Star-Crossed S1E12 - "This Trick May Chance to Scathe You" Recap

Go to, go to!
You are a saucy boy. Is't so, indeed?
This trick may chance to scathe you. I know what.
Romeo and Juliet, Act 1, Scene 5, Lines 84-86

Roman and Drake spy on the Trags and discover that the Suvek was not destroyed in the explosion as they had originally thought. They lose track of where it has been moved to so there's no proof they can bring to the Hwatab. Drake decides that they should go to Grayson for help, seeing no other option. Drake and Roman come in to speak with him while Emery is also present. Roman still resents Emery for joining the Red Hawks. They want to steal the Suvek and bring it to Gloria, saying they can't go to the SEU for help because there are spies inside that organisation. Everyone is suspicious of one another but they strike up an alliance, bringing Lukas and Sophia in with them.

Emery comes up with a plan to smuggle the Suvek out on a Human/Atrian unity float that will be in the Mardi Gras parade. Roman pulls Emery aside and expresses his displeasure at the fact that their relationship ending was supposed to keep her out of harm's way and now Grayson is pulling her back into it. She tells him that if they all fight together for unity between their races then he needs to trust Grayson. She still hopes they can be together once more of this has blown over.

Teri is still looking after Castor and he tells her he wants to neutralise the Trags and overthrow the Hwatab. He offers her a pretty bracelet and this poor affection-deprived girl accepts it and seemingly also his offer to join him in his quest to rule the world. Teri presents him with a note from one of his followers that lets him know that Roman will be named the next Iksen and fully support the integration program. They flirt and it's all very creepy. I'm not entirely sure how Atrian ageing works but she is attending high school.

Roman and that whole group head into the Sector with the float. Roman wants to follow the Trags with Emery accompanying him so they can learn where the Suvek is but Grayson insists on going instead. Drake says he will go speak with his mother to try to get more information.

Roman and Grayson follow Sargas, one of the top Trags, after spotting him in the marketplace. Roman also spots Teri and is surprised to see her as she hadn't been seen for the last few days. Roman and Grayson continue to argue while following Sargas to a warehouse where they believe the Suvek has been moved to.

Teri returns to Castor and he throws a tiny tantrum over how Roman can't be the next Iksen since he lacks the vision Castor believes he himself has. He tells Teri he now trusts her and wants to make a move that night. She tells him about the Suvek and he is pleased, saying it is information he can use.

Drake meets with his mother and though she initially agrees to help, she ends up putting him in a chokehold, causing him to pass out. She then ties him to a chair. She doesn't appear to have aligned with the Trags; it appears that in her mind, she is simply trying to keep her baby boy safe.

Sophia informs security that there is a bomb and says she knows where it can be found. It's meant to serve as a distraction. Roman and Grayson head to a rooftop but when Roman spots Teri again, he goes after her. He quickly figures out what she has been up to because of the cuff and the herbs she has been stock piling. She runs off when his back is turned.

Vega gets word that security are on their way and has the Trags move the Suvek and hide it in a dumpster. Grayson calls Emery to let her know it has been moved and she tells the others to prepare the decoy dumpster to make the switch.

Drake wakes up to his mother tending to him. He tells her he needs to get to his friends but she refuses, saying he needs to stay safe. She tells him Vega had her install safeguards and that if the Suvek is taken out of the Sector, it will release an electric pulse that will kill anyone within 30 feet. Roman doesn't want to carry on without Drake but Grayson wants to keep going since he feels this is their only chance. Roman and Grayson continue to argue and it attracts the attention of other Atrians. Roman exchanges knowing looks with Emery when she shows up with Sophia, Lukas, and that dumpster. He then punches Grayson to create a distraction and allow them to get away.

Saroya tells Drake that she knows of a tunnel that they can use to escape the Sector and get to Eljida but Drake tells her that if anything happens to his friends because he wasn't there to help them, she will lose him because he will never forgive her for it. He reminds her that she was the one who taught him that they always go back for their own. She cuts him free from his bonds and says she will remotely disable the security trigger in the Suvek and send him a signal when she's done.

Castor shows Teri phones he plans to plant in the Hwatab pods that have messages about plans to attack humans. Once they are framed for working with Trags, he will call it in to Gloria and they will be thrown in the Crate. Teri points out that the Hwatab pods are the most secure in the Sector but he then shows her the Iksen Key, which is capable of opening any Atrian lock. She speaks out against her mother and how hard she has tried to earn her approval. She then asks Castor if she can be the one to plant the phones and he agrees, giving her the Iksen Key. She asks about Roman on her way out and whether he will be sent to the crate too. Castor merely says that he has other plans for him.

Drake shows up just as the teens are about to drive out of the Sector and tells them about the safeguard and his mother's intent to disable it. They find themselves surrounded by Trags and Drake says his mother needs more time. While Drake begins punching them out, Roman and Grayson join the fight. But then Sargas holds a gun to Emery's head. Saroya successfully disables the security measure, after knocking out a Trag, and sends up a flare. While Sargas is distracted, Emery maces him and then the teens get on board the float, driving out with all the lights on and music playing. The parade is a success.

Grayson tells Roman and Emery that he will bring the Suvek to Gloria. Emery offers to go with him but he turns her down. She compliments the fact that he successfully worked with Roman and perhaps they could be friends, but he politely says that will never happen. Roman and Emery share another romantic moment together and she tells him they're one step closer to being together.

Teri uses the Iksen key to open her own pod, where she meets Vega and gives her the key. Vega commends her for her work with Castor, saying she has more than surpassed her expectations. The nice moment is interrupted by Sargas, who informs her of the Suvek being stolen. Vega is furious, as the key is no good if they don't even have the weapon which it will arm.

Roman heads to a roof and is promptly stabbed by Castor, who twists the blade for good measure. Before Castor can stab him again, Roman rolls off the roof and crawls away. Castor can't pursue him since there is a guard nearby. He then runs into Teri who sees the bloody knife. He tells her he got away but the blade is poisoned so Roman won't have too long. Teri distracts him long enough to use his poisoned knife to stab him and leaves him to die.

Saroya and Drake use that secret tunnel of hers and Saroya is ready for them to go to Eljida. Drake says he can't go with her and tells her about Taylor and her pregnancy. Saroya wants to stay and help him but Drake tells her she has to go because she will be trapped if she doesn't escape now. Drake says he can come and go since he knows about the tunnel now and will come find her someday. She is emotional but agrees, and they say their goodbyes.

Grayson stops and gets out of the truck with the float on it and is knocked out by Zoe. She takes a moment to celebrate before driving off with the float and more importantly, the Suvek.

Emery heads home and finds a blood trail that leads to the shed in which she first met Roman. She finds him bleeding and sick, and he tells her he needed somewhere safe.

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