Beauty and the Beast S2E18 - "Cat and Mouse" Recap

Tess gets JT and insists he help her look for Vincent and Cat, who is missing. JT remembers a rendezvous point that Vincent may have gone to. JT arrives at the diner and finds Vincent there waiting incognito. Tess comes in and tells Vincent that Cat is missing and Vincent says they need to find her. They devise a plan to get Vincent back into Cat's apartment to track her since that was the last time she was seen.

Gabe has his men looking for Vincent, too. He notices that Cat hasn't showed up for work and says he will look for her. JT arrives at Cat's apartment and is apprehended by Gabe and his men. JT won't give up Vincent's location so he is arrested. After they're gone, Vincent comes in and begins tracking but Gabe comes out from hiding with a gun. Gabe says he never meant to have Cat caught up in this and Vincent gets him to admit that he was the one who ratted him out. He holds him against the wall by the throat and says he ruined both he and Cat's life. Gabe makes all his usual excuses and Vincent beasts away.

Gabe tries to get JT to turn against Vincent but he refuses. Tess comes in and tells Gabe that if he's not charging JT with anything, he has to let him go. Gabe lets him leave and then tells Tess things have gotten out of control. She calls him out for just doing all of this because Cat chose Vincent instead of him. Gabe gives a speech about her needing to do her job and needing to pick sides once and for all.

Cat learns her captors are FBI agents and they need her help to find a kidnapped agent. She refuses at first but then they say that Agent Landon had recommended her and Vincent and that they may be able to get Vincent exonerated.

Vincent and JT break into Gabe's apartment. JT tells Vincent he can't go ripping Gabe's head off, regardless of the wrong he has done. They hack into his computer to aid their search. Vincent tries to tell JT he shouldn't put himself at such risk but JT says he won't allow Gabe to pervert the legal system into keeping Vincent and Cat apart. He sends Vincent off to track Cat, saying, "I've got your back."

Vincent tracks Cat down. She knocks one captor out with a chair and another with a kick to the face. She runs out right into Vincent. They get out of the facility and Cat tells Vincent what happened, also scolding him about not getting away. JT calls them to warn them that they have been spotted by a surveillance camera and that Gabe and his men are coming. They get to a blind spot and eventually reunite with JT. Vincent tells Cat he's not so sure about running anymore but she says he needs to for now and assures him they'll be together one day.

Cat calls Tess to ask for help navigating around the surveillance. Tess asks how far she's willing to go and says she cares more about Cat than Vincent. Tess assures her she's on her side but wants this all to end. JT and Vincent watch Gabe on TV talking about getting Vincent captured. JT becomes angry to find Tess in the background, seemingly supporting Gabe. Vincent again says he's done running, leading Cat to bring him to question the FBI agent. Vincent detects he's not lying and they get debriefed on the agent's capture. They need to break into the UN to save the agent and the man says he doesn't know the details of why Agent Landon recommended them but he's desperate and running out of time. Cat insists he get the exoneration in writing first before they go through with this. He later comes back with the exoneration dated for the following day, after the mission is completed.

Tess appears to give up Vincent's location at the station, pointing him out on a surveillance monitor to Gabe. Once units are dispatched to the location, they merely find a homeless man dressed as him. Tess and JT talk on the phone, having orchestrated the whole thing. JT tells Tess he never doubted her and she somewhat playfully replies, "Liar." Gabe later confronts her but she's not afraid of him. She says she has chosen a side and it's not his.

Cat and Vincent make it into the UN. She fights her way through a hallway and allows herself to be captured to get to where the agent is being held. Vincent reaches them and then alarms go off. Doors are shutting and Vincent is able to hold one long enough for the agent to get free but now he and Cat are trapped inside the building. Cat tries to make Vincent run off without her but he refuses. They need to get back on American soil so Vincent gets them up to a room where they'll have to break through a window and into the river below. Vincent coaches her through it and they successfully make the jump.

Cat and Vincent make it back to the agent, who is grateful, but unfortunately, the exoneration has been rescinded. He says someone got the bureau of prisons involved and he feels terrible since they had come through for him. Cat goes back to the station and confronts Gabe. She slaps him and goes off on him for all the betrayal he has done to her, Vincent, JT, and Tess. She says she loved him and had believe he had made amends for all he had done but he was right; some beasts only get worse. Gabe says he is determined to destroy him and Cat calls him out: "Destroy him; don't you mean arrest him?" She leaves and heads back to a rooftop and into Vincent's arms.

Beauty and the Beast airs on Mondays on the CW at 9PM.


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