In The Flesh S2E3 - "Episode 3" Recap

In this episode, we're introduced to Freddie, who is living with his ex-wife Haley and her new husband Amir. Things are complicated, as Freddie is undead and a three-way relationship isn't exactly what Amir had in mind when marrying his lady love. Freddie is also friends with new character Zoe, who is also undead. Freddie wants a normal life back and spends much of the episode trying to get his life and wife back. He asks her to run away with him but she has matured and is now looking to build her way up in her career and turns him down.

Kieren tells Simon off for leading Amy on but Simon tells him that Amy is someone who needs to be loved and he does in fact love her, just not "like that." He's shown to be trying to keep Kieren in Roarton but it's unclear what his true motives are. Is he simply interested in a relationship with Kieren or are there darker reasons?

Jem goes to visit Maxine and confesses her killing Henry. Maxine drives them to the woods, wanting to see the body instead of going to the police. Maxine tells her she hasn't done anything wrong and that Henry was a killer. But when they get to the spot, Henry's body is nowhere to be found. As it turns out, Gary has disposed of the body by burning it. He's interested in Jem and even kisses her but she doesn't reciprocate his feelings. He also gives her the bracelet Henry had made, pretending like he had made it.

We also see Amy working for Phillip, an arrangement he has orchestrated. It's all very strange and complicated. He's interested in her but she's having none of it. He can see that she's not going well and turns up the heat when he sees that she is cold. His responsibilities are to the ULA, enforcing unjust anti-undead policies but his seemingly genuine affection for her further exemplifies the show's tackling grey morality.

Maxine reveals that the ULA wants the First Risen, because apparently it's somehow connected to a Second Rising. Maxine is suspicious that Kieren was the First Risen. Kieren has to take care of some rabids at the treatment centre, which proves particularly stressful.

Freddie gets Haley to come to his workshop and yet again tries to woo her. She tells him he needs to leave. They hug and say their goodbyes on good terms but then Freddie begins to go rabid, apologetically telling her that he forgot to take his neurotriptyline shot. She calls for help and Amir comes running and begins banging on the door, trying to get Haley out. Freddie gives Haley a hammer and pleads with her to take it and knock him out to protect herself. But she can't bring herself to do it.

Kieren is called by Gary, and they manage to get the door open. Haley is freed and Kieren goes in, trying to talk Freddie down. It doesn't help so Gary shoots him in the leg. Kieren administers the shot and Gary hauls Freddie away. He says that Freddie will be (unjustly) taken to a non-compliance centre.

An upset Kieren goes to see Simon. Amy is upstairs in her room. Kieren says nothing but kisses Simon.

In The Flesh airs on Sundays on BBC Three at 10PM.


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