Turn S1E6 - "Mr. Culpeper" Recap

Abe is headed to New York and stops at a tavern to pick up an egg. A Redcoat follows him out and asks how much the egg costs. They get into a scuffle, Abe drops his egg, and the shell cracks, revealing a secret message beneath it. The Redcoat shoots Abe, who is left with a stomach wound.

A prisoner exchange sees Simcoe returned to the Redcoats and General Scott tell Ben he will leave nothing out of his report regarding the falsification of the documents. Ben tells him he has already told Washington everything he has done. A man is executed by hanging after stealing various items. General Washington has a meeting with his men because he wants to determine if the information he received (from Abe) was a fluke or if more importantly, the fluke can be repeated. General Scott is annoyed that Ben Tallmadge is essentially being rewarded for defying his authority with this spy ring being allowed to continue.

Major Andre tells Abigail that important company is coming and instructs her on the proper way to set up the table. He then asks her to show him how her former mistress how Anna would cut and heat her meat. He corrects her by going behind her and showing her how it is done in Europe while holding onto her arms. His guests then come in, one of which is Simcoe, and Andre tells Abigail to show them to their rooms.

A fight breaks out amongst Cicero and a black soldier working for the Crown. Robert Rogers breaks it up and asks Cicero where he learned to defend himself using the sticks but Cicero remains hostile towards him.

Ben is instructed by Sackett on how to arrange dead drops and use encryption. He asks Ben what encryption method he has been using but Ben says he hasn't been using any. Sackett says that the brilliance of Mr. Woodhull is that his being a farmer makes him blend in more easily. However, Abe's lack of funds may be a weak point, as he would have difficult bribing people and the Continental Congress would be unlikely to approve money going to Abe.

Abe wakes up tied to a pole and a man tells him he has been out in the forest for five months ambushing people. He demands information from Abe, saying it is the only reason he is still alive, and Abe quickly admits to his being a spy. The man tells Abe that if he doesn't tell him what he needs to know, his body will be liberated of its skin.

Sackett tells Ben to not tell anyone else about Abe, not even his name. He then begins writing on an eggshell with a chemical, stressing the art of concealment. He holds the egg over a fire and then tosses it to Ben, who peels off the shell to find the words "Mr. W" imprinted on the hard-boiled egg.

Simcoe meets with Andre and is asked for information. Simcoe expresses his desire to return to a lady in Setauket, New York, referring to Anna Strong. Andre simply asks Simcoe to tell him more about her.

The man is still interrogating Abe, and asks why he didn't join the Patriots. Abe says that he wouldn't be able to win and is simply doing what he can for his son. The man cuts Abe loose and demands that he fight him to prove his worth but their scuffle is interrupted by approaching Redcoats. They are searching for the man that ambushed Abe and shoot him before stabbing him with a bayonet. They tell Abe that it's over now and he is safe.

Major Andre and his guests are having dinner. Simcoe reaches out and stabs one of the other Redcoats, saying that the man didn't know the motto of his regiment and must have been a spy. Andre is furious, telling Simcoe he had plans for this man and already knew about the man being a spy. He tells Simcoe to return to Setauket, hoping that this woman of his will settle his savage side. Meanwhile, Abigail is listening in from the next room.

Ben, Scott, Washington, and Sackett all meet and Ben tells Washington that the spy ring may not be successful because currently their group is riddled with mistrust, listing the various ways that this is true. Washington then announces that he wants to speak with Ben Talmadge alone.

Cicero is in a bare-knuckle boxing match against the man he had previously fought with. Cicero is the victor. An Indian tells Robert Rogers that Abraham Woodhull has a brother, Samuel, that is on a prison ship in New Jersey.

Washington tells Ben about a man named Nathaniel Hale that was hung as a spy because he didn't have friends. He then speaks of the Woodhull's connection to this and says that "Mr. Culpeper" will have friends to support him and that they will never use the name "Woodhull" again.

A Redcoat asks Abe if the man who ambushed him had told him his name and Abe says no.

Major Andre learns about Abigail having a son and that his birthday is coming up. He tells Abigail to think of a present that he can send to him.

General Washington tells General Scott that Ben has been promoted to the rank of "major" and tells Ben to come up with a first name for Abe. Ben chooses "Samuel," in honour of his brother and then asks what the meaning of the name "Culpeper" is. Washington replies that that is an excellent question.

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