening. His parents are dead, but Kenna thinks that they’re still watching over him from where ever they are. The boy opens up a little bit about the man with pointed teeth and Bash is all ears.

Mary plots with Catherine on how to kill Henry. A stray arrow while hunting is too risky with Francis nearby. Poison has been used to often, so he’s too vigilant. Mary picks Catherine’s brain some more. Catherine didn’t hold back when she was trying to kill her so she knows she can do better. Mass comes to mind. They have only one chance to off the King. He’s been taking mass alone, and that is their only chance. If they succeed Catherine will be a widow, and Francis the King.

Bash asks Nostradamus about Visigard, a town that the boy mentioned. He reasons that the Pagans take their blood sacrifices, and he wants to find it. Kenna isn’t happy with this decision. He promised her that he would take her away when he came home, and now he seems to be reneging on his deal. He promises to take her away now, but really he has no intention of going with her, just getting her away from the court . He knows that Visigard is real, the name means Where darkness rises. Bash has taken on this task because he was forced to sacrifice two men, and now a darkness resides within him. If he plans to take on the darkness, Nostradamus will accompany him for what he did to Olivia.

Henry and Francis bond over their hunt. The thrill makes Henry want to conquer England all the more, and he regrets not bonding with Francis like this sooner. Francis asks why he is so intent on conquiering England now. Henry talks not about ambition, but about his father. His father was conquered by the Spainards. He was tortured, and beaten. He sacrificed his own sons for freedom. When Henry and his brother returned to France his father was a changed man, a harder man. Francis believes that his grandfather was wrong, that his father is a better ruler.

Remy tells him that Julien gave him the ring so that he would not gamble it away, but he sees that there is nothing that is Julien’s size. There is no way that Julien could fit anything here. A servant, Benjamin, comes back, and Lola tries to get him to leave before Uncle can question him. Even Remy tries to get him out of there, but Benjamin, isn’t the quickest one, and when Uncle questions him, Remy’s cover is blown completely. Uncle attack’s Remy , and he slides around  on all that wood Remy brought in earlier. When Lola screeches like a fishwife, and tries to save Remy, Uncle slips and finds himself impaled. It’s a quick death.

Kenna prepares to say goodbye to the boy, leaving him in the hands of some very capable governesses. He worries that if she leaves him he will be burned alive. Kenna realizes that he is a pagan, but she assure him that no harm will come to him. She offers him a trinket that her mother gave to her to keep her safe always, and when that does not ease his worry, she offers to let him come away with her. He tells her his name: Pascal.

Francis delivers the good news. He got through to his father, he saw the reason trickle back into his eyes. He knows that he is not cured, but it’s a start. Mary isn’t sure how long that sanity will last. Francis worries over what she’s done. Henry prepares for mass. Francis pleads with his wife and mother, telling them that there is still time to undo this, to stop the assassination. A man creeps in, but Henry spots him, and takes him down before he can attack. Henry beats him to death.

Catherine finds blood being cleaned up in the throne room as Henry calls Guise over. She reports back to Francis and Mary. Although they called off the assassination attempt, they’re in deep trouble. Mary’s uncle has become rather chummy with the King suddenly. He has many men in his pocket. While they may have called off their assassination attempt, he made sure that the King still had someone make an attempt on him, solidifying his position. Henry’s reign of terror will continue, and worse of all, he’s made give reason for the paranoia, he’s made Henry untouchable.

Kenna tells Bash that Pascal is coming with them. He doesn’t have a problem with the child coming, but Bash will not be coming with them. He has to finish this. Kenna thinks that he feels the need to play hero too much, that maybe domesticity is not something that he can abide by. Although they were thrown together, and she was forced upon him, she has become his world. He plans to return to her once this thing with the darkness is over. Her response: “Then come back to me, or I’ll kill you myself.” Bitterly, I have to admit that I like her with him.

Remy wants to turn himself in, but Lola knows that would be a bad idea. If he were to turn himself in he would be hung for his crimes. With Uncle dead, they can tell the family that he never arrived if they ask, but more importantly they can use his body and claim that Julien died in a fire. Remy doesn’t have a better plan, and hers could definitely work, but that would mean that he would have to leave her forever. He makes her promise to go back to court, and if the real father of her baby is a good man to let him be in the child’s life. Stupid man, stupid plan. These two love each other, and surely they can come up with a better solution. This cannot be the last we see of Remy as Lola runs off into the night, and Remy torches the house.

Henry seems to be crazier than ever. He divulges his craziest plan ever, one that will surely make Francis rethink that whole glimmer of sanity. England must be taken, and there’s no time like the present. In order to take England, he first needed to kill Francis and then marry his son’s wife. Francis is too kind hearted to be a good king anyways, and Henry really wants England. Plus he seems to get off a bit on the idea of bedding another of his son’s wives. He tells this all to the dead body that he has propped up in his room. He’s officially the King of crazy town, and we officially have one final episode of Reign.


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