Orphan Black S2E9 - "Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done" Recap

Alison helps Donnie to clean up Leekie's body. He's all wrapped in plastic and Alison has some tape ready while Donnie whines that he's going to throw up. Together, they haul him into a freezer in their garage.

Helena's back with the Proletheans and they've got some medical equipment to help put her embryos in. She's all excited, asking "Those are my babies?" when the tube of embryos are presented to her. Now she must wait to see if any of them implant.

The growths have spread throughout Cosima's body. Rachel is comforting Delphine and assuring her that Kira is only a temporary fix until Duncan finds a cure. For now, Kira's bone marrow will have to suffice and Rachel appears uncharacteristically understanding. She warns her that Sarah will never allow it, given her history with the Dyad Institute.

Delphine relays the message to Sarah and says that things are different now. Sarah still doesn't trust Dyad but later Skypes with Cosima and a teary-eyed Alison, who had no idea that Cosima was so sick and while being pushed by Donnie from behind the laptop, manages to ask what the word is on Leekie. Cosima says that Dyad is claiming he died of a heart attack. Donnie wants to get rid of Leekie's body by dumping him in a lake but Alison says this is a terrible idea. "Haven't you ever seen Dexter?" They then decide to bury him in their garage. They tear up the concrete with a jackhammer.

Helena is brought to a nursery full of around twenty children or so. It would seem that Henrik has been breeding outside of his medical lab, which isn't all that surprising as this is seen repeatedly amongst religious cults. When she spots a midwife, Alexis, getting rough with one of the young children and threatening to give them the "strap," she slams her against the wall, grabbing her neck. She says there was a woman in the convent like her and that if she touches her again, she'll gut her like a fish.

Sarah has a talk with Kira in which she explains what bone marrow is and gives her the choice of whether or not she wants to go to sleep and have it surgically taken from her. Kira asks if Auntie Cosima will die without it and without being pushed to do so, says yes to the procedure. The procedure is done by an associate of Mrs. S to ensure that they don't allow Dyad to get their hands on Kira. Sarah never leaves Kira's side during the procedure.

Vic pays Alison a visit and she's still furious, sending him away. In actuality, he lingers to snoop on whatever is going on in the garage. Donnie comes up from behind, holding a gun to his head. Donnie brings Vic into the garage and tells Alison he thinks he should shoot her. He finally caves and says that there's a cop, Angie, in a van outside. He says she's been squeezing him and doesn't even think what she's doing is official. Donnie then reveals he had the safety on the whole time. They send Vic out and Donnie follows him into Angie's van. He tells Angie if she comes back to harass him or his family again, he'll bury her by reporting her for harassment, adding how Art was suspended for doing far less than what she's doing. He snaps a photo of them, in which Vic throws up a peace sign, and tells her to have a shitty day.

Henrik ends up implanting more of Helena's embryos into his daughter Gracie's body. She is brought in to the same room as Helena. Gracie is not happy and explains to Helena that these are her babies she is now being forced to carry.

Ethan is working with Cosima and Scott on finding the cure. His wife Susan had been the one to come up with the idea of making the clones sterile by preventing their ovarian follicles from maturing. He's trying to make sure now that each synthetic sequence has its own key and not allowing Dyad to keep the codes and continue with the clone experiment.

Marian pays Rachel a visit and they have a vague conversation with ominous undertones. Marian says she is intrigued by Sarah Manning. Rachel later goes into a room where she drinks a martini and watches childhood videos. She sheds a tear and calls herself stupid. She then pauses the video feed and changes it to photos of Kira and Sarah smiling together. She then places a call to a doctor, asking for their expertise.

Delphine pays a visit to Rachel's office and when Rachel steps out, her computer pings. Delphine takes a look and finds Mrs. S's henchman, Benjamin, on the screen with the word "confidential" plastered across his face. Alarms sound in Delphine's mind, as he is the one in charge of guarding Kira.

Helena tries to sneak out and offers Gracie the opportunity to come with. She tries to leave but Henrik catches them and strikes Helena across the face with his shotgun. He drags Gracie into a cage locks her in. Mark, Gracie's love interest, has finally had enough. He asks Henrik if he had to put his own child inside of Gracie and Henrik spouts nonsense about Helena defying science and how he couldn't ignore this sign. Helena comes up from behind and chokes Henrik out while Mark helps Gracie out of the cage. Helena, still choking Henrik, tells Gracie to run. Gracie grabs her bag and Mark's hand and they run out together.

Donnie and Alison finish re-cementing the garage and Alison declares that she's never been more attracted to him. She tells him she wants to be nasty and has him take her from behind against the freezer where they had hidden Leekie's body.

Henrik wakes up strapped down in his own lab with his feet in stirrups. He tries to tell Helena that they saved her but she's not having any of it. She lubes up the IVF instrument and asks, "Is this how it works?" before shoving it up into Henrik, laughing loudly while he screams like an infant. She then sets the farm on fire and runs off into the night.

Delphine comes to the hospital and Sarah heads down to the front to meet her. Delphine tells her what she saw on Rachel's computer, warning her not to overreact or they will know. Sarah comes up and says that Rachel is making a move and they need to secure the elevators. She goes in to get Kira but then Felix gets a call from the real Sarah, as this Sarah was actually Rachel in disguise. She injects Felix with a needle and he collapses. When the real Sarah gets to the room, they find Felix passed out on the floor and they figure out that the whole thing with the computer was a rouse for Rachel to get Kira.

Delphine visits Cosima, breaking down in tears, saying she has made a terrible mistake. Cosima asks what she has done. Meanwhile, Kira wakes up in a floral, obscenely girly room with Rachel sitting at a desk. Kira asks where Sarah and Mrs. S are. Rachel tells her she knows how frightening this must be, but that she'll get used to it. "You may even grow to like it here, just as I did."

Orphan Black airs on Saturdays on BBC America at 9PM.


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