In The Flesh S2E1 - "Episode 1" Recap

A group of four PDS sufferers on board a train take some of that infamous blue-powder drug and become rabid and crazed before attacking those on board the train, including Ken Burton, whose wife we saw shot dead last series. Ken is killed along with several others.

Kieren is working hard at the Legion pub to save up money in order to get out of Roarton to find a life somewhere more conducive to his living without fear and hateful vitriol constantly spewed at him.

A PDS sufferer at school has a crush on Jem. She and Kieren are on much better terms now and she is no longer involved with the HVF and their activities. However, she's still having nightmares. Jem later accompanies her mother to the grocery store and begins to suffer from flashbacks of her encounter with Kieren while he was still rabid. She breathes deeply to maintain her composure but then she becomes frightened when one of the employees is shown to be a PDS sufferer not wearing his contacts because they were growing uncomfortable.

Enter Maxine Martin, the newly elected Pro-Life MP in town, who is anti-"rotter" just like the church elders. She's part of the radical pro-life party, Victus.

Amy returns to Roarton after being tasked with some secret mission and staying with some other PDS sufferers who follow the Undead Prophet. She reunited with Kieren, who is understandably thrilled to see her.

Maxine is searching through the town's records and is insistent that there are some missing. She and Vicar Odie aren't getting along very well but after she disposes of a rabid Rotter with a power drill, he invites her over for a glass of scotch. He tells her he knows why she wants to have the town records but before the two of them can reveal more details, the Vicar has a heart attack. Maxine runs inside to call for help but when she finds the town records on his desk, she grabs them and leaves him outside to die. She's then shown to be putting up headshots of the undead on the wall of her hotel room.

Kieren meets Amy's new beau, Simon, and the two clash somewhat over differing ideologies regarding their condition and how to deal with the mistreatment they receive. Simon is also like Amy, in his refusal to hide his condition using mousse and contacts. They later come to the Legion pub where Kieren is doing a shift. They're dressed up and mouse/contact-less. They're heckled by Gary and some other hateful townsfolk friends of his. Kieren's had enough and he sticks up for Amy and Simon, ordering them out. Gary tries to attack Kieren but Simon comes up from behind and begins choking him out. The pub-owner pulls out a gun, telling Simon to get off him. Kieren puts his keys to the pub on the bar and leaves with Amy and Simon. It's clear now that he needs to get out and he begins putting some of his belongings together and looking at his passport.

In The Flesh airs on Sundays on BBC Three at 10PM.


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