Teen Wolf S4E1 - "The Dark Moon" Recap

The gang is in Mexico, searching for Derek. Stiles and Lydia get to a rave where they attempt to negotiate Derek's release from a mafia family, the Calaveras. Stiles has $50,000 in cash and when probed, he asks what makes them think they came alone, saying that they have brought an Alpha. Scott is lurking down on the dance floor. Then Kira and Malia dance with each other to create a distraction before unleashing a can of supernatural whoop-ass, with only a slight assist from Scott.

As it turns out, the Calaveras don't have Derek but they do abduct Lydia, wanting her for her Banshee powers. Scott, Stiles, Kira, and Malia are also captive but being held separately. The Calaveras leader wants to know about Scott McCall and what kind of Alpha he is so Lydia is brought in while Scott is chained to a chair. Kira is forced to electrocute Scott, under the threat that if she doesn't, Lydia will be shocked instead. Scott can heal, whereas Lydia can't. Scott tells Kira to do it and that he can take it. The Calaveras leader says that they want Derek too and that Scott knows where he is. Meanwhile, Malia kisses Stiles.

Scott is being electrocuted severely and he eventually has a vision of Kate Argent and then breaks free from his chains, saying "Kate." Malia hears him say this and tells Stiles. Derek is then shown to be buried somewhere while being guarded by Kate. The Calaveras let the teens go and the leader says that when Scott turns an innocent, she will cross the border and come knocking on his door. The group is provided with a guide, Braeden, the mercenary who had rescued Isaac once before. Also, the Calaveras had apparently rescued Kate from her coffin after hearing she had been "killed" by an alpha's claws. They tried to force her to kill herself but she escaped.

Stiles' jeep breaks sown so Scott and Braeden ride ahead on her motorcycle while the others stay behind to work on Stiles' jeep. Kira tells Scott to be careful and hugs him before he leaves. Malia tells Stiles that she doesn't think they hit something, but something hit them, having found a sharp item.

Scott and Braden arrive at some ancient ruins. Kate had apparently set up camp there. Stiles tries to fix the jeep while Lydia holds the flashlight. Malia senses that they're not alone and goes roaring after something. Kira chases after her, sword in hand, and Malia meets up with her with a fresh wound. They run back to the jeep, frightened by something that smells like death.

Meanwhile, Braeden berates Scott for not having kissed Kira before leaving. They're exploring the dark and creepy ruins when they encounter a monster. Scott roars at it so it leaves them alone. They find the seal of an ancient jaguar god which was guarding Derek's tomb. Scott smashes through the seal and a hand reaches out. The now-fixed jeep pulls up to the ruins right as Scott and Braeden emerge with Derek. However, it's not the Tyler-Hoechlin-Derek, but little teenage Derek instead!

Teen Wolf airs on MTV on Mondays at 10PM.


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