Orphan Black S2E8 - "Variable and Full of Perturbation" Recap

Surprise, everyone! It's time for a new clone! This one's named Tony, he's transgendered, and following a heist-gone-wrong, his mortally wounded friend tells him to find and pass on a message to Beth Childs, by whom he was apparently set up. He ends up meeting Art instead.

Sarah and Kira are reunited with Felix, Mrs. S, and Ethan but it's not long before Felix has to run off. Upon returning to his flat, he finds Art there with Tony and needless to say, Felix is amazed. Tony doesn't know anything about the clones and wants to head out since Beth is nowhere to be seen. Felix asks him to stay put and promises they'll tell him everything. Felix first steps out with Art to regroup and learns that Tony's friend was offed by men in suits and now is insisting on speaking with Beth. They go back in and tell him that Beth is dead. He says Beth had said that they were related and now he has a message to deliver to Beth but won't give up the information. Art tells Tony to stay put with Felix while he goes to make sure Tony checks out since they need to know that they can trust him first.

Alison comes home from rehab and is furious with Donnie for not picking her up as he was supposed to. She finds him at home, in bed, drinking. She's furious and tells him to take the day to think after ushering their children out after they heard the commotion of the argument.

Cosima locks Delphine out of the lab, still angry following her lying about the origin of the stem cells. Delphine is summoned to meet with Rachel and is informed that Leekie died from a heart attack and that Rachel is now her boss.

Sarah has a quiet moment with Kira, who asks if Helena is doing alright. It's then that they hear a visitor downstairs and Sarah goes down to find it is Delphine. She's been sent by Rachel, who has a new proposal. After informing them of the heart attack story of Leekie's death, Delphine says that she believed him to be the lesser of two evils but it's too late for that now. Now the key to a gene therapy cure that doesn't involve Kira is to bring Duncan and his research in.

Cosima returns to her lab to find Scott playing a board game with his crew, the Dyad Room Wars Club.  She at first leaves them alone but after demonstrating her knowledge of the game, they ask her to join. She impresses them but they become concerned after she starts coughing. She hides the fact that there's blood coming out of her coughs. Delphine comes in and speaks to her in private, saying she thinks the Dyad Institute killed Leekie and she's running out of time. She wants to help, thinks Duncan is the key, and tells Cosima to tell her what she wants. What Cosima wants is to finally get Delphine baked. This happens, along with some helium-balloon shenanigans. Cosima and Delphine are able to mend some of the hurt in their relationship but Cosima warns Delphine not to betray her again or she will destroy her career. It's nice to see Cosima grow some fangs.

Alison finds Donnie trying to pack up his things and leave. She berates him for his being ready to abandon her and the kids and tearfully asks if he ever loved her. He tearfully apologises for every wrong thing he's ever done, from watching porn to putting her in rehab to hating her mother, and says that he has made a huge mistake now, worse than anything she has ever done.

Duncan tells Sarah and Mrs. S that he can definitely cure Cosima. He has information on some floppy disks and possibly in his head too.

Tony is having a bath at Felix's place. Felix is getting annoyed with him so he heads out to get some booze. In actuality, he is meeting up with Art to learn the information he has gotten on him. Tony is snooping through Felix's place when Felix returns with some booze and food Art has delivered. Tony discovers a painting that he seems shocked to see (possibly of Sarah?) and when Felix comes back in, he's taking a shot of testosterone. Felix privately calls Sarah to tell her about Tony the trans-clone but ends the call when Tony comes over and asks who he has just spoken to. Felix says it's his sister and Tony kisses him. Tony then confronts him about the painting that was in fact of Sarah. Tony wants to know if the painting is of Beth and whether Beth is his sister. Felix says the painting isn't Beth but of his own sister.

Donnie admits all of the spying he did, thinking he was doing something worthwhile and feeling stupid now. He curses Leekie and his big stupid face, sneaking doctors in to examine Alison. Alison then confesses her role in letting Aynsley die and Donnie then blurts out that he accidentally killed Leekie.

Tony is ready to leave now since Felix won't give up the information, saying he wouldn't believe him even if he told him. Just as Tony begins to storm out, who should he run into but Sarah. Sarah then fills Tony in about being clones. He wants to know about the men in suits and delivers the message, "Keep the faith. Paul's on it. He's like me. He's a ghost." Yes! You know there had to be more to Paul!

Rachel's on the phone about Paul's having recently disappeared. Duncan comes in and meets with Rachel. She tells him their relationship needs to stay professional. He asks if she remembers how he used to read the Island of Dr. Moreau to her. She says she does and he uses it as a segway into saying he hopes she can forgive him for being glad that Leekie is dead (and they are therefore reunited). She says, "Of course."

Donnie shows Alison that Leekie's dead body is in the trunk of his car. He apologises for the smell and says he didn't mean to shoot her. She scolds him for the fact that he's not well-wrapped and is further angered when she learns that he used her gun to shoot him, which he then put back in her gun locker. She also now needs to make a new liner for the trunk.

Sarah leaves Tony at Felix's place. Felix tells Tony that they'll need to keep him away from everything for now.

Duncan gives Rachel a list of items he'll need to being unlocking the synthetic sequences, including a reader for his floppy disks. They begin talking about Kira like she's a prize. Rachel wants to know how the "unmonitored tramp" was successful in her fertility and Duncan then reveals that this makes Sarah a failure, not a success, as the clones were all infertile by design. Rachel keeps it together but on the inside, she's fuming. Dephine comes in and is tasked with introducing Duncan to Cosima.

Art comes to see Felix and Tony and warn Tony that since his car is stolen, he needs to get going before the cops, and more dangerously the Dyad Institute, come find him. Tony's going to have to get on a bus to wherever but he first says goodbye to Felix. Felix says he's not worried about him and gives him one of the clone-phones, already programmed with Felix, Sarah, and Art's numbers. He says to call if anything goes wrong. Tony pecks him and says, "Later, sister-kisser."

Cosima reveals to Scott that she is "324B21," the subject of the research he has been doing. He's amazed and saddened to learn that she is dying. He says it'll be an honour to be working with her. Duncan then comes in and meets Cosima and Scott. Cosima then begins coughing up blood and collapses on the floor, convulsing.

Finally, Kira is shown to be reading Duncan's copy of Dr. Moreau, which is filled with scientific notes.

Orphan Black airs on Saturdays on BBC American at 9PM.


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