In The Flesh S2E2 - "Episode 2" Recap

Jem is still suffering from nightmares that show no sign of letting up.

Amy goes off to try to convince Kieren from leaving Roarton. His parents had insisted on throwing a cheesy going away French-themed party. Amy meets Kieren at the train station, where he asks her if she'd like to go with him. She chides him for putting so much mousse on and for hiding who he really is. He tries to buy a ticket but Maxine has put an Undead travel ban on Roarton. Maxine had promoted Philip and he comes to the station to tell Kieren that all PDS sufferers are required to come to the kickoff seminar event happening that day.

Henry, the Undead boy at school who has a crush on Jem, outs her as an ex-HVF war hero. It ends up impressing her peers and gets her in with the popular girls in her class.

At the seminar, a video is played that announces that PDS sufferers must now do tremendous amounts of volunteer work. Maxine has put together a 'Give Back' scheme. Kieren also learns that his passport is out of date and that he won't be able to fill out the new forms pertaining to his condition until he first completes the program. Maxine also wants to know Kieren's time of rising. Kieren tells her that he doesn't know. Kieren learns from his parents that at the very least, he'll be stuck in Roarton for another six months. His family tries to comfort him but it does little to help.

Philip's mother tells him she has created a dating profile for him and he is mortified, opting to walk out in the middle of the night. He heads to a secret club where there are Undead womyn galore for him to enjoy the company of. He ends up roleplaying with one of them, where she pretends to be Amy.

The real Amy is shown to be having some health problems and downplaying the severity of them to Simon. She had a tremendous headache and displays hand tremors.

Kieren begins his work for the 'Give Back' program and ends up bonding with Simon, who reveals scars not unlike those that Kieren had when he killed himself. He also tells Kieren that the program is a scam.

Henry and two other Undead students decide to take Blue Oblivion as a prank. When the first boy snorts his pill, the other two run out as he turns rabid. The class locks themselves in the classroom but Jem is given a giant machete and told to go out and take out the rabid because of all her stories of killing rabids. She becomes terrified and pees herself as the rabid approaches. She begins crying, pleading to be let back in and the Blue Oblivion wears off, causing the student to return back to normal. Needless to her say, all the credibility she had built up disappears. She also learns from one of the popular girls that one of the Rotters she had killed in the supermarket was her father, for which she had earned a medal.

The Undead students are forced to give Maxine the Undead Prophet website and any information on how to access it, since that was where they obtained the Blue Oblivion from.

Amy and Simon are having an Undead party, and Kieren attends, having been invited by Simon. When he arrives, nearly everyone is intoxicated, having consumed bits of sheep brain. Kieren has another heart-to-heart with Simon, who is not intoxicated, and Simon tells him how he was just like Kieren, wanting to escape. He did so by going to the States, but the novelty wore off quickly and it didn't help. Gary also reveals to Simon that he is also gay.

Jem is picked up Gary to go hunting for rabids in the woods. They also have a chat in which he assures her that she is brave and had even saved him on previous hunts. She spots a PDS suffferer from afar, and shoots and kills him. Gary catches up, and Jem is horrified to find that it is Henry.

In The Flesh airs on Sundays on BBC Three at 10PM.


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