Star-Crossed S1E13 (show finale) - "Passion Lends Them Power" Recap

Being held a foe, he may not have access
To breathe such vows as lovers use to swear,
And she as much in love, her means much less
To meet her new beloved anywhere;
But passion lends them power, time means, to meet,
Temp'ring extremities with extreme sweet.
Romeo and Juliet, Act 2, Prologue, lines 9-14

Emery is trying to figure out how to save Roman, who tells her Castor stabbed him with a poisoned blade. She tells him she will go get some Cyper, and doesn't care about the risk. She only wants to save him.

Drake is giving Taylor some food and when she bends a metal fork, she tells him that all the womyn in his tribe get stronger during pregnancy. He gives her an herb to help with her symptoms and offers to have the baby raised in his Pod. Taylor is also worried about telling her parents.

Taylor gets a phone call from Gloria and Drake delivers the bad news to the others that Grayson and the float never made it back to the school. They let Julia and Eric know about the bomb but Taylor is still out of the loop about the Suvek. Taylor is simply concerned about getting in trouble about losing the float. Eric lets the group know, after calling Grayson, that he was car-jacked. Drake knows that Trags must have attacked him and the Suvek is now MIA.

Teri tells Vega that Roman is dead after Castor stabbed him and Vega tells her that Roman was against their cause and they do not mourn their enemy. Emery gets back into the Sector by telling a guard she left her camera in there. She runs into Teri and tells her about Roman needing the Cyper. She tells him that Cyper won't save him without Atrian blood and insists on coming with her.

Eric and Julia visit Grayson in the hospital and he can't remember who attacked him. They decide against calling Victoria to tell her about the bomb.

Teri and Emery make it back to Roman and Teri uses her blood and the Cyper, telling Emery that they've now done everything they can. All they can do now is wait.

Taylor is meeting with Victoria and when she spots the Atrian in herb, she confronts Taylor about her pregnancy. She warns her she of the dangers of her situation and Taylor admits that she doesn't even know for certain as to whether she will keep it.

Roman begins to wake up and Teri tells Emery to go get him some water. Roman is shocked to see Teri there and she tells him about how Emery came to get the Cyper and begins crying, saying she didn't think she'd ever see him again. Roman tells her this who she really is: a healer. Emery comes back and tells Emery that Roman needs to be back by sundown or there will be even more trouble for all of them.

The float has been found but law enforcement don't find anything on board. The Suvek has already been taken and the police don't take Grayson seriously because of his history. Lucas is able to find trace amounts of a chemical that mean they may be able to track the Suvek. It's up to the gang to find it and save everyone from destruction.

Roman tells Emery that his path always leads him back to her and they consummate their relationship in the shed where they first met.

One of the police officers that had blown off Grayson and the rest of the gang is revealed to be in cahoots with Zoe.

Emery checks her mobile phone and hears Grayson's voicemails about the Suvek at the Mardi Gras parade. Roman assures her that they will not let their loved ones be harmed.

Zoe calls Vega and tells her about Drake, Sophia, and the others being there. Vega orders her and the other Trags to take them out, even if it means slaughtering their own people.

Victoria brings Taylor to a housing complex under construction that is designed to be a community for mixed-race couples for Atrians and humans. As of right now, it's being kept under wraps but it is intended to be revealed once it is finished. She tells Taylor that she deserves to know what her options are so she can make a well-informed decision.

Roman and Emery arrive at the parade and find themselves separated. Roman thinks he spots his father in the crowd and follows after him. It's revealed to be an Atrian named Chester, who is the guard to the gateway to Eljida. Chester tells Roman that Saroya has sent a message about the Suvek and they need to be stopped. The Iksen key being removed from the Suvek may be able to stop it from going off. Roman is doubting his ability to be a leader to his people and seems to want a more simple life with Emery, free from those leadership responsibilities. Chester then introduces Roman to Victoria's son, his half-brother.

Teri asks Vega to spare her friends' lives but Vega is unmoved.

Emery is tracked down by some Trags and try to hurt her but Grayson comes over and offers himself up, providing enough of a distraction for Emery to hit them so they can both get away. They move into the parade near some police officers. Grayson tells Emery that when they were together, she always came first and that she still does.

Roman is still stunned at the revelation of his having a half-brother. Roman tells his little brother that he will see him again and leaves Chester and his brother so they can head back to Eljida. Victoria drops Taylor off at the parade and Taylor thanks her for giving her hope for the first time since finding out she was pregnant. Victoria briefly spots the back of her son in the crowd but is called away.

Lucas tells Sophia he has just picked up a signal and Drake heads over to Taylor, who then reveals that Zoe is back and she has told her about their pregnancy. Taylor heads off to grab some food and Zoe tells Drake that if she doesn't stop the gang from stopping the Suvek, she will kill Taylor and her unborn child. Drake catches up to the group and tells them about the threat against Talyor's life. Taylor is on the roof with Zoe and the other Trags and Zoe reveals the Suvek as well as her being a Trag. Zoe coldly says that the hardest thing about playing human was pretending they were friends and says she is going to fix the abomination growing inside Taylor. Taylor shouts, hits Zoe, and runs off. Zoe sends some Trags after her and then puts the Iksen key into the Suvek, beginning its activation.

Taylor arrives where the rest of the gang is and fills them in on everything they already know. They begin forming a plan but then a Trag arrives, whom Drake quickly takes down. Gloria and law enforcement surround Vega and her other Trags. Vega wants the Trags to go down fighting but Gloria tells them it's better for them to surrender and live. Teri raises her hands in surrender and the others follow suit.

Roman dresses himself in the Trag's outfit and mask and is pretending to hold Emery hostage.

Gloria demands to know where the Suvek is but Vega merely says that she will pay along with the rat that called her. Teri then reveals that she was the one who called and Vega ominously says that her father will not be pleased about this. Teri is confused, having always been told that her father never left Atria. Vega says that she will wish that had been the case, as will everyone.

Lucas grabs a flame-thrower and set fire to a food stand. He and Sophia then begin telling everyone to clear off.

Roman moves Emery away from the elevator and Zoe says she doesn't have any use for Emery, ordering Roman (still disguised as a Trag) to get away. Drake and Grayson jump down, having been hiding in the elevator. They grab some weapons and begin shooting at Zoe and the other Trags while Roman and Emery begin trying to disarm the Suvek. Roman is able to find the Iksen key but then a Trag grabs Emery from behind. Roman tries to help Emery but Grayson jumps in and says he's got this, holding a gun to the Trag who has Emery. Zoe sneaks up and shoots Grayson from behind, Emery gets free from the Trag, Grayson stabs Zoe, and Roman is able to get the Iksen key out of the machine. Zoe then snidely comments that Trags always have a back-up plan and reveals a remote detonator which she uses to set off the Suvek. A blast shoots out and all the humans within the radius are knocked out and Taylor's car flips over and she is trapped inside with a nearby fire closing in.

Emery pleads with Emery to wake up while Drake tries to get Grayson to wake up. Roman looks at the machine and tells Drake that it's not a bomb but a signal instead. They wonder who it is signalling to and we then see an Atrian ship out in space, with a commander (Teri's father perhaps?) ordering the others to signal their warships and head for the planet.

This is the final episode of Star-Crossed.


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