‘True Blood’s’ Last Bite: Final Season’s Poster Revealed but the fan versions are much better

True Blood has released it's final poster, and while it says exactly what how we all feel, well it just doesn't stack up to the fan character versions.

Although the show is centered around Anna Paquin’s Sookie Stackhouse and her myriad of friends, lovers and lover-friends, the vampire drama’s final poster isn’t concentrating on any one star. Instead, it’s simply stating the obvious: Goodbyes Suck.
Judging by the bloody bite marks filling in for the letter “o” in “goodbyes,” audiences can expect more bloodshed during the show’s final season.

Will there be more blood shed, or will it all be a vampire induced dream? Check out the HBO version first.

The fan versions are character centered with a catchy little catch phrase for each. And well, they display our beloved characters. We got a peak at the trailer earlier this week, which you can see here.  

Any way you spell it the end is upon us, and it's going to be sad, so enjoy some fabulous posters.

Source: Variety, Mavenport


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