The Big Bang Theory S7E24 (S7 Finale) - "The Status Quo Combustion" Recap

Howard and Bernadette are having difficulties with the fact that Howard's mother keeps scaring off her nurses, leading them to quit. Leonard and Penny tell the rest of the group that they are engaged but they react with even more joy after learning that Raj and Emily had sex.

Sheldon is upset that the university will not let him change his field of study. He even considers quitting his job. Leonard tries to tell his mother that he is engaged but she has already heard the news from Sheldon. She says that Sheldon spoke fondly of her and therefore she approves. She is also pleased that Penny is not pregnant. Bernadette asks Penny to be Mrs. Wolowitz's nurse but she quits quickly, same as the others.

Sheldon is distraught to learn that Leonard and Penny don't want to live with him after they are married. Amy tries to suggest that she could live with him but he rejects this idea and is further annoyed after she makes him Strawberry Quick with the syrup instead of the powder. He storms off, leading Amy to come looking for him back at his place. Sheldon has actually gone to Stuart's comic book store where he finds that there has been a massive fire and Stuart is throwing things away.

Howard and Raj head to the comic store where Stuart is still cleaning and Howard ends up offering him the job as his mother's nurse, which would give him a way to earn money and have a place to stay while he starts over.

Leonard and Penny head to the train station and find Sheldon, talking him through the difficulties he is having dealing with so many changes at once. He wants to go away for a while and Penny tells Leonard that this could be good for him, adding that they can't protect him forever. Leonard gives Sheldon his blessing and Penny tells him to be safe and call them. Leonard tells him he'll miss him and Sheldon responds, "Of course you are."

Stuart adjusts to the job with ease, telling Howard and Bernadette that he loves the job and that it's a dream come true. Howard and Bernadette are amazed and shocked, but are glad to have finally found someone to look after her.

Sheldon calls the group to check in, after which Amy attacks Leonard with a pillow for letting him go.

The Big Bang Theory will return for Season 8 in Autumn 2014 on CBS!


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