Supernatural Recap S9E23 (Finale) Do you Believe In Miracles

Dean’s anger continues to flare, and Sam and Castiel are forced to hold him back to prevent him from killing Gadriel. Sam and Castiel plan to lock Dean up while they figure out what to do with him. He rants and raves how this is not the time to sheath his weapon, to neuter him before they go up against Metatron.  And while the shut the door to his cell, Castiel has to admit he has a point. His followers have abandoned him. The pair go to check on Gadriel, but he isn’t where they left him, just a lot of blood. Gadriel is somewhere choking on his lungs.

Metatron types away at his grand epic. His follower gushes over him while he tries to find the most pathetic  of outfits. The angel has set up Angel radio to transmit only Metatron’s message. He welcomes back the angels, his heart full of love. He tells them that he’s going on a short trip, that Heaven’s door will temporarily be closed until his return. He’s leaving to tell the rest of the story.

Castiel and Sam track down Gadriel whose a bloody mess slithering through the grass. He begs Castiel not to heal him, that it will weaken him, but Castiel does anyways. Castiel heard the angel radio broadcast, but doesn’t know where he’s headed. Gadriel thinks he’s going after humanity.

Crowley tries to enjoy a massage while his masseuse goes all Dr. Phil on him, yakking on and on about how relaxed he should be now that his flock is returning and Abaddon is dead. Crowley gets summoned too Dean’s side. Dean is worried about what is going on with him. Crowley tells him that he’s sort of become an evil junkie. The more he kills, the more he needs to. Cain was able to gain control over the mark, but he was a demon. Dean reconsiders his want to get rid of the mark, he wants Metatron’s death more, but he’s trapped.

Sam, Castiel and Gadriel return to the smell of sulfur. Sam tries to reach out to Dean, but he’s not answering. Castiel asks if he really thinks it was Crowley, and Sam is sure because of their serious bromance. Gadriel thinks that the first blade may give them an edge. Sam doesn’t like the sound of Dean being left out to kill, but Gadriel reasons that they can assist him, and with the blade they just may have a chance. They’ll take Metatron on from the front, and Dean can come up in the rear and slaughter him.

A woman argues with her baby daddy on her phone and gets hit by a truck. She’s a goner, but Metatron is there to offer a resurrection perhaps.

Dean and Crowley go into a diner and Dean sits down for the long haul ordering only a coffee. Crowley’s tsking forces Dean to think of the poor waitress’ table he’s commandeering, and he orders a burger. Dean gets to work, and Crowley tries to find common ground, telling him about his taking of human blood. Dean is angrier than usual, and there’s no pity in him. Crowley’s Hell troubles aren’t over, he tells him it’s complicated. Shower sex, that’s complicated, but Hell is not Dean tells him. Dean knows that Metatron is making his move on Earth, and he doesn’t like that its taking his sweet time. Crowley’s goons show up. Metatron has gone viral. Dean watches a video of Metatron bringing a woman back to life after whispering in her ear. Dean gets up without eating, but he pays the tab.

Gadriel brings Castiel to a park, where he’s set up some angels to watch. They plan some subterfuge. The angels tell him that the door is closed by order of Metatron, but Gadriel tells him that Metatron asked him to catch Castiel, and the pair plan to redraw the symbol quickly to open the portal.

Dean and Crowley head over to the resurrection lady’s house, and they find Sam. He followed the bread crumbs too, without demon assistance. Sam may not like working with Gadriel, but he reminds Dean that he was the one that let him in the front door, but Sam is the one who wakes in the middle of the night seeing his hands kill Kevin. He knows that Dean will take on Metatron no matter what, and he actually thinks it’s a good idea, that they have a chance with him wielding the first blade, he just doesn’t like what it’s doing to him. Sam reveals what Metatron whispered into the resurrection lady “My next saga” Dean lets Crowley off the hamster wheel, and Crowley almost bitterly wishes them good luck, but he leaves the boys to their quest.

The symbol is redrawn in the playground sand, and Gadriel and Castiel find themselves in Metatron central. No one seems to be the wiser, they tell him to take Castiel to Metatron’s office and wait for him there. They think they’ve made it past the biggest hurdle until a cell is brought up around them. Heaven’s jail traps them, a place that Gadriel is very familiar with.

A homeless woman notices “Marv.” She takes him to meet her friend George. “Marv” heals George’s diabetes, when an angel notices him, and calls him out. He speaks the truth, calling him by his true name Metatron, but the homeless people turn against him. They see Marv as a messiah. When the angel tries to kill Metatron, to protect the people against what he knows Metatron is really doing they turn on him and use his angel blade against him.

Sam reports about the new Jesus from the homeless encampment. Sam reaches into the trunk and hands him the first blade. Dean tries to apologize about the last couple of months, but Sam knows. Before they find something else to fight about, Sam asks if he’s ready to “cut this bitch,” and Dean knocks Sam out. He’s trying to save his little brother, he doesn’t think its his fight.

Hannah questions Castiel. She doesn’t believe Castiel, and especially not Gadriel. Castiel had promised that no one else would die, and more angels have fallen, he wishes to kill Metatron. Castiel did everything he could to prevent bloodshed, but he has no proof, his actions seem to speak the opposite, and without proof she won’t be swayed by his pretty words.

Dean walks into then homeless camp, and they recognize him. Marv told them that he would come. They tell Dean that Marv is inside praying for their forgiveness, Dean heads in.

Gadriel rants and raves about protecting the humans, he cannot let Metatron get away with destroying humanity. He turns around, his chest carves with his angel bombing rune. He tells Castiel to turn away, for Hannah to run. He hopes that when his story is told they’ll remember his heroicism, not his act of cowardness, of weakness, in the garden.

Dean catches up to Metatron. Metatron still thinks he’s the good guy in the story. He sat at God’s hand, a God who didn’t care, that didn’t even bother with the humans. But Metatron he is different. He wants to help people, not let them fight wars in his name. Metatron wants to save humanity. Dean lies the blame for all the wrongs from Castiel’s loss of grace, to Kevin’s death, to the cubs not winning in a long time. He pulls out the first blade, and Metatron doesn’t shrink away from it. Metatron reasons that without him there is nothing, Castiel and the rest of the angels are no match, they cannot help those that need it. Metatron knows that unless things are changed upstairs, that the actions down below don’t matter. He taunts Dean telling him that Humpty and Dumpty are in a cage upstairs. Little does he know Castiel is free, and Hannah’s faith is renewed as she helps Castiel. Dean possesses a lot of strength thanks to the first blade, but Metatron is still top angel banana and he’s very strong too. Sam is up and awake, and headed to find Dean. Castiel finds the Angel tablet, but too late. Metatron takes and angel blade and drives it into Dean before Sam can do anything but yell “No.” Metatron thinks he’s won. Dean’s body falls to the ground as the Angel tablet goes down. Metatron goes upstairs. He’s unhappy to find that Castiel has destroyed the ultimate power source, but Metatron tells him that he did it all for nothing. He may have sacrificed everything to save Dean Winchester, but that he’s dead too, and that Castiel is in his chair. Metatron handcuffs Castiel to his chair. Sam tries to get Dean up, tries to save him, but Dean thinks it may be better since the mark is turning him into something he’s not.  Metatron finds the folly in Castiel’s crusade, but he’ll turn the sheep back to his side, and clean up Castiel’s mess. Sam carries Dean as quickly as he can. Metatron continues to be all super villain monologue, thinking that Castiel never had foresight, could never tell a good tale, but Castiel didn’t have to. He let Metatron do what he does best, yammer on and on. Angel radio was on and broadcasting, and they heard everything.

Metatron is thrown into a cell. Hannah thinks Castiel is doing the right thing, that that is what a leader would do, but Castiel doesn’t want to be a leader, he never did. He just wants to be an angel. Hannah asks what he plans to do about his grace, that he will die without it.

Sam takes Dean home, and drinks his pain away. He goes into the cell they held Dean in. All of the summoning items for Crowley are still there, and Sam vows that Crowley will get him out of this mess, so help him God. He lights the match.

Crowley creeps in the doorway of Dean’s room. He tells him that Sam is trying to summon him at the moment trying to make a deal with him. Crowley admits that when he made him take the mark he never expected what happened to him. He never lied to him. Crowley tells him another story, one he never told him about the blade. Rumor has it that Cain chose to kill himself rather than let the mark take over him, but the mark wouldn’t let him go and he became something else. He’d begun researching the rumor. It wasn’t Dean left his burger uneaten that he realized something. He places the first blade into Dean’s hand, telling to feel what he feels, to come howl at the moon with him, that what he’s feeling isn’t death but new life. Dean opens his demon eyes.

Oh my! And that’s the end of season! Maybe there’s weight to the theory of the boys ending up on opposite ends when the series closes!


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