Almost Human S1E8 - "You Are Here" Recap

A man is running through the city with a terrified expression on his visage. He ends up shot dead from afar.

Kennex is in anger management and seems a tad in denial about his feelings regarding the misfortunes that led to him being there. Following the group session, he heads to the crime scene with Dorian. They're trying to figure out how one bullet could have made three indentations. Paul's MX believe that there's a .004% chance that the bullet could have richochet'd around the area and landed in the man's chest, factoring in the wind and weather conditions. Dorian scans the bullet and finds some new and unfamiliar technology. The MX won't stop talking and Kennex finally snaps and shoots him in the face.

Kennex is reprimanded by Maldonado. Richard is furious about having lost another partner and utters a petty threat against Dorian to try to prove a point and then Kennex leaps up to his defence. Dorian is delighted at Kennex's liking him, as demonstrated by his shooting the MX for insulting him. John refuses to acknowledge such feelings and tells Dorian to stop talking. Rudy calls and explains the technology of the super-bullets that are sure to find their intended target.

Kennex and Dorian track down the victim, Anton's, girlfriend Kira. She says that Anton was just a gamer and fellow software designer. Anton was also working with a headhunter, Natalie, to try to drum up more work. Dorian figures out that Anton's technology that was designed for tailor-made advertising campaigns could have been used to track him within the software of the self-guided bullets.

The team is having difficulty hunting down Natalie, the headhunter. There's no record of her at the agency. Kira is either lying or she was being lied to. Kennex and Dorian track Kira down to ask her more questions. Meanwhile, a group of Russian criminals is shopping around for buyers for their bullets. One potential client wants a demonstration and Kira is the target of it right as she says she would be able to identify the woman she saw Anton with. Dorian figures out what is happening by noting the high amount of scanners honing in on Kira and leaps in front of the bullet, thus saving her. This causes him to speak Korean for a while as his system is on the mend.

Kennex tells Kira they need to move her to a safe house but she won't go without her daughter. He promises to bring her to her and Kira is safely reunited with her little girl, Amy. The shooters are unable to track Kira because they've kept her inside titanium vehicles. Kennex later questions Kira and asks if she has any doubts about Anton. She admits that he was very secretive but she didn't say anything because she didn't want to believe it. Kira offers to get "scrubbed" so all memories of him would be extracted but Kennex tells her that that wouldn't guarantee her safety.

Unrelated to this whole arc, we learn that there is something important buried deep within the vast warehouse of police evidence. Maldonado attempts to negotiate with a dangerous criminal to get information on it but he won't budge.

Valerie digs up some information from Anton's secret bank account and safety deposit box. Dorian and Kennex find some cryptic notes within it and a video chip that revealed what was really going on: extortion. The criminals were threatening Kira's life to force Anton to give over his advertising technology. Unfortunately, Kira decided to ignorance Kennex's advice and snuck out of protective custody to try to get her memory scrubbed. As soon as she stepped outside, Natalie is able to track her location. Kennex and Dorian are able to track Kira down just before she's about to be scrubbed. Kennex is able to talk her out of it for real this time. Natalie and her partner reach them and a shoot-out ensues, in which Dorian and Kennex are able to take them out.

Kennex and Dorian show Kira the video threatening her and her daughter that was used to extort Anton. She now sees that he truly loved them. The episode closes with a bit of flirtatious interaction between Kennex and Valerie.

Almost Human airs on Mondays on FOX at 8PM.


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