The Big Bang Theory S7E23 - "The Gorilla Dissolution" Recap

Howard and Raj load a treadmill into Howard's mother's home because her doctor said she needs to get some exercise. Unfortunately, the box containing it falls down the stairs and hits her, breaking her leg. Bernadette and Howard must then take care of her and this causes arguments between them. They liken her to a baby and the conversation turns to what would happen if/when they were to have children.

Sheldon and Raj go to the cinema and run into Emily who is on a date with another man.

Leonard visits Penny on the set of the "Serial Ape-ist 2: Monkey See, Monkey Kill" and watches as Penny films a scene with Wil Wheaton. Penny gets into an argument with the director as she wants to do another take. He then fires Penny and Wil Wheaton. The three of them then head to a bar where they commiserate until Wil leaves after getting a message about an audition for Sharknado 2.

Raj talks about his insecurities with Raj and Sheldon surprisingly gives him some good advice: that he is too focused on not being alone and is quick to think that the ladies he dates will be his perfect companion. Raj heads back home and Emily stops by to explain that it wasn't a date and spends the night.

Penny and Leonard return home and she says she needs to make better decisions in her life and re-proposes to Leonard. He initially thinks she is doing this to settle but Penny insists that fame is not what she needs to be happy. Leonard at first says their engagement is a bit anti-climactic so then he reveals a ring he has had for a couple years, gets down on his knees and formally proposes.

Bernadette and Howard decide to get a live-in nurse to look after Howard's mother.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays on CBS at 8PM.


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