True Blood Recap S07E02: I Found You

Eric goes to a hotel, and someone watches him as he faces the window, unbuttoning his shirt. Eric is surprised that he found him. It’s Jason. Eric tells him that he needed space to think. He’s still thinking. Jason can’t stop thinking, but Eric didn’t need to get away from him. He knew Eric would play the whole lone rider island thing. Eric makes his drink, shaking it. He asks about Violet, as Jason drinks the drink down. He’s crazy about Violet, but he can’t get Eric out of his head. The push, his words. It’s not the first time Eric has heard them. He’s been a sexy beast for a long time, and people desiring him is nothing new. Eric pushes him down onto the chair and walks away, but Jason isn’t taking that. He leaps at the Viking, stripping away his own shirt. He pushes him down onto his stomach, taking control. The pair kiss in one of the steamiest scenes in True Blood history, and just as Eric kisses his way down Jason’s body, and things set to get really interesting, Jason awakens in the church. Now that is how a vampire sex dream should be.

Cue the Intro music! And cold showers for everyone.

Jason tries to shake the dream off. Sookie continues to hear the negative thoughts swirling about her. Andy wonders how to narrow the search, but Sookie does. Sookie stumbled over a dead body that she didn’t recognize. She thinks that if they ID the dead girl they can find out where she came from, and maybe who the H Vamps are. They’re stretched thin, and the Feds are not being much help, so it’s the only plan. The reverend knows what the people will do to survive the evening, but he turns to Sam to see how they can survive the day. Sam isn’t so sure, but he rally’s the people to pitch in, to put Bellfleur’s back together for Arlene when she gets back. As long as they’re inside by sundown they should be safe. Lettie Mae plans to pay Lafayette a visit since he wasn’t at church the night before, and she’s worried that he’s gone to a dark place.

Adilyn wants to go with Andy, but he thinks its too dangerous, so she asks if she can stick with Rocky and Wade, it being their time of need and all. Andy is hesitant, but he lets her go, with the promise she will be inside before nightfall, and she will not let Jessica in.

The HVamps are in a bit of a pickle. The one who killed Kevin got a little out of hand. They thought that their rations would last longer, but his hunger cut it down. They make a new game plan so that the food can last longer, and they can go out and get more. They send the teacher down to retrieve the food. Nicole’s labor progresses. Betty chooses a blonde, and Arlene recognizes the woman as the teacher of her and Holly’s kids, she thinks that she can use that connection in the future. Arlene knows that she has had some bad luck, but that luck is about to change. She has survived too much to die now in a dingy vampire bar, but Holly doesn’t look so assured.

Sookie points out the location of the body. Jason finds that the animals have gotten to the body already, but her wallet is on her. The woman is only from two towns over, from Saint Alice. Sam reached out to that Mayor, but he never got back to him. Andy tries to call the Sheriff, but no luck. It’s road trip time.

Lafayette is none too pleased to find Lettie Mae banging on his door. She’s come to see how he’s holding up, and he’s holding up fine. Lettie Mae puts on a brave front. She lost Tara long ago, but last night she made peace with Tara finally, but then she was taken away. She wants more though. Lafayette wishes she could, but she can’t. Lafayette refuses to channel Tara for her, he won’t do it again. She doesn’t want that, she asks Lafayette for some V. When she was high she could see Tara. Lafayette tells her it was the V, but she doesn’t believe him. She’s an addict through and through, and using the thought of her dead daughter for a chance to get high.

Adilyn and the others clean up Bellefleur’s. Vince cannot believe that they’re sweeping up like Sam Merlotte told them to. He tells them that he saw Sam drove off, leaving them unprotected. Maxine Fortenberry finds a bunch of bodies in the fridge. They aren’t sure if the vampires eat fresh or if frozen will work. Vince tells the people that Sam is a shapeshifter, and the people fall into a mob mentality. Maxine remembers a time when she saw a bear digging in her trash, and when she turned around again it was a naked Sam. Vince convinces them to start making stakes, to protect themselves against the vampires, all vampires. Adilyn overhears Rosie think where some guns are held, and she takes Wade out to safe guard them as the people make their stakes before things get worse.

Betty comes back down, and Jane gets Arlene’s and Holly’s attention. Betty tells them that she cannot show mercy. Arlene points out that she’s going to die anyways. Betty knows that, but even still she wouldn’t know how to save them anyways. Arlene didn’t mean it that way. She and Holly go on about what a great teacher she was, and she admits that she’s so scared. Betty falls into Arlene’s arms and she comforts them. Betty looks at the held women, and tells them that she cannot help them. Arlene pleads about her legacy, begs that she help them get out. Betty vows to figure something out.  Betty takes her male morsel up to feed the animals.

The car ride is silent as they find an empty Saint Alice. Sookie, Sam, Alcide, Jason, and Andy get out of their vehicles. The town is utterly deserted. Buildings are boarded, spray paint is everywhere asking for help from FEMA or anything. Sookie calls out when she finds a giant hole full of bodies. There’s no one left, all are either killed or taken.

Adilyn tells Kenya that she heard Rosie say that she was going to take the guns from the supply room. Kenya is hesitant, but Adilyn makes her case that the mob is coming, and there is only one place left with guns. Kenya springs into action, but it may be too late, as the mob pours in. They think its their right to bear arms, that if they were more would be alive. Kenya knows that more would be dead if they had been. One of the mobees points out the misdeeds of the sheriff department and their wrong doings against Kenya herself, and she plans to hand over the weapons. Kenya goes to handcuff Adilyn, and Adilyn’s microwave fingers shoot on their own accord. Jessica awakens as Adilyn is put into danger. She’s stuck up in the attic. She calls the station but gets no answer. Adilyn and Wade are handcuffed and taken to a cell. Jessica even tries to call Sookie, but Sookie’s phone is somewhere in the woods. There’s all sorts of mayhem at the sheriff office as the mob plays with their new guns.

The group goes to the woman’s house, but finds it empty. They were taken in the middle of a pizza dinner. Jason takes a bite of the pizza, and determines when the family was taken with his pizza forensic skills. The HVamps hit a town and stay until its dried up. They group split up and see what they can find. Andy plans to make an honest woman of Holly when he gets her back. A man is nothing without a family, and he plans to rectify that. The revelation hits Jason. Upstairs Sookie finds a diary, and she’s hesitant to read it, but Alcide encourages her reading. Reading it, it sounds a lot like Sookie’s diary as she reads about a vampire named Henry. Sookie remembers when she asked Bill to take her to Fangtasia for the first time, and tries to make him believe that it wasn’t a date as she runs upstairs puts on pretty red lingerie, and an adorable dress. She gets all mushy thinking of Bill as the girl declares that she is Henry’s. Fast forward, everyone is dead or disappeared when the H Vamps attacked after a wedding. It gets worse as the girl slips into hopelessness.

Lettie Mae burns herself, it’s not too bad, but she plans to make it worse. She burns her palm really good, and goes down to Willa. She has a hard time awakening Willa, and Willa goes on the attack. Willa feels horrible, and Lettie Mae shows her the burned up hand. Willa thinks that she should go to the hospital, but  Lettie Mae isn’t sure that a doctor could help. Lettie Mae was hoping that Willa would heal her with her blood. Willa isn’t sure that’s the best idea since the Reverend specifically ask that she not, but Lettie Mae complains of her pain, and Willa is quick to help by opening her wrist. Lettie Mae falls into her V trip, and she sees Tara in a jungle. Dressed in white Tara is up on a cross with a yellow python wrapped around her. Tara speaks to her in tongues, rapidly repeating her words, pleading, but Lettie Mae can’t understand her as she begs for answers. Willa gets to only experience one side of the V trip.

As Alcide drives Sookie back, he tries to assure her that she isn’t like the girl in the diary, that they won’t have the same fate.  She fell in love hard and fast like any other girl for the first time. It isn’t her fault that there are vampires in Bon temps, or that the HVamps are eating the town. As happy as Sookie is to hear him say that, the fact still remains that the HVamps are eating her town. Alcide tells her that they can run, save themselves, but Sookie won’t go.

Betty asks to be the time monitor. She knows that they’re all waiting for her to die, that she’s the weakest one, and she fears that Ronnie won’t continue to wake her. Ronnie is willing to give up the position, and Betty takes up the timer. 15 minutes are set, as the rest snooze. Down in the basement the girls await their fate. They have 12 minutes to get out. Betty needs to feed before they start the getaway, and Arlene offers herself up. Betty takes blood from Arlene’s femoral artery, but its too late, she succumbs to the Hep V virus.

Andy comes home to an empty house, and Jessica has no choice but to give up her hiding spot. Jessica calls out to him, and Andy assumes that Jessica killed her too. Jessica makes him see that Adilyn is not there, but she is in trouble. She tells in that once the sun sets that she will find her, and she asks if he will be by her side.

Alcide and Sookie make it home. He’s exhausted, but before he can fall into bed she sends him off into the shower. Incased in the running water, and shower’s warmth, Sookie makes a run for it, sneaking out of the house. She passes through the graveyard, and straight to Bill’s. He’s surprised to see her. She asks him if she was scared, if she was in trouble, if he could still sense her. Oh, danger whore what sort of madness are you planning?

Pam cannot believe where she’s found Eric, but she has found him, and he’s refusing blood. He looks at his only child, and her heart breaks. Eric is infected. 

Break my little heart, they are messing up this final season with that little revelation! I believe that's strike two against our wishlist


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