Salem Recap S01E09: Children Be Afraid

Increase walks the streets of Salem. He’s off to pay another wicked a visit. He asks the man to chose one. The man chooses wine. Increase deems him to be no witch, just tempted with human sin. He sends him off before visiting the next. It’s Mab. He finds her dead body. He brings it before the people as proof that the devil has made a dreadful knot in the country. Cotton sits on the stoop drunk and in disbelief, clearly still distraught. He hangs Mab’s dead body, warning those around to go not to bed with the devil. He leaves Mab swinging from a hangman’s noose, pulling on her body and snapping her neck. Ann, John and especially Mary are horrified at the sight.

Mary pays Increase a visit as he has breakfast. She gives her gratitude to Increase for saving her husband, but he makes a note that she had done the same by sending her servant to go find George. Increase asks why George was suddenly spirited away to Boston. He frequents Boston often because of his illness, but Increase does not believe George to be ill, but instead that he is spelled. Mary tells him that its impossible. But Increase sees the sudden onslaught of illness, coupled with the doctors befuddlement over his condition to be proof. He tells Mary that it is likely someone close to them, possibly in her home. He does not lay any accusations, nor does he allow George to return home until the Witch can be found. Mary insists that George at least have someone to tend to him, someone who has experience with his illness, and Increase suggests Isaac, Mary accepts. Mary asks if George still sleeps, and he does, but he may wake at any moment.

John finds Cotton sleeping in the graveyard. He finds little difference between himself and the dead. Ann greets the reverend, asking what it will take to bring him to his feet. She admits that she has judged him too harshly. With recent revelations about her own father, she admits that she judged him too harshly. They cannot help who their fathers are. She gives her sympathies for Gloriana’s banishment. She asks if they can see him home, and he allows them to assist him. Ann asks for a favor once things are done.

Mary is upset over her little chat with Increase. Mercy asks to kill him for her, but Mary denies her. Increase Mather is known in both the new and old worlds, and his disappearance would be noted, his head will be on no man’s platter. At Mary’s home, she finds Mercy’s father. He wishes for a word with his daughter, but Mary denies him that. Although he is grateful for her generosity towards his child, he does not appreciate her barring him. Mary asks pointedly why he wants to speak with Mercy. Mary asks if he is considering another exorcism, if he is bored and wishes to beat her again, or visit her in her bed at night. She warns him that if he comes around again she will make public accusations, Mercy is hers.

Tituba asks how George is going, he hasn’t awoken yet. She warns that the Elders will wait no longer they require an audience with Mary today. Mary breaks the mirror, and throws things about in a fit. George will awaken any moment now.

Isaac comes to Mary fretting about the disastrous journey with George. Mary knows he did his best, and tells him that Increase has summoned him at her asking. Increase will ask him to look over George since he won’t return him home. Isaac is surprised that anyone would refuse Mary. The town of Salem is being held hostage to Increase’s whims. Mary gives to Isaac a tonic for George to keep him sleeping. She asks that he give it to him in secret, that George not suffer because of Increase’s unfathomed suspicions. Isaac will keep it secret.

Increase speaks to Isaac about his well known story, telling him that his story has become a holy one. His sin and his suffering has been transformed into a blessing for his son. Increase believes that Isaac has felt the hand of God. Isaac doesn’t understand what he’s been chosen for. Increase asks him about a life beyond Salem. Isaac believes he has a good life in Salem. Increase sees Mary’s charity as binding him to her. He offers to show him the world if he is willing to walk the path of righteousness. Increase gives Isaac the job of keeping George fresh and tidy, to watch over him, and most importantly to notify him if he awakens. Isaac asks about the marks above George’s bed. They are marks of protection, made from the ashes of a 200 year old witch that Increase burned himself.

Ann goes over her list of Honey Do’s for John at the orphanage, mostly paint and carpentry. She admits to him that the children are frightened with another hanging today. They aren’t sure who to fear more the witches or those who hunt them. John notices one boy all alone, he doesn’t play with the others. Ann tells him that he’s been there 2 years after watching his parents murdered by Indians. He doesn’t speak, and they have no clue how he survived. John asks the boy if he knows how to repair a roof.

Mercy comes looking for Mary, and finds Tituba. She tells her anything that can be said to Mary, can be said to her. Mercy spots Titbua’s familiar, a tarantula. She was a gift from the devil to do her bidding, a spiritual companion. Tituba show’s Mercy how she feeds, at a spot on the back of her neck. Tituba tells her that in time she will get one of her own, one that will chose her. Tituba draws out the spider and it sinks its fangs into her neck.

Mary comes across a group of Mercy’s friends. The trio has grown into a larger number, and they’re off to meet Mercy in the graveyard. Mary is off to meet the Elder Witches in the woods. They all grieve the loss of Rose. They think it is Mary that should have been killed. Mary does not deny this, but says that she was given little choice. Mary presents the malleum, which without it their grand rite could not be performed. Rose had brought it to Salem without her knowledge to use it against her. Their brew reveals something. Mary tells them that it was retrieved at great cost, and offers it up to them as the only item that can be used to control her. They tell her to take back her trinket. They have everything they need to control her.

John shows the boy how to make shakes for the roof, the best method is to split them which leaves John half naked and sweaty. The boy is a fast learner, and Mary comes upon them. John sends the boy off for water. Another day, another surprise. News has spread that Increase has taken George, and John is surprised to hear that Mary would like him back. Mary asks if its so unusual for a wife to want her husband returned, and normally it would not be. The pair are interrupted by Ann, bringing out apple water. Mary takes her leave.

Cotton looks over the whorehouse with great sadness. He goes up to Gloriana’s room, and finds a pair of girls clearing it out. Bleary eyed, he takes a scarf that she has left behind before departing. He walks the streets of Salem, her scarf in hands. His father sees him. Increase asks if he has to put his weakness on such public display. Cotton points out that public display is sort of Increase’s thing. Increase admits that Rose was already dead, by her own hand, when he hung her body. Cotton cannot believe his words, making it even worse. It was a matter of principal, Increase said that she would hang, and so she did. Cotton asks why he hates him so. Increase admits that he married Cotton’s mother to bind two powerful families, but he didn’t love her, he didn’t love at all, until Cotton was born. He was a squalling mess, but enough to show him love. Cotton finds it utter irony that his father would take that away from him, knowing what love is. A drunkard sits at the bar demanding more, even though the bar keep has cut him off. The man is tossed from the establishment, and Increase remarks that the wine is from God, but the drunkard from the devil. He tells his son to pull himself together, there is still more work.

Mercy asks Mary to let her kill him. Mary tells her again that they cannot kill Increase, but Mercy meant George. Tituba cannot believe her ears, that Mary would teach Mercy to kill any obstacle in her way as a first course of action. Mary tells her that they cannot kill George. Mercy doesn’t understand, she believes Mary is so powerful that they don’t need George. Mary knows that without George, her power in Salem goes away. With him alive she can speak through him, but dead he is useless, without power. Mary plans to go inside his mind and destroy it from within. Mercy continues to barrage her with questions, and Tituba tries to quiet her. Mary throws them both out. Tituba pulls Mercy from the room by her ear, threatening that they don’t need her, and could kill her. Mercy thinks that she’s spiteful and jealous. Tituba has been waiting  too long, and warns he to stay away.

Isaac thinks that Mary has had George’s best interest all this time. He’s only know cruelty from George. He pours into George’s throat some of the tonic that Mary gave. George dreams of Mary. On a river he rows them in a small boat. Free of her familiar, he has control of his dreams again. He asks Mary if she remembers this day. She does, it was the only day when she almost didn’t despise him. He thinks that she never gave him a chance. Her mind was long made up, which she point up that he can’t blame her, he stole her life. Now she has stolen his. Mary sits in her trance, dream walking with George. She’s so close to the completion of her Grand Rite. And then what? A world where Mary no longer needs George, he can die. But it’ll still be sometime. For now she just wants him to remain asleep in his dirty bibs and nappy. Mary hits him with a paddle, throwing him from the boat. She hits him again, and he sinks deep down. Mary says farewell, but George rises from below, calling her a bitch. On the shore she sees Increase.

Mary awakens, and she’s not in a good mood. She tells Tituba that Increase was there, protecting George’s mind, even in sleep. Tituba tells her that they have another problem. They need to do something about Mercy. Tituba believes that they will soon no longer be able to control the girl. Mary cannot believe her ears, thinking that now is not the time that Tituba should be concerned with this petty jealousy when they are so close to exposure. Mary has never needed Tituba more, and she has never been so disappointed. Tituba tells her that she loves her, and Mary wishes that she didn’t. She tells her to love her less, and love her better. Mary orders Tituba to find away to get to George.

John cleans up the boy, tells him that tomorrow, they can work on the paint if he’s available. The boy tells him his name, Steven, before going inside. The drunkard asks John if he’s seen his daughter. John tries to get him to move along. He’s looking for his kid. Ann recognizes Mr. Hopkins. He thought Emily had come to stay there while he was in jail, but Emily did not stay there. He tells them to tell Emily to come home.

­­­­­­Dollie has her little group gathered in the graveyard, and she’s unhappy to hear that none of the girls have procured the items they were supposed to. Ann asks to speak with Emily, interrupting the group. She breaks the news to Emily that her father is out of jail, and that he has been looking for her. Mercy arrives as Ann is speaking to Emily. Mercy asks if she can help her. Ann tells her that she only came to tell Ms. Hopkins that her father is free, not looking well, and perhaps she should stay in the orphanage where she would be safe. Mercy gets closer, telling Ann that she is safe, with the other girls. Ann isn’t so sure. Mercy asks if Ann would like to stay and see for herself. Ann declines Mercy’s advances.

Increase catches Isaac giving George a pain tonic, and stops him. Isaac lies that Mr. Lamb gave it to him. Increase tsks him, knowing he was lying. Increase gave him the chance to do something right, but he knew he would not, but still he gave him the chance. Now, Increase tells him that he will tell him who gave him the potion.

The girls  play a little game stiff as a board, making Mercy rise, as they call to a spider asking it to heed their call.

Increase slaps Isaac around, asking who gave him the potion. Isaac maintains that it isn’t a potion, and still Increase beats him. A tarantula climbs over George.

The girls raise Mercy higher, still calling to the spider.

Increase pulls out his knife, threatening to slice open Isaac’s belly, pull out his intestines, and beat him with them. Isaac never breaks that it is medicine.

Mercy rises over the girls.

Increase asks again who gave him the medicine. Isaac confesses that Mary would hurt no living thing, and she gave him the medicine, so that’s good enough for him. The spider crawls inside of George. Increase is happy he broke Isaac and got the name of the culprit, he sends him off. George begins choking, and he looks into his throat and sees a web.

Emily’s father finds her at home. He warned her that he would get out, and she’ll still be sold if the whores will have her. She tells him that she will not. He proceeds to beat Emily. Dollie and the rest of the girls arrive and they surround him, beating him. They rip him apart with their hands.

John and Ann walk together. He tells her that the boys name is Steven. She’s delighted. Two years they’ve tried and he’s said nothing. He tells her that boys needs attention and hard work to burn off their energy. Ann thinks its more than that. John confesses that for the first time in a long time he hasn’t thought of witches. Ann wonders if one could chose that life, hard work, community and family with not a witch in sight. Increase announces that the selectmen should be alerted, another witch has been found. He calls Mary out, tells her that George has awoken. She rushes down. Increase announces before the whole town that George has been rendered speechless, but that his tormentor has been caught. Mary doesn’t understand. Increase asks Mary if she recognizes the bottle he holds, she does. It’s a physic for pain. She gave it to Isaac to give it to Mr. Sibly. He asks if a Physic for pain would seal Mr. Sibly’s mouth shut with a golden web. Mary takes the bottle from his hands and drinks it down herself, shocking all who watch. Cotton steps in suggesting that the tonic is as Mary says it is, and the web is more likely the work of the Witch’s familiar. Cotton sees the possibility of the idea. He demands the house be searched. Mercy stops them. Cotton tells his father Mercy was the one that was once tortured by Witches. Mercy says that her well appearance is thanks to Mary, because of her kindness and charity. She was once tortured nearly to death. Mercy hates to confess it, but she says that while Mary was away she saw Tituba doing the strangest of things. Tituba cannot silence her in front of the crowd, as Mercy accuses her of holding a spider to her neck and feed it. Increase tells Tituba to come to him, and she does. He arrests her on the charge of witchcraft. Tituba looks to Mary, and she can say nothing. Mary sits in shock looking at Mercy. She sees the threat the girl is finally, when its too late. Tituba is taken away by the mob.


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