Supernatural Recap S9E21 King of the Damned

Leith, Scotland 1723 A man drinks from a flask when Abaddon appears. She tells him that she’s a friend of the family as she draws on his door with blood. He’s packing, but she tells him that there’s been a change of plans. When his friend arrives, Abaddon kills him, and begins her chanting, to take the man away.

Now, a trio is interrupted by an odd duck at the bar. They try to blow him off, until he mentions Metatron. Name dropping gets their attention,  he talks big, telling them about the mad man’s plans, and others listen in. He leaves the bar, walking through an alley, and a pair of eavesdroppers grab him. He gets scolded for his loose lips, and threatened with consequences. Someone comes to deal with him directly, but its not Metatron, but Castiel.

Sam and Dean arrive at the address, it’s not what they were expecting. Inside is a crazy network of workers all trying to find Metatron, looks very 24 CTU. An angel brings Sam and Dean to Castiel, know commander in chief. Castiel hopes to solve this problem diplomatically if possible. Castiel wants this angel on angel violence to start, which is why he called the boys in. He wants them to play bad cop, but only if they’re up to it since they have experience. Dean isn’t walking away from the chance.

In Cleveland Crowley has a round table meeting with his demons. He admits that in his absence Abaddon slithered in, but Crowley is ready to get the message out there that the King is back, and the kingdom is solid. He asks for support, but not a single one of them backs him. Abaddon is there, she’s already gotten to them. She and Crowley have a little pow wow. She knows that he helped the Winchesters to get the first blade, and that one of them even has the Mark of Cain, which is kind of a downer for her since it’s the one thing that can kill her. It’s also one thing that can kill him. She proposes that they work together, that they take out the Winchesters, and then have a little showdown, but Crowley isn’t interested in joining up with her. Abaddon of course has something more up her sleeve, his son. She’s hoping to play on the newfound emotions he has courtesy of his recent blood addiction, the thing that brought him to the brink of full humanity. Crowley feigns indifference to Gavin, until Abaddon uses her powers to crush his insides. Gavin cries out in pain, begging for his life. Abaddon has made her point.

Dean leaps too far in the bad cop role, and Sam is forced to reign him as they interrogate Ezra. Sam switches gears, reasoning that Ezra probably knows nothing. That if Ezra knew something, was as close to Metatron as he claimed then he would be in Heaven with Metatron. They trick Ezra into revealing a moving portal to Heaven at Metatron’s disposal.

Gavin doesn’t believe that Crowley is his father, his father was Faustus McCloud. The man was a tailor, a drunk, a monster, and he looked nothing like Crowley. Crowley tells him that a lot can change in two hundred and ninety one years, and shows him a light bulb. Gavin marvels over it. He asks if a pigeon could be cooked on it, and Abaddon opens the balcony doors, and there’s another marvel Gavin gawks over, the view. He thinks that he is among the stars, and reasons that they must be angels. Wrong celestial beings.

The boys press him for more information about the portal, by mocking him. They make Ezra to be more groupie than inner circle. Ezra was up for a special position in the inner circle, but instead he fell short of the cut and found himself as ground support. The boys don’t believe that there is any special forces, but Ezra didn’t exactly know what the job was for. The boys got what they came for with the elite secret squad.

Gavin is upset that his father sold his soul for an extra three inches, but priorities have changed. Crowley explains the whole demonizing of his soul, which landed him in his current sexy body and position. Gavin doesn’t want to consort with any demon, but Crowley points out that he isn’t just any demon, but the king of hell.

An angel goes to check on Ezra and finds him dead. Sam cannot believe that Ezra was killed, he was very much alive when they left him, and Dean barely touched him. Castiel confirms that it was an angel kill, and Dean poses the possibility that there is an inside man. Castiel is sure that the angels are united, but Dean knows that liars could be in the midst, he doesn’t have the blind trust in these angels that Cas has. Dean leaves. Castiel asks Sam about Gadriel’s possession. It wasn’t a possession, but a roommate situation. He felt like there was someone with him, and he didn’t feel hostile, or threatened but felt an unrest, misunderstood. Sam thinks that he was wrong though since Gadriel killed Kevin.

Gavin wonders why Crowley hated him so. Crowley never really had a good role model, and when Gavin whines about his inability to read, Crowley just mind zaps him with the ability. As the King of Hell, Crowley has many skills up his sleeves. If his father is the King that makes Gavin the prince, and Crowley could keep him from burning in hell for all eternity. Gavin wants to go back in time, and board the ship to the new world, but that’s not going to happen. Crowley sends word to Abaddon, he’s ready.

Castiel meets with Gadriel. Gadriel feels that Castiel is honorable, so he has come. Castiel appeals to Gadriel’s insecurities, and tries to set him back on the righteous path. He may think that the cause is worth fighting for, but straying from the Heavenly path, and staying under the rule of Metatron will be far worse. Gadriel’s associates attack Castiel, and Gadriel barely gets out a word of warning. Castiel kills them all.

Dean has flashbacks on his last handling of the first blade, of what it felt like in his hand, when he lost himself to it. Crowley calls him, pulling him out of his memory. He tells Dean that he will give him the first blade, when they have Abaddon pinned so he can kill her. Abaddon hears it all, as Crowley’s co-conspirator.

The boys drive out to get the blade, on be that Crowley has hidden inside of a rotting corpse. Dean prepares to extract the blade, when the boys are greet3ed by a hell hound. They take refuge in a nearby mausoleum. The boys call Crowley to get him to tell his dog to stand down, and she does. They head back out to recover the blade. Dean slices through the deadman’s stitches, and Sam suggests that he be the one to actually grab the blade. Dean balks for a moment, but lets his brother grab the knife.

Gavin argues with Crowley about boarding the ship. He tries to talk his son out of his crazy thoughts, but he’s adamant. Dean calls Crowley, and Crowley gives him the spot for the final show down. Abaddon isn’t really liking the odds at the moment. Crowley has been conspiring with the boys for so long, and she doesn’t find him all too trustworthy. She shoots him with a bullet carved with a devil’s trap. It doesn’t hurt him, just incapacitate him for the moment.

Gadriel had no clue that his associates would come at Castiel like that. Castiel knows that Gadriel’s good intentions will again lead him down a wayward path, unless he does something to change things. Castiel asks that Gadriel not abandon Metatron, just report for him, even the odds. Metatron has someone in his camp, hence the blown meeting.

Dean leaves Sam downstairs while he heads up to Crowley. Crowley keeps up his cover, luring Dean in. Dean easily kills Crowley’s minion when he attacks, but he’s no match for Abaddon. Sam searches below. Abaddon goes all evil villain, revealing her plan. She’ll kill Dean, Sam, and Crowley’s son before killing Crowley too. The mark of Cain flares, and Dean is able to get out of Abaddon’s binding spell for a moment before she causes him to drop the knife, and pins him once again. Dean uses a little telekinesis to gain control of the blade again, and he uses it to annihilate Abaddon. Dean falls into a rage, mutilating her, until Sam stops him.

Crowley digs out his own bullet, bellyaching about having to do it himself. Sam tells him that letting him live his thanks enough. Crowley warned the boys that it was a trap, using their code word Poughkeepsie. Dean helps extract the bullet. Sam’s a little surprised that Crowley has a son, but regardless, Gavin has to go back. Crowley tells them his son’s fate in history. He boarded a ship to go to the new world, and he died. All the men on that ship died when it went down in a storm. The past cannot be changed without the present being disrupted, Gavin has to go back. With Gavin’s leaving, Crowley warns that the last bit of his humanity will leave. Crowley asks for a moment to say goodbye to his progeny, and the boys agree, but they’ve been duped yet again as Crowley seals them inside the room and disappears with Gavin.

Gavin is shocked to learn that the ship he boarded went down. Crowley wants him to build himself a new life here, but Gavin doesn’t know anything about this time. Crowley gives him some sage advice to avoid cheap alcohol and cheap hookers, and says his goodbyes.

Dean didn’t tell Sam about the warning, because he knew he would come in the room. Sam is upset, because that’s what they normally do. It was more than that. Dean feared what he would do with that blade in his hand. It filled him with a calm, and he knew he would kill without mercy. If Sam was in the room he could have been used as a bargaining chip, Abaddon could have gotten away. While Sam is happy that the blade gave him calm, and they were successful, Sam worries what the blade is doing to him. Sam asks that until they decide to kill Crowley or know what the blade is doing to him that they should lock it someplace safe, but Dean refuses.


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