Fargo S1E9 - "A Fox, a Rabbit, and a Cabbage" Recap

Malvo has been posing as a dentist named Dr. McMike in Kansas City. At a party, he speaks with Dr. Burt Canton, who reveals the location of his brother who had been put into witness protection after testifying against the mob in Chicago. Burt invites Malvo to tag along with him to Las Vegas to meet him. Malvo replies, "Aces."

In Las Vegas, Lester comes over to Malvo at his table, showing off his plaque for Insurance Salesman of the Year. Malvo pretends not to know him and ushers his group of people away but quietly warns Lester to "walk away." Lester remains undeterred and follows after them into an elevator. Lester says he's worked too hard and Malvo menacingly questions him if this is what he wants. When Lester answers yes, Malvo quickly shoots his three "friends" dead in the elevator. Malvo tells Lester that's on him. Malvo's less than pleased, as he had spent six months working on this guy. Malvo tries to get Lester to help him dispose of the bodies, but instead he strikes Lester over the head and runs off with Malvo calmly calling out that he'll see him later, see him soon. Lester returns to his room and tells his wife to get dressed and pack everything up, after which they hurry back to Bemidji.

Molly gets a call about the elevator murders and is asked to question Lester as a possible witness. She later manages to weasel her way into their home by using her pregnant condition. Malvo is closing in on Lester, visiting his old home and asking the new owners how to find where he is currently. Molly's questioning Lester about Last Vegas and Linda picks up on the fact that he's in trouble so she covers for him by saying that she was homesick and therefore wanted to leave early. Molly tells them to stay in town and Linda almost tells her they were about to leave to Acalpulco but Lester manages to stop her before she spills.

Agents Budge and Pepper get word that Deputy Solverson (Molly - without a first name, they assumed it was a man) has been making frequent calls and claims to know who committed the murders that got them stuck working in the file room. They head to Bemidji where Molly shows them her whiteboard of her theory. Chief Oswalt comes in and is disappointed that Molly is showing them her theories and tries to apologise for her doing so but Agent Pepper asks him if he doesn't care that Malvo was seen at the hospital with Lester or that he ended up in Duluth in direct conflict with the Fargo henchmen. Agent Budge tells Molly she has done tremendous work and adds that he'll be questioning Lester in the morning.

Lester grabs Linda and they head off to his office to pick up their passports so they can leave. She relays a sweet story about how she always had a crush on him, coming to America at the age of three, and their love story has made her feel like Cinderella. Upon arriving at the office, he tells Linda that he's tweaked his back and asks her to go inside and retrieve the documents. He also gives her his coat, telling her to put her hood up so her lovely face doesn't freeze, and I might also add that he was seen printing out just one one-way ticket to Mexico. Lester is truly beyond redemption now. He watches from outside as the silhouette of Malvo is shown to shoot Linda right in the head, after which he checks the body and sees that the body is not in fact Lester. Malvo steps outside and lights himself a cigarette while Lester is still sat in his car.

Fargo airs on Tuesdays on FX at 10PM.


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