Almost Human S1E7 - "Simon Says" Recap

Detective Paul announces the protocol for handling a mass power outage caused by a solar flare. The synthetic partners will have to work with a slightly lower charge. Dorian's sleep status has been placed at the bottom behind every MX model. This causes him to be a bit more emotional and out of sync than his normal functioning level. Dorian asks Kennex if he can move in to Kennex's extra room because he wants his own space but Kennex doesn't want to give up his trophy room.

A man name Ramon is knocked and wakes up with a collar bomb on him, cameras in his car, and an electronic voice giving him instructions. He is told to go rob the bank where he works and the entire thing is broadcast online. He is told after doing so, he will receive the deactivation code. After he commits the robbery, the police follow after him and the electronic voice tells Ramon he cannot pull over. Kennex and Dorian apprehend him and after scanning him, Dorian realises that they've gotten to him too late to disarm it. Kennex has to encase him in a containment bubble shield that will protect anyone else from being harmed.

Valerie finds the online feed of the incident and Rudy traces the location that Ramon was headed to to apparently receive the deactivation code. Even though Ramon was never intended to get there in time, Kennex, Dorian, and other officers head over to the location. They do find instructions left by the killer with the identity of the next victim.

Jeannie, the daughter of a florist, is called up by the killer. He places orders for a bouquet of roses to be delivered to a gazebo in a local park. She is knocked out in the same manner and wakes up with a bomb collar. She is instructed to dance to a ballad while Simon, the bad guy, watches from his computer screen in his evil lair.

Kennex and Dorian arrive at the gazebo and Dorian begins working on trying to disarm the bomb. His charge is running low but he continues his work with Rudy's help watching from afar. Jeannie has figured out that Simon is the one behind all of this, having met him online and gone on one date with him at this location. She had a bad feeling about him so she ditched him in the middle of the date, leaving the roses behind that are just like the ones she has to now hold on to. Simon's viewers mock him as she rightfully insults him. Dorian become discouraged by being unable to disarm it and tells Kennex to put the shield up. Kennex doesn't want to lose another victim so he offers up his hands, saying four are better than two. Through their collaborative efforts, they're able to save Jeannie.

Now that they have Simon Lynch in their sights, they're able to learn that he had been kicked out of the police academy for failing a psych test. They assume that whomever played a part in that would be his next target. Unfortunately, they miscalculate and Simon is able to sneak attack Kennex and put a bomb collar on him.

Simon was none too pleased about Kennex thwarting his attempt on Jeannie's life. John wakes up on a park bench with a bulky coat on and a whiskey bottle in hand. John has to disarm the collar without the help of anyone else. They realise that this time, Simon is closer to the scene, watching the scene unfold. He has a manual detonator this time around. Dorian determines that Simon is a nearby clock tower. He calculates a path for him to climb that will avoid being seen by Simon or any of his cameras. Once there, he will zap Simon with an electrical charge that will tense his muscles so he won't be able to release the trigger. As if the ticking clock on the bomb wasn't enough, Dorian is also running increasingly low on charge. But he's able to reach him, stun him, Kennex deactives the bomb, and then Dorian shuts down from power loss.

Finally, John sets Dorian up to be Rudy's roommate. He is initially hesitant but since they're both in need of company, he nonetheless goes along with it.

Almost Human airs on Mondays on FOX at 8PM.


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