Turn S1E8 - "Challenge" Recap

Abe's headed off to see Cook and comes in to say goodbye to Anna. Things are no less tense between the two and Anna announces she hopes to take her husband and move to Connecticut. She can't help but think how things might have turned out differently between them if Abe hadn't broken their engagement. He says he had obligations to his family and father, whom he never agreed with as Anna point out. Anna wants the truth and Abe says that some things simply aren't meant to be.

An exchange of prisoners takes place between some Redcoats and the rebels. Robert Rogers is lurking in the trees, hoping to take Ben Tallmadge out but Ben isn't there, as Caleb is picking up his brother on his behalf. Unfortunately, he encounters Selah Strong, who tells him Ben's brother Samuel is dead. Anna is told on board the prison ship that her husband is dead and drops the pardon for him in shock. Robert Rogers tries to shoot the pair of them but Caleb has already figured out what's happening and pulls Selah to the ground and another man is shot instead. Rogers remains no less determined to hunt them down after they get away.

Abe meets with Cook and manages to maneuver an invite to a dinner party that will be hosted by Major John Andre. He returns to anna and learns of her husband's apparent death. She wants to come with Abe to the dinner and is set on getting revenge. Abe isn't interested in having her come, believing she will blow the cover off the spy ring in her distressed state. She then goes to Abby to get her to help, even going so far as to pressure her with the fact that she is taking care of Abby's son.

Caleb and Saleh are continuing with their escape through the woods, pursued by Rogers and his men. Simcoe is investigating the conspiracy and asks about Ben and Caleb. Abe arrives at the dinner party where Cook introduces him to Major Andre and there is a tremendous amount of drunk merriment underway. Ben learns the British army needs fuel and a Redcoat asks him to provide some names of people who are undermining their cause, with the intent that they will be killed without a fair trial.

Ben reaches Caleb and Saleh when they are in the midst of a shootout with Rogers and his men. Saleh shares the story of how Samuel died and Ben is furious, saying his brother died like a dog and that now even in death, Rogers has stolen his name just to set a trap for him. "He dies tonight."

Abby is able to maneuver a guard into allowing Anna to come inside the party. Abe is shocked to see her but maintains his composure. Abby is able to tell Abe quietly that Anna has a plan to sneak into Andre's room to access a black book full of information about the war. Abe is determined to stop her so she doesn't end up caught, killed, or worse. He's able to corner her and starts kissing her for the sole purpose of a cover so when they are walked in on, they can justify their being in Andre's room.

The man who interrupts goes downstairs and tells Cook that he wants Abe gone. Cook goes upstairs and tells him to take off but the drunken frat Redcoats won't let him leave until he answer their challenge: "Who would you kill if you knew there would be no consequences?" Abe pours himself a drink and says he would kill the man who killed his brother. Their curiosity is piqued and they ask him to carry on. He talks about a time when he was a student and how a drunken man had climbed up a pole and put a cap on top of it. It was intended to be a harmless prank but it was interpreted as a slight against the King and then things escalated into a riot. He says there too many rioters for Thomas to stop and adds that he doesn't want the man who ran him through or trampled him, but instead wants the man who put the hat on the pole. Anna gives him a seemingly knowing look before Abe heads out. Abby spills something on Anna's dress, thus giving her an excuse to leave Major Andre's house right after. She catches up to Abe at their accommodations and the pair have sex.

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