Orphan Black S2E10 (S2 Finale) - "By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried" Recap

Sarah is subjected to a strip search and is questioned about her sexual history by one Dr. Nealon who was the one who snuck into her apartment in season 1. As it turns out, Sarah is surrendering herself to the Dyad Institute in order to get Kira back. She shares that she previously had an abortion. Nealon wants to harvest Sarah's eggs and uses bureaucracy to get her to sign them over. This allows her the opportunity to watch Rachel try to coax Kira into seeing Sarah as bad. Rachel has also forced Delphine onto a plane to Frankfurt.

Cal arrives at Mrs. S's place to offer her and Felix his help. Art then calls Felix to say that he came home and found Helena there eating his food. Mrs. S doesn't want her getting involved because she's too unpredictable. Mrs. S later goes to meet up with (Big Dick) Paul, who has been promoted to the rank of major and is prepared to be her inside man, and he adds that a lot has changed since he came back.

Rachel stops in to visit her father, bringing a kettle for some hot tea. He has his own teabag that he had brought with him. She wants the key to his cyper and demands to know where it is. He tells her he didn't write it down (implying that it's all in his head) and begins drinking his tea. He tearfully says how much he and his wife loved her and says she watched the home videos because she couldn't remember anything. He tells her she doesn't deserve him anymore and dies in her arms.

Paul and Cal meet and they give each other a little stare-down before moving forward with their plans to save Sarah. Paul then speaks with Marian, who as it turns out, is Mrs. S's contact on the inside. They're both trying to figure out what's happening inside Dyad and the military.

Sarah gets to watch Kira bond with Cosima, who teaches her some science in regards to force = mass * acceleration. Side by side with this lesson, we see her and Scott preparing a fire extinguisher mechanism of sorts. Sarah is then wheeled away, strapped down, and brought to a room where Dr. Nealon is preparing to remove one of her ovaries, because he's decided that an invasive procedure will be the best way to get her eggs. Scott is able to discretely tell her that he's there to help her get out of there. He discretely nods to the side of her bed. Rachel asks for a moment alone with Sarah in which she taunts her with one of Kira's drawings. In it, there's not only a drawing of her sisters but a fire extinguisher. It's then that Sarah notices a fire extinguisher next to her bed with a sign telling her to squeeze it. Rachel questions her about the key to her father's research and when Sarah refuses, Rachel smashes the blood vials needed to save Cosima. Sarah then calls Rachel back over and sets off the device which sends a pencil flying into Rachel's eye. Scott helps her out of her restraints. Sarah goes to get Kira and finds her with Marian, who tells her she's free to go. Marian says she's from Topside, Dyad's mother company, and promises that she'll reveal what this is really all about if Sarah meets with her the next day.

The clones have a little party with each other, in which Cosima and Alison are able to briefly meet Cal. They whisper to Sarah their approval, saying that he's hot. Sarah walks Cal out and he says he wants to help with Kira. Sarah doesn't know what will happen next with Cosima and Cal says he's sorry about that. She thanks him for his part in getting Marian involved (he had been messaging her) and she kisses him right as Felix arrives. Cal leaves and Felix says that Art has brought Helena, who really wants to meet her sisters.

Helena comes in and meets the sick Cosima, who greets her with a hug and tells her she's very beautiful. They compliment each other's hair and then Helena meets Alison. Kira then comes running out to greet her "Auntie Helena" and the two enjoy a sweet reunion while everyone looks on with smiles and emotions aplenty. Cosima puts a vinyl on and a dance party commences with all the clones and brother-sestra joining in.

Later, Sarah and Cosima have a quiet moment in which Cosima commends Sarah on her strengths and Sarah shows vulnerability regarding how much she will miss Cosima. Helena sneaks out with Jesse's cap in hand, seemingly prepared to go find him but she's then abducted by men who put a bag over her head. The cap is left on the ground outside the flat.

Sarah arrives at Marian's mansion the following day. Cosima has a vision of Delphine and is awoken by Kira's touch. Kira asks her to read a story from Dr. Moreau. At the mansion, Sarah meets Charlotte, a girl Kira's age with a leg brace who Marian adopted. She's an 8-year old clone, apparently the only survivor of Dyad's 400-plus post-Duncan experiments. Cosima finds Duncan's key in the margins of the books so now it'll be up to her to decode it to save her own life. Helena is brought to a troop transport where Mrs. S and Paul watch from nearby. Paul tells her she did what she had to when she expresses concern over how Sarah will never forgive her. Grace and Mark get married in a little church. Sarah is brought to a room where Marian has a male (YES, MALE) clone locked up and it's revealed that he, Mark, and others are clones.


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