Masters of Sex S1E10 - "Fallout" Recap

Things are still tense between Bill and Virginia. Virginia resume her relationship with Ethan, who has recently been denied a future job at the hospital. He assumes it is because he broke up with Vivian.

Bill later is approached by a woman named Flora Banks, who informs him that she is pregnant after participating in the study. Now she wants to know the identity of the father. When Bill tells Virginia about this revelation, they disagree on how to proceed. He says things should stay confidential whereas Virginia feels that sharing the father's identity is the ethical thing to do. She also signed an iron-clad waiver that Bill says frees them from any unintended consequences.

Ethan confronts Barton about the job. Ethan learns that he failed his performance review and that some of his superiors had concerns about his professionalism and character. Ethan assumes it was Bill's doing.

Virginia sneaks into the safe and finds that Teddy is the father of Flora's baby. She tells him discretely about Flora and the pregnancy and he is shocked and somewhat horrified. Virginia gives him Flora's phone number and says she will help him in any way she can.

Dr. DePaul is struggling to get the funding needed for her pap smear proposal. Virginia advises her to try to be charming but her initial attempts to do so to University Chancellor Fitzhugh don't go very well.

Margaret is out at a hotel bar and speaks with a prostitute to seek advice on her relationship. Margaret asks for "tricks of the trade" to impress her husband. But when Margaret shares that they don't sleep in the same bedroom anymore but when they were sexually active, Barton preferred for her to face away. She also says that he never looks at other womyn. The prostitute deduces that he is a homosexual.

Ethan confronts Bill and Bill yells at him for helping Libby to become pregnant. They have a brief physical confrontation and Ethan says that he would help Libby again, even if it cost him his job.

Margaret and Teddy re-connect, both stressed out by the recent revelations in their lives.

Virginia secretly meets with Flora and gives her $2,000 from the study's discretionary fund.

Lester kisses Jane after she apologises for having previously been rude to him.

Virginia quits working for Bill and goes to work for Dr. DePaul as her secretary instead. She advises Dr. DePaul to go above the chancellor and try to charm the Board of Trustees instead.

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