Turn S1E7 - "Mercy Moment Murder Measure" Recap

Robert Rogers is brought on board the prison ship where Ben Tallmadge's brother Samuel is being kept. The man in charge looks through his records and says that Samuel died of dysentary just before Christmas. Rogers then asks to speak to whomever he talked to most. A man is brought forward and Rogers asks for the man's name and where he's from. The man replies, "Setauket." Jordan then tells Rogers he can tell him who this man is.

Caleb is sitting in a rocking chair and frightens Abe upon his waking. Caleb has brought instructions about his new spy alias, Samuel Culpepper, and gives him a code dictionary for him to use when preparing messages from now on.

There is a queue of people waiting to speak to Justice Woodhull and Major Hewlett about various queries, concerns, and requests. Anna Strong comes forward asking for her husband to be released but Richard denies him parole. Anna is persistent but it's to no avail.

As it turns out, the man Rogers is questioning is Anna's husband, Mr. Strong. Rogers presents him with an opportunity to get back home but only if he is cooperative with him.

A Redcoat visits Anna and presents a birthday present from Major Andre to give to Cicero, Abby's son. The Redcoat leaves and then Abe pays her a visit to tell her he plans to go to New York and sell all of her cauliflower crop. He wants her to go with him and pose as his wife. Cicero discovers a secret note inside his present and gives it to Anna: "Simcoe ALIVE - Returned Setauket this Monday". Anna is visibly shaken and the score become eerie to match her alarm. Anna admits that she lied to Abe, saying that Simcoe had been taken captive and is now free somehow. She had lied to make him stay the course. Abe throws the note into the fire and leaves.

Simcoe arrives back at Setauket and is about to go into Anna's tavern when he is met by another Redcoat that delivers a request from Hewlett that he report back. He shares the news of the secret information being exchanged and that there is a source in Setauket but Hewlett warns him that he cannot use the same tactics he had been using when they first arrived, as they now need to win their hearts and minds.

Mary asks the Redcoat border, Baker, about some silverware and is able to get him to admit that Anna was here in their home and that he had come in one night and "they were here." Mary begins to cry after Baker apologises. Outside, Simcoe is angry at Baker for doing something to upset Mary and demands to know what he said to do so.

Abe meets with Anna again, who tells him that Simcoe had to report to Hewlett first. She tries to tell him she should leave Long Island but Abe won't leave his family. She wants to coordinate a trap for Simcoe with his help. She tells Abe he has never killed anyone and he is not about to start now.

Mary brings her son to visit Richard Woodhull and he asks if he can do anything to help her. She asks for him to grant a pardon for Anna's husband, as she cannot deny the fact that Abe has feelings for Anna. He assures her that Abe loves Mary and she is his wife, not Anna. She asks him again to think about it and bids him goodnight.

It's still night and Simcoe corners Abe and surrounds him with other Redcoats. Simcoe is angry, thinking Abe forced himself on Anna. He viciously kicks him repeatedly until another Redcoat comes running up saying that Abe has been requested to come see his father. Simcoe tells the Redcoats around him, "He struck me first. You all saw it, right?" One replies, "Saw what?"

Caleb and Ben are meeting when Ben gets word that prisoners are being released, including his brother Samuel. Caleb offers to pick Samuel up for him and bring him back to Ben.

Abe is in the courthouse where Abe, Richard, Hewlett, Baker, and other Redcoats are present. Simcoe has also been summoned and says that Abe has assaulted the virtue of a lady (Anna). Baker says that what he saw was not rape and Abe says that what he did was not against her wishes. Simcoe says that he had merely lept to the defence of a lady but perhaps he had acted rashly. He stiffly apologises to Abe and Hewlett tells them to shake hands. Abe walks out and Simcoe follows after him to challenge him to a duel. Abe shakes his hand and accepts the challenge. Hewlett and Richard, having witnessed the handshake, assume that the apology has been accepted.

Simcoe arrives at Anna's tavern, which is filled with singing Redcoats. He asks for a table and then apologises for his tardiness in picking up his laundry. He says that he held on to the promise of the close friendship they had embarked upon while he was held captive. It's astounding how obtuse he is in when it comes to seeing the fact that she is terrified of him. She talks about her husband's imprisonment, and says that she has clung to her honour and asks for his help in safeguarding it. He agrees and says tomorrow at dawn, he intends to revenge it, and gives up the location. He not-so-cryptically says that he will kill Abe.

Anna rushes out to try to warn Abe and is unable to find him, though he learns that Abe had been practicing his shooting, demonstrating his lack of skills at it. She rushes off to tell Judge Woodhull, who informs her that her husband is set to be pardoned. She tells him that Abe has made a terrible mistake and unless he hurries, he will pay for it with his life.

Simcoe and Abe prepare for their duel, with only their seconds present: Baker and another Redcoat. A coin toss determines that Abe will shoot first. Abe and Simcoe stand back-to-back, and Simcoe creepily whispers, "She's mine." They walk five pace, turn back, Abe is told to fire, and he misses. Simcoe is smug, doing some villainous monologuing before preparing to fire. He is interrupted by Richard and Anna. Anna pleads with Simcoe not to shoot him, saying that there's nothing between her and Abe and they have both returned to their vows. She successfully talks him down and Simcoe fires his gun in a different direction. Abe asks for a reload, intending to attempt to shoot Simcoe again. Richard announces that he will personally prosecute Abe if he injures or kills Simcoe and when Richard pleads with him to think of his wife and son, Abe has flashes of the faces of all his friends and loves ones and lowers his loaded weapon.

Anna tells Abe he should have killed Simcoe when he had the chance but Abe reminds her that his father would have prosecuted him. Anna says that her father was bluffing and he would have protected Abe. Mary watches as the pair leave to sell her cauliflower and retrieve Anna's husband.

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