Beauty and the Beast S2E20 - "Close to the Metal" Recap

Cat meets up with Vincent and learns that the award for his is now up to $100,000. He assures her that things will go back to their version of normal soon enough. Tess calls to tell her that the witness is missing and the guard was knocked out. Cat and Vincent know it was Gabe and Tess is off to search for him with a warrant and officers ready. Vincent says he will track the witness and Gabe, too.

Tess arrives at Gabe's place and though Gabe feigns ignorance, Tess informs him he is wanted for questioning. He is cuffed by the other officers and brought in. Cat and Vincent arrive at Jack's home so Vincent can follow a trail. Using his abilities, he is able to determine that Gabe killed the witness. He also knows that Gabe had been bleeding so he can track him to where he disposed of the body.

Gabe says in the interrogation room that Vincent must be trying to set him up. Tess gets a text during the hearing from Cat to inform her that Gabe killed Jack. Tess then says that Gabe could have killed the witness to cover his tracks and Gabe tries to claim that Tess is just trying to cover for her best friend and her boyfriend. Gabe then asks what the proof is and where the body is. The captain tells Gabe that he's not to leave the city and Gabe yet again insists that Vincent is the one they are after.

Vincent loses the trail out in a public place and he is able to re-find it but not before he is spotted by citizens who recognise him. Cat tells him to run as officers chase after him on horseback. Cat and Vincent go to Agent Knox (who they had helped with the UN hostage situation) to ask for his help. They tell him about Gabe and the dead witness but he still doesn't know anything about the Beast situation. He's trying to help but thinks Vincent should be laying low. Cat responds that there is nowhere to hide. He offers to send them somewhere to hide and they tell Tess and JT that they can't tell them but simply describe it as "suburbia." Tess is more supportive of it but JT insists that they're all city people. Cat and Vincent need to decide immediately since if they're leaving, they must do so tonight. Cat doesn't think it's morally right to leave Gabe without getting him to justice. Tess says she and JT can handle it.

Gabe asks one of the witnesses to Vincent's public spotting to tell him where he saw him headed. Gabe learns that Catherine was with him so he sneaks into Cat's place and then asks her neighbour to call him  if she sees her. He then learns that she had asked her to pick up her mail since she'll be gone for a while.

Cat and Vincent arrive in suburbia and Cat struggles to adjust to how different it is but insists that they give it a go when Vincent offers to go back. They both think it's weird but Vincent carries Cat over the threshold and teases that they'll get used to it. They later meet one of the neighbours Frank Harrison, and his wife April. She seems a little suspicious, wondering if she has seen them before, and Frank apologises, claiming it's just because there was a recent jewellery heist that has people feeling on edge.

Tess and JT struggle to find any leads. JT becomes discouraged but Tess coaches him to step out from Vincent's shadows and use his own strengths to track Gabe. He then decides to use cell towers to create a road map of Gabe's movements. They find that he went to a crematorium, likely to dispose of the body.

Vincent then become paranoid. He sees a cop outside and claims he has driven by three times. He asks Cat who he would be looking for and then they hear three shots fired. They then go running towards the scene and find that Frank has been shot. April is crying over his body and telling the cop to stay away from him as he calls for an ambulance. Cat becomes suspicious of April's behaviour and Vincent warns her to be careful. Cat says it's fine and that she simply seems like another nosey neighbour. Cat goes over and becomes nosey to the police officers and begins asking questions in a very cop-like fashion so Vincent comes over and hauls her away. She becomes suspicious of the circumstances and thinks that April set Frank up to be shot.

Tess and JT get to the crematorium where Gabe holds them at gun point. JT asks if he's that far gone as to think that killing them will win Cat back. Gabe then says he'll gladly expose everything, including the Beasts and all the dead bodies. Gabe swears that he will take Vincent down no matter what.

Tess then approaches the cop, saying he needs to know something about the investigation. Vincent is talking to himself at the coffee table when he notices Cat is missing. Vincent then goes to visit April and asks if she had her husband killed. April feigns shock and says no but Vincent uses his beast senses and finds that she is lying. Cat is with the police officer in his squad car, explaining how April must have done one to set him up. She then hears him say how she is new to the neighbourhood, and figures out from his not wearing his vest that he must have been in cahoots with April to kill her husband. She gets his to run his car off the road and runs into the forest. She hides behind a tree and watches him head off in a different direction. She runs back to the car and gets his baton. She attempts to use it to open the trunk to retrieve his other weapon as he begins to shoot at her. She's not able to shoot at him because Vincent comes and knocks the cop out. He also tells her how April confessed and Cat apologises, saying that now that she will have to testify, their cover is blown.

Tess visits JT and tells him how Cat blew their cover so they'll probably be back soon, though they'll still be laying low. JT is sad at not having been able to solve the problem but Tess tells him that he has done well and did what he said he would which is pick up where Vincent left off and finding where the body was.

Cat and Vincent return to the city more determined than ever to get their lives back.

Beauty and the Beast airs on Mondays on CW


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