Da Vinci's Demons S2E10 (Season 2 Finale) - "The Sins of Daedalus" Recap

Leonardo makes it out of the fire and tries to ride off after Carlo to seek justice and/or vengeance but fails to reach him. In the woods, he tearfully laments the loss of his mentor. Meanwhile, Vanessa tells Clarice about Carlo's betrayal. Clarice tries to say there must have been some mistake and attempts to usher Vanessa back to the palace. She refuses to go and Clarice tries to get the guards to bring her back. Nico speaks out against Clarice's tyranny and in a stunning revelation (for the audience), he reveals his surname is Machiavelli.  It's then that Vanessa goes into labour and gives birth to a baby boy.

Leonardo wakes and finds himself being tended to by Al-Rahim, in the flesh. He gives him a pep talk to get him back on track and informs him that the Book of Leaves is most likely in Constantinople. Leonardo later wakes up to find Zoroaster standing over him. Leonardo quickly fills him in and though Zoroaster isn't necessarily inclined to come along to get the Book, he does want revenge for their murdered friend.

Riario is being tortured by the Labyrinth who hope to get him to join them. He eventually breaks, much to their pleasure. Their ultimate goal upon finding the Book of Leaves is to destroy it, which isn't all that surprising given how much danger and havoc has been spread over it.

Lorenzo receives word that Florence has been liberated from its siege and takes much pleasure in gloating in the face of those who would wish him dead. He gets in a scuffle when word comes that the Ottoman Empire is coming their way. With this new threat, the fake-Pope Sixtus is ready to re-embrace Lorenzo and Florence to the church so that they may band together against this new threat approaching the shores of Naples.

Zoroaster and Leonardo reach Naples and find the citizens in a panic as the Ottoman Empire is nearly there. They get into a fight with some random Labyrinths and one informs them that Carlo is gone already. That man then impales himself on Leo's sword and slowly dies. They later reach the Naples war room and we see Leonardo and Lorenzo reunited for the first time since the season began. It's then that Lucrezia arrives as an emissary for Bayezid's forces and she reveals to everyone the truth about fake-Pope Sixtus. There's not quite enough proof for him to be removed just yet but more people are now in the know.

Clarice learns that Carlo withdrew a tremendous amount of money from the Bank of Medici. She is to blame for giving him that position of power. Vanessa's son is designated the temporary head of the Medici family while Clarice leaves in disgrace. This makes Vanessa the most powerful person in all of Florence.

Lorenzo visits Lucrezia in the dungeon and confronts her about her using him. It's a rather childish move, considering he was the one stepping out on his wife and children. He nearly chokes her but Leonardo shows up and stops him by talking him down. When he is left alone with Lurcrezia, they share a romantic moment together but it seems unlikely they'll be able to pursue a relationship anytime soon.

The best and biggest twist of all is saved for the end when Leonardo learns that the woman on the Bayezid's ship headed right for them is his mother.

Da Vinci's Demons will return for Season 3 on Starz!


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