Fargo S1E8 - "The Heap" Recap

Lester has a new washing machine delivered to his place and it's symbolic of his starting life anew, following his getting away with murdering his wife. Molly has recovered from being shot and is more determined than ever to get Lester put behind bars but the Chief is having none of it.

Mrs. Hess comes storming in to confront Lester over the fact that she didn't receive any of the life insurance she thought would be coming to her following her tryst with Lester. She wants two million dollars by the end of the day and tries to have her sons beat Lester up to make a point. He in turn smacks each of them in the face with a stapler, insisting that everyone stay calm. He promises to make some calls but adds that if her husband missed some payments, they're well within their rights to not give her her claim.

Agents Pepper and Budge get assigned indefinitely to the file room for being sat in the car while 22 people were killed (by Lorne). Lorne pays a visit to Mr. Wrench and recruit him to work for him, informing him that he is no unemployed since all his bosses have been killed. He also gives Wrench the key to the handcuffs, telling him to come see him before heading out.

Fast-forward a year to 2007. Molly is pregnant and has moved in with her baby-daddy Gus and his daughter Greta. She also hasn't gotten over her investigation into Lester and Lorne and continues to try to find a way to take them down.

Lester wins a Salesman of the Year award and has gotten married to his co-worker, Linda. But a little while later, he's at the bar alone when he spots Malvo at a table and his new-found confidence seems to falter. All the memories of what he's done seem to come rushing back and things no longer seem so resolved.

Fargo airs on Tuesdays on FX at 10PM.


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