Sleepy Hollows Comic is coming from Boom Studios!

Sleepy Hollow comics are coming! Remember the visual teaser that Boom Studios put out last week? The same one above, well it was indeed a tease of the new Sleepy Hollow Comic!

Many of you guessed it was tied to Fox's SLEEPY HOLLOW television show, and you are right! 

Come this October from BOOM! Studios, we will launch a four-issue limited SLEEPY HOLLOW limited series. The writer is Marguerite Bennett (who was recently announced as the writer on Archaia's BUTTERFLY series, and has also written Batman: Joker's Daughter and other comics for DC) and the artist is Jorge Coelho (he drew Max Bemis' critically acclaimed POLARITY last year). Jorge drew the image above, which is the first issue's Retailer Incentive cover. The main cover is illustrated by Phil Noto. See below:

A more formal press release on our SLEEPY HOLLOW comics will follow in mid-September.


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