Beauty and the Beast S2E17 - "Beast is the New Black" Recap

Vincent has been arrested and as he's about to be driven off, he tells Cat to get him the gem that will keep him from beasting out. She calls JT to let him know what has happened and JT is in bed with Tess. If Vincent is booked, his DNA will be checked and his secret will be exposed. Cat is delayed in trying to get to Vincent because she not-so-smartly forgot her badge. Gabe arrives and is able to get her inside and repeatedly insists that he isn't responsible for Vincent's arrest.

Cat takes the samples of Vincent's DNA and asks JT to swap the samples out. She had also gotten Vincent to discretely reveal the hiding place of the gem, inside one of his brother's headstones. JT accidentally blurts out that he and Tess had sex. Cat and Tess head off to retrieve the gem and Tess reassures Cat that she and Vincent will make it.

Cat goes over the evidence against Vincent with Gabe and is concerned over how damning it is. Worst of all, Kurt Windsor's heart was found in Vincent's fridge. Someone had planted it there and Gabe insists that he's not trying to play dirty when it comes to winning her back. Cat then goes to visit her father who won't admit to getting involved but admits he's happy to know that Vincent is where he belongs: a cage.

JT gets access to Vincent by saying there was a problem with the previous sample. When alone, he hides the gem beneath a bandage on Vincent's arm and tells him that he used his own blood for Vincen't sample. Vincent is angry about all the danger his friends are putting themselves in and becomes set on protecting them instead. JT warns Cat that he thinks Vincent is going to plead guilty. She visits him to talk him out of it but when he won't change his mind, she says that she will act as a witness and that he was protecting her.

Vincent then goes and picks a fight with another inmate. This results in him needing to go to the hospital and en route in the ambulance, he manages to remove the gem, beast out, and escape. He grabs a getaway bag but doesn't leave the city without going to visit Cat on her rooftop to say goodbye. He is ready to sacrifice everything for Cat but will not let her do the same by testifying in his defence. He only wants one last night for them to love each other as much as they do right then.

They end up in the shower, fully clothed, re-enacting their first dance. Gabe arrives to inform them that he has found a money trail implicating Reynolds in the framing of him. Vincent stays put while Gabe and Cat head off to follow the lead but the man Reynolds had hired to plant the jar turns up dead. They visit Reynolds who in private, re-reminds Gabe to protect Cat and that there is an unknown enemy coming after them.

Cat considers running away with Vincent and though he wants her to come, it's then that they hear a chopper coming after him. She tells him that she'll only slow him down but insists they'll find each other. He cuffs her to a chair to keep her from looking guilty and kisses her goodbye. He gets away right before the cops come barging in.

Cat delivers the bad news to JT, who goes and makes up with Tess, following their first real spat as a couple. Gabe sees the story about Vincent being a wanted fugitive on the news and smirks. Cat is then kidnapped in her apartment by masked men.

Beauty and the Beast airs on the CW on Mondays at 9PM.


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