SEE NO EVIL 2 Coming Fall 2014

Lionsgate & WWE Studios

Available On Demand, Digital HD, DVD & Blu Ray This Fall

SYNOPSIS | Jacob Goodnight (WWE superstar “Kane”) fell to his apparent demise from high atop the Blackwell Hotel in See No Evil, and this terrifying sequel picks up where the last one left off. With Jacob's body lying on a cold sub-basement slab in the city morgue, Amy (Danielle Harris), a mortician, is surprised when a group of friends pay her a late-night visit for her birthday. But the surprise soon turns deadly when the psychopath everyone believed to be dead sets-out on a horrific killing spree, and Amy and her friends must do whatever it takes to survive.  See No Evil 2 is directed by the notorious Soska sisters.

ABOUT THE SOSKA SISTERS | Canadian identical twin sister writing and directing duo, Jen and Sylvia Soska, known as the "Twisted Twins", first broke onto the scene with their DIY love letter to Grindhouse filmmaking, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. The film quickly grew into an award winning, critically acclaimed, cult classic sensation, even getting the attention of director Eli Roth (HOSTEL). The Twins followed up their break through indie gem with the accomplished and genre defining AMERICAN MARY that placed horror icon KATHARINE ISABELLE in the title role of Mary Mason, a medical student who gets drawn into the world of body modification and underground surgeries.

This year, the Soska Sisters are bringing new life to SEE NO EVIL 2 where they resurrect the WWE Studios franchise with WWE Superstar Glenn "Kane" Jacobs who is reprising his role as Jacob Goodnight. The film will also mark the first time that Scream Queens Danielle Harris and Katharine Isabelle appear together on screen. The Twins will be part of the all star director line up on ABCs of Death 2 in a segment that will both shock audiences and be destined for cult status. They will also join the most celebrated female voices in horror of all time in the first ever all female horror director anthology, XX, alongside industry legends Mary Harron, Jennifer Chambers Lynch, Jovanka Vuckovic, and Karyn Kusama which will be a defining moment in horror history.


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