True Blood Recap S07E01: Jesus Gonna Be Here

It’s been a love affair from the beginning, and now its all coming to an end. Excuse me while I get some tissues. Ah, the disappointments of season six, the rise (again) of Bill Compton and the quick death of Warlow. There was also up points: Vamp Camp, Sarah Newlin, Eric changing Willa, Jessica’s downward spiral and quest for redemption, along with Lettie Mae’s and the Hep V vampires.

Now. The Hep V vampires tear apart the BBQ. Vampires are working along side of humans trying to get them to safety away from the Hep V vampires. One Hep V vampire gets a good whiff of Sookie, and wonder what she is. Tara saves her mama. Kevin is ripped away by vampires. Sam loses his Baby Mama, and goes all canine after her. Before Sookie can be attacked, a piercing whistle sounds as Bill arrives, and the Hep V vampires are called away. Jason tries to deliver the casualty report, but she can’t stop to listen, as she hears Lettie Mae’s wails, her baby Tara is gone. Oh, tissues. I know I’ve said that I could handle losing everyone, but losing Holly and Tara in the first five minutes, wow. That’s a season opener.

 Andy is called, and Jason relays the news. Holly and Arlene were taken, Tara is dead. Andy tells his daughter Adilyn to stay inside no matter what, as he heads off to the rescue. He delivers the news to Jessica, his outside sentry, and warns his daughter not to invite her in no matter what. Jessica has a breakdown.

Inside Merlotte’s, which has become command central, Sookie overhears all the nasty thoughts of the townspeople, and what they really think of her. Many of the people think that it’s her fault. Sam and Alcide tried to find the missing, but found no one. Willa asks Lettie mae to drink her blood to help her heal faster, even if she doesn’t like vampires. Andy is a little upset that Sam was having his little human/vampire mixer. He sends Jason and Violet to hunt for the Hep V vampire nest. Sookie hears Alcide’s thoughts, if Sookie hadn’t loved the dead, if she had walked away then none of this would have happened, and it’s the last straw, she has to get out of there. Jessica calls in to James, who’s at Merlotte’s. He’s fine, just shaken up over the attack, and he tells her just how bad it is. Jessica tells James that she’s going to protect Adilyn, and James tells her that she has to feed, but she cuts him off.

Vince is shocked over learning that Sam is a dog. Sam and he campaigned against eachother, but Sam tries to reason with him that if outs him, that people will lose their shit. He asks that they keep it between them for now for the sake of the town. Sam tells people that it is not safe at Merlotte’s tonight, and Bill asks that the people take home their vampires, feed them and hunker down. The town clears out, and Alcide tries to call Sookie, but she ignores her man, tossing her phone away. Danger whore is at it again. She stumbles over a body, and keeps going.

Pam is Morocco, looking lovely as ever, no matter how bad tempered she is. She engaged in a little game of Russian roulette against a Jew, who has a long standing streak of good luck. He thinks God is on his side, Pam knows her God is not. The world is ending he tells her, but with death all around her. She tells him that his God and hers can have a circle jerk while she’s having a threesome with the devil for all she cares. He doesn’t make it out of the game alive, and Pam gets her information.

Adilyn tries to read, but can’t. She opens the blinds and watches Jessica, then opens the window. Her sweet smell drifts to Jessica. Adilyn apologizes about her friend, and makes sure that Jessica can’t get inside. She cannot. Adilyn’s heard what Jessica said about wanting to protect her, and she admits that she has nightmares about that night that Jessica killed her sisters. Jessica has had nightmares too. Adilyn wishes she could hate Jessica but she doesn’t. Jessica sheds more tears, and Adilyn asks about Jessica’s boyfriend, and Jessica tells her about James. The girls are chumming it up, when a figure appears in the distance, interested in Adilyn. Jessica drops fangs, and announces that Adilyn is hers.

Alcide finds Sookie at home, and he’s more than a little upset that she walked home all alone. The Hep V vampires are no longer a threat in the distance, they’re up close and at their throats. Sookie knows that, but she couldn’t handle the fact that he’s suppose to love her, and he was judging her and blaming her just as much as everyone else in the town. Everyone is blaming her for what is happening. He loves her, and she knows it, but what he thought didn’t hurt any less. She sends him away, needing to be alone.

Jason and Violet drive over to the nest, he reminisces over Tara, remembering her when they were kids. They make it to the nest, but Vince is already there with a small group of people. They aren’t one to sit around and for the sheriff department to do their jobs. Violet gets all vampy when they cross the line, and Jason sends them  off before Violet makes their heads into candy dishes.

Lafayette brings James to his home, as his appointed vampire. Lafayette tries to get into a calmer state of mind. He  drinks some whiskey and James has some bong rips, and Lafayette admits that he’s relieved that she’s dead. He grieved the first time that Tara died, but not this time. James opens up, tells him that all of his friends are dead, most died during the Vietnam War. He was a draft dodger at the time. When his best friend died he went to pay his family condolescenes and his father beat him and left him for dead. He was changed that night. Pain for those lost is pointless, they’re gone. Lafayette opens up a vein for him.

Jason pulls over on the side of the road, and gives Violet a piece of his mind. He treated him like a little girl, and he’s tired of it. She won’t let him have sex with her, she won’t let him do his job, and she feeds off him. She asks him what he’s going to do about it, and he tells her that he’s going to fuck her, and her him, and she’s going to like it. That’s what she’s been waiting to hear. She rips his clothes off, and they get down to it.

Jessica faces off against the Hep V vampire. He wants a drink of Adilyn, taunts Jessica over her. Jessica warns him off, but he wants a taste. Adilyn thinks that she’s safe, and although he cannot get inside, Jessica knows that she’s not safe. She asks Jessica to drink her blood so that she can always find and protect her, and although hesitant Adilyn does. The vampire is dying and he wants to feed from Adilyn before he does.

Lettie Mae is freaking out, high off Willa’s blood. She thinks that she sees Tara. The Reverend gets Lettie Mae to lie down, and sleep it off. Willa has no where to go now that Tara is dead. She’s been rooming with her, and she can’t go home with all of her stuff there. Eric is gone, everyone is gone. She’s a lost soul. The Reverend gives her a place to stay in the church cellar. It isn’t much, but its light tight.

Pam goes looking for Najat. She hands over money, and the man gives her his daughter. In South Africa the only clean blood is child blood. Although she looks delicious Pam passes, only wishing to get the information. Pam is given a map. She thinks it must be wrong, that he would never go there, but the information is accurate. The map is of Rhone.

Sookie slips off towards bed, where a sleeping Alcide lies. She removes her robe, and crawls into bed naked and cuddles up next to him. She murmurs a soft apology, and Alcide forgives her. They tell each other that they love each other, before the kissing starts.

Andy and Bill head to some abandon warehouses, where kids use to party all of the time. There are signs that vampires had nested there. Andy calls out for Holly as they continue their search. The smell is putrid. He finds a group of people hanging upside down, dead. Vince and his band of idiots arrive, guns drawn. He’s upset over the vampire/human pairings, blaming them for the deaths. Bill takes responsibility for the debacle at the mixer, pointing out that Andy was not at the mixer in protest. Vince is willing to let Andy go, but Andy isn’t willing to. He and Bill have a long history. Vince hands over the gun, and Andy points it at Bill before turning it onto Vince’s followers. Only Lou holds his gun at Andy. Andy tries to reason with him, telling him that killing another person isn’t as easy as he thinks it is, but that he’s done it before, and is willing to do it again. They cannot believe that Andy would let the H vamps do this to the town. Andy isn’t letting them do this to the town, but it’s over for tonight.

At Fangtasia, the vampires are feeding on the humans one by one. They have Arlene, Holly, Nicole and Kevin chained up in Eric’s basement. Arlene frets over the fact that she has kids, Holly tries to calm the group, knowing that Andy will find them, but Kevin is sure that the bumbling Bon Temps sheriff won’t find them in time. Nicole can’t feel the baby. A vampire heads downstairs, and takes Kevin for a snack, and the girls take a cue from Ginger.

Andy takes Bill home. He thanks him for what he did. Andy reminds him that there is nothing he can say or do to make it up to his family. Bill says that he understands. Bill has a flashback of saying goodbye to his family as he heads off to war.

Dawn approaches, and Jessica and the Hep V vampire continue their Mexican standoff. He warns her that she will have to die to protect Adilyn. Adilyn begs Jessica to go to safety, but she will not leave her post. She invites Jessica in, over Jessica’s protests. On the porch she asks her in again, and Jessica rushes to pull her to safety before the Hep V vampire can get her. She pulls Adilyn into her arms the door shutting behind them, fangs out, and releases her. She fought the temptation to feed for now.The sun comes up, and fries the hep V vamp as Jessica goes to find safety.

The Reverend delivers his message of hope with the morning coming. Sookie slips into church, taking a seat behind Lettie Mae. Lettie Mae tells her that it is her fault that her daughter died, that Tara always turned to her, and she lead her down a path of wickedness that got her killed. She tells Sookie that she is not welcomed. All of the hateful thoughts get directed to Sookie as she rises to leave with Alcide at her back. She tells the town that she loves, that at least Lettie Mae is honest in her hate, and says it to her face. They can’t go back to how things were, and some of what is happening is her fault, but she knows the most about vampires, and she wants to make things right.


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