Orphan Black S2E7 - "Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things" Recap

Alison is bonding with Vic in the treatment facility and talking about Aynsley. He assures her he won't judge her, after all she has done. She admits to sleeping with his husband and he tells her she's brave for sharing. But then she blurts out her role in letting Aynsley die. She just stood there while she clawed at the countertop until it was over. Alison feels great and thanks him for being so supportive. She gives him a pair of gloves she knitted as a token of thanks. He leaves the gloves behind and when she goes to return them, she overhears Vic talking with Detective DeAngelis offering up a juicy scoop on Alison for which he is supposed to get charged against him dropped.

Cal calls Sarah up to warn her that his computer has been hacked, but not to worry. He's set it up to bait those that are after him and he's headed off with Kira. Sarah insists on coming to meet them. Upon arriving, Cal apologises for their nearly getting caught but she assures him it wasn't her fault. He shows her Kira's drawing of her "aunties" and Sarah says Kira just has an active imagination.

Delphine lovingly looks after Cosima as she has stem cells inserted into her uterus. Delphine says it's the beginning of Cosima getting well and though Cosima smiles, she seems concerned about whether or not it will work. She later overhears Delphine telling Scott to keep something secret from Cosima. She confronts them and learns that the stem cells were from Kira, as the Dyad Institute had lost a tooth in an accident and procured it from the hospital. Delphine insists she didn't know until after she saw it was working but now the treatments won't be able to continue unless they bring Kira in to acquire more. Cosima is livid and tells Delphine to get out.

Alison calls Felix asking for help regarding Vic and DeAngelis, insisting that she can't go to jail. He comes to visit the next day (it's Family Day!) and Alison pulls Vic into a room to speak privately with him and Felix unleashes himself on Vic. "You selfish manure-bag of a man!" Alison feels betrayed by Vic and he says he's just trying to move forward with his life. He's going to walk out but then Felix says that Sarah's not pleased, baiting him back in with the mention of his former love.

Paul updates Leekie about Sarah and Helena's separation but lies about how there was no sign of the scientist. Leekie mentions that he's developing an artificial limb and later makes a private call saying he needs to meet with Marion Bowles, saying it's an emergency. When she finally comes in, Leekie informs her of Ethan Duncan's being alive and Sarah tracking him down. Marion asks how Rachel will react if she learns of this and Leekie says that she has become emotional. Marion says they'll have to step in, Leekie says that she will fight, and Marion replies that she will lose.

Cal offers to Sarah for them to take Kira and run away to Reykjavic. The offer seems enticing but then Felix calls to inform them of the whole Alison-in-rehab and Vic-blowing-the-whistle thing. Alison needs Sarah to come and clean up this "doo-doo" and not surprisingly, Sarah shows up in all her badass glory, ready for battle on behalf of her clone-sisters. She meets with Vic, who says he needs to atone and begins to read her a letter he has written. He apologises but then tries to re-work the deal to make Sarah have a conversation with him instead of simply accepting his apology. Vic wants Sarah back but he assures her that's not happening. He ends up passing out and crashing into the table. "I may have spiked his tea," Felix states, suppressing a Cheshire-grin.

Mrs. S comes to visit Leekie and make a deal, offering up information in the form of floppy disks containing all the original research. The deal is also that she will give him Ethan but she and Kira must be left alone. The deal is struck but then she calls Sarah to let her know the moves she has made.

Donnie and the kids arrive and Alison is delighted to see her children but remains icy towards Donnie due to all of his betrayals. But while Sarah and Felix are dealing with Vic's unconscious body, an orderly comes in search of Alison and Sarah must don a headband to hide her lack of bangs and heads out to help with the event. Alison comes into her room and finds Felix struggling to drag Vic's body. She's alarmed, as her family will be coming to tour her room after the speeches are finished. Sarah is then called up (as Alison) to give a keynote speech and she mutters, "Oh shit," under her breath. She heads up and begins her improvised speech. But then she has to do some role-playing where Donnie plays Alison and Sarah must play Alison playing Donnie.

Alison and Felix are trying to hide Vic's body but then Angie shows up and nearly catches them when she calls his phone. They're able to hide him and text her to go outside.  They return to her room where Sarah is, having gotten away. Donnie catches them and Alison tells him off, saying that now she'll go running off to Doctor Leekie. What's interesting though is that despite being Alison's monitory, he genuinely doesn't have any idea of what's going on.

Rachel and Paul meet Mrs. S in secret, who has backstabbed Leekie by arranging an opportunity for Rachel to meet her thought-to-be-dead father. In a rare moment of emotion, Rachel appears truly moved by the reunion though we don't see all of what happens between the two of them. Paul and Mrs. S speak in private as they watch them from the living room.

Donnie tells Alison that he had been recruited into a long-term social metrics study that was supposed to be benign. Alison tearfully tells Donnie that he destroyed their family with all the lies and the spying. She adds that he's so stupid that he doesn't even know why. Sarah and Felix awkwardly make their exit.

Sarah heads back to meet Cal and Kira but then she gets a call from Cosima. She fills her in on everything and Sarah is now considering giving Cosima a tooth. Kira overhears the conversation and promptly ties a tooth to a door and yanks it out (it's presumably a baby tooth). She asks Sarah if it will help and it's just too sweet to bear. Sarah drives off with Kira and Cal warns her to be careful or whatever this all is will swallow them both.

Rachel confronts Leekie about her father and mother. He says he merely intervened when they had tried to run away with her. Rachel tells him it's over and calls Marion on speaker. Marion and Rachel are now in cahoots. Rachel has been tasked with killing Leekie, who becomes emotional. She tells him to go, not get in his car, nor go home, and he might survive. She tells him that it's foolish to spare him, but nurture has prevailed and he did raise her. He tearfully kisses her on the forehead and heads out. But he's shown to be followed by someone in a car. It's shown to be Donnie, who orders Leekie into the car at gunpoint. Donnie is angry about having been lied to and is now seeking answers? Revenge? Leekie coldly brushes him off and is unconcerned with Donnie's marital woes. He tells him to put the gun away and Donnie says, "I quit!" and slams the gun on the steering wheel. Unfortunately for him, the gun goes off and Leekie's brains go splattering over the passenger side window.

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