Beauty and the Beast S2E21 - "Operation Fake Date" Recap

Vincent and Cat are dressed in disguises: a platinum blonde wig, baby carriage, and moustache. They meet with Knox, who says he can only get Vincent's murder charges dropped if he turns himself in to police to keep up appearances.

Tess and Gabe run into Cat's old high school friend Beth, the reporter who has been trying to track down Cat and Vincent. She's also been in touch with Gabe, who wants her to write a story that exposes Vincent.

Cat decides on a course of action: tell Gabe to call Beth off and then Vincent will turn himself in. He agrees to do it only if she goes on a date with him and be open to the possibility of getting back together. Vincent is unhappy to learn this part of the deal but he can't exactly control what Cat does. Cat asks Heather to help him with the speech he'll be giving at the press conference when he surrenders, since she is a working publicist and it will keep his mind busy while she is on her date.

Vincent wants to trail Cat and Gabe but JT and Heather tell him it's a bad idea. He wants to go anyway until JT pulls out a tranquilliser gun, threatening to shoot him if he steps out.

Gabe has taken Cat to a cake decorating class. He keeps trying to apologise and Cat has to pretend to be "open" through the whole thing. At the end of it all, Gabe drops Cat off and once inside, she tells the group how the fake date went. Gabe realises that he has her cake instead of his and goes up to the apartment to bring it to her but he overhears everything.

Vincent gives his press conference and during it, Beth asks about his altered DNA and the super soldier experiments. Cat realises that Gabe overheard her talk about playing him and that he has gone back on the agreement about calling off Beth. Vincent privately tells Knox that the questions were true and that he needs to be put in a solitary cell.

Cat invites Beth to Heather's bachelorette party to give her all the facts. He explains how Gabe is the spurned ex and that trying to keep Vincent incarcerated is just a ploy so he can get her back. Tess also says that Gabe kidnapped Heather. Heather is mad that she tries to bring it up on her special night.

Vincent is taken from Knox's custody and he is given some tests. Vincent thinks the men running the tests work for Knox but Knox thinks that Vincent has escaped custody. Eventually, he realises they're not working for Knox. He gets into another room and finds a surveillance feed of Gabe's apartment where Cat has just showed up. Vincent is furious, beasts out, and is tranquillised. Cat and Gabe argue. Cat says that Gabe is to blame for Vincent being taken and Gabe throws a whiny entitled-male speech about knowing and wanting what's best for her. The fight escalates and becomes physical. Cat unleashes a can of whoop-ass and then it's lights out for Gabe. It doesn't look like she hit him hard enough to kill but he's not looking so good.

Vincent convinces his captors to let him go temporarily to "take care of" Gabe for them, since he deduces that they're planning on killing him anyway. He gets to Gabe's apartment and finds Cat trying to revive him. Cat says that Gabe doesn't have a pulse and Vincent decides to help, for Cat's sake. JT arrives, since Cat called him, and Vincent also uses his doctor skills to figure out what's wrong with him. He wasn't dead, but close to it. Vincent comforts Cat, reassuring her it's okay for her to lose her cool sometimes and that it's not her responsibility to fix everyone's problems.

Beth makes up with Tess and Heather and admits that she was in fact traumatised by her first Beast encounter and decides against writing a piece on Beasts.

Vincent gets a call from Knox saying that he's been exonerated thanks to the agents who had let him go from their initial captivity. It's still unknown who exactly they are. Cat and JT warn Gabe that if he tries to do anything to ruin how good things are now, she will expose everything he has done, including kidnapping Heather. She also tells him the good man she once knew is gone.

Vincent takes Knox to the room where he had been held and they find that it is empty. He has a flashback in which he realises they took a vial of his blood while he was passed out.

Tess and JT go to check on Gabe and find that he has injected himself with Beast serum and run off into the night.

Cat has started reading the journal of a woman who once had been involved with her own beast but she had to kill them. Vincent distracts her from it with sexy bonding.

Gabe meets with Beth, whom he had promised to give the serum to. He says he doesn't have it and she says she isn't going to do the story anyway. She says she doesn't believe Beasts exist and he says they do, and that tomorrow, everyone will believe it too. She asks what that means and he Beasts out, ripping her heart out.

Beauty and the Beast airs on Mondays on the CW at 9PM.


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