True Blood Season 7 Wishlist

So our wish list for season 6 of True Blood wasn’t exactly answered, we did get some of the things we asked for. You can see how we did here. Still, we’re optimistic for Season 7. It’s a new year, and with this being the final year of True Blood, it’s time to put all of those wishes on the table! So with that being said here are our 10 wishes for Season 7!

Eric. Just quality Eric.
Sue: There are so many wishes for Eric. For a great storyline, to not draw out his recovery, because we all know he’s not dead, and above all a fitting conclusion to this beloved character. Last year we wished for Eric to get his balls back, and he pretty much did. We got some great scenes out of it, but for the most part they were Sookie-less scenes that were the standout moments. This season, I would love to see the Eric we all fell in love with in the beginning, the one that stole every scene he was in, whose beauty was almost overshadowed with his brains and cunning. I want to see Eric back in fighting form, with his progeny by his side. Out of all of the series characters, Eric has been the most shafted. Charlaine Harris, crafted a pretty wonderful story for Eric, though she shafted him in her own way in the end, and Alan Ball took that beautiful journey and smashed it to pieces with his Bill loving way. The Eric storyline needs to be redeemed. I’m not saying give him a happy ending, because he’s the Anti-hero and that rarely means running off with the fairy princess in the end. But don’t make him play second fiddle for all eternity.
Brad: You covered him to a T. We both have the same feelings for Eric.

Jasmine: I completely agree with Brad on this.  You are absolutely spot on about this one. What more can be said.

Jenevia: Eric has undergone more character development than almost any of the other characters and it’s been one of the most fun parts of watching True Blood all these years. I can’t definitively state what I want most from him in regards to the main points of his arc but what I do want is more of the little Eric Northman moments that make him stand out as one of my favourite vampire characters of any franchise. Remember the time that he was fiddling with his wind-tousled hair after flying to Sophie-Ann’s mansion, or some of his most hilarious, classic lines such as “teacup humans” or “Is there blood in my hair?” I want there to be humor and life (if you’ll pardon the pun) back in Eric. We’ve seen him lose loved ones over the series and have his heart broken, but he’s over a thousand years old! He wouldn’t have made it this far if he didn’t have it in him to rise from the ashes and continue strutting his vampire self wherever he pleases.

Jason and Jessica sitting in a tree…
Brad:   I want to see Jessica and Jason to finally have the true happy ending. Since Jessica arrived it has been the two of them off and on. If there are two people that should have the TRUE happy ending it's Jason and Jessica and not Bill and Sookie. Sookie and Eric would be the ideal conclusion to this series. 

Jasmine: Jessica with Jason or James...hmmm. We have seen Jessica “grow” a little bit in each season, especially as a vampire. Our baby vamp is no baby anymore! I would like to see more of what’s next for Jessica now...Is there a future for Jessica and James? Or like Brad mentioned...Jason and Jessica?

Jenevia:  I can’t honestly be bothered to care quite so much about the Jason/Jessica pairing. For me, the best ending for Jessica would be her truly coming into her own as a woman (especially since she was turned as a teenager), being more independent, and self-assured. Jason has always been a bit of a mess, but the humor with which the writers and Ryan have portrayed his story has been great fun. Jason has a great heart, but seeing as how he’s a bit thick, Jessica may very well be better off with herself or simply on her own. My favorite couple on True Blood was Lafayette and Jesus. No one had me squealing, flailing (and eventually sobbing) more than those two. We should all know by now that if there’s a pairing we like, they’re either going to break up or at least one of them is going to die.

Sue: As much as I would love to see Sookie and Eric as the HEA, it’s never gonna happen. Or if it does it’ll be like a last resort option, everyone else is dead so Sookie has to be with the guy she should have been with all along. It definitely won’t be satisfying if we get it. Our last year's wish list can attest to that, be careful what you wish for. As for Jessica and Jason, should they be together yes! Will they, probably not. I know James is semi out of the picture, Luke Grimes left his contract. He's been replaced by Nathan Parsons. Rumor has it Luke thought he’d get more Jessica scenes, and when he found out he wasn't he bailed. So, I’m guessing that means there’s trouble in paradise for James and Jess. Hopefully Jess breaks things off with James, and Jason stakes Violet. I’ve never seen Violet as the character that tamed the manwhore streak in Jason, but rather the one that mindfucked him into submission.

Give Pam and Tara More Screen Time
Jasmine: I would like to see more of Pam and Tara. Granted we saw their maker/progeny relationship progress last season. Just like the Eric/Pam relationship, these two are such strong characters that I would like to see these strong characters have a strong close to this series.

Jenevia: I never would have predicted that Pam and Tara would be a couple but once I saw it, I really enjoyed seeing the combo-dynamic of maker/progeny and lover/lover. True Blood has so many characters on it and it becomes a double-edged sword. There’s so many interesting dynamics ready to be explored but someone’s story always gets sacrificed at the cost of others getting time to shine.

Sue: I'm all for the ladies getting more screen time, especially now that Tara has her fire back, but let’s not toy with coupledom if it's not going to get its fair shake. Sookie's magical vagina is always going to take the main stage, I get that, but I would rather see a more flushed out story than some half baked sex scenes between the two, and that's all I feel they're gonna get. In this final season I don't want to see a complicated relationship between the two. I want to see them go full momma bear mode and protect their love ones. They're never more fierce then when someone threatens their family, so when an army of Hep V infected vampires come to town they had better be pretty bad ass. No more pulling punches, I wanna see Pam assassinate some folks like she did in the books.

Brad: Pam and Tara should have more screen time but I wanna see that fire we thought we were going to see. Like Sue said now that Tara is back. Not so much whiney annoying please some one shoot her but that fierce diva. Pam and Tara have so much potential for more. Two absolutely strong beautiful and full of spunk ladies could seriously make for a power couple. Pam has so much to teach and Tara so much to learn. Just don't make it creepy like woody Allen and Soon-Yi father adopted daughter creepy.

More Lafayette!
Jenevia: Lafayette is my favorite character, hands down. “Aids Burger” is an iconic moment of television. It’s understandable that Lafayette was more somber after the devastating loss of Jesus but I want Lafayette’s sparkle back. His story has been put on the back-burner and I want him back in the spotlight in all his shining glory. With all the talk others have done about the strong mystical powers he has within himself, it’s about time we really see him really come into his own, magically speaking. He’s had time to grieve and now he can even talk with Jesus by using his abilities as a medium so let’s see him back in action and have him go out with a bang! (I can hardly bear to write this, but I have this creeping feeling that Lafayette is going to end up dead/reunited with Jesus. Perhaps I should start stocking up on tissues now.)

Sue: Lafayette, like Jessica, is a deviation from the source material that I love. He used to add sassiness and flare whenever he's sashayed on screen. But he’s also another character that has been missing more than hitting lately for me. But I agree with Lady Jenevia 100%. There is no more dragging this one out, I want to see Lafayette in all his glittery glory. Bring on the Hookah we all know and love, and let’s really see what he can do. I don't want to hear about his powers anymore, I want to see them in action. And, if you must kill him off, which I’m sure we’ll lose more than a few beloved characters, let him go out with a bang rather than a whimper.

Brad: Yes MORE LaLa. I love the development of Lafayette throughout the series. I really hope that he never gets another strong lover. Jesus was and is Lafayette's one and only true love. With his abilities Jesus is not truly gone. He makes love transcend the physical to the ever after. I love how he is coming into the southern big mama who everyone seeks out for advice and his maternal/paternal love for all. He is not conventional and that makes LaLa timeless.

Jasmine: I absolutely agree! Season after season all we got was talk of Lafayette’s abilities. Well...let’s see those abilities in ACTION. Enough with the telling….and, I think it pretty much applies to many of our favorite True Blood characters.

Give the Hep V Vamps Some Real Teeth
Sue: I think one of the biggest let downs last year was Warlow. Not because of anything the gorgeous Rob Kazinsky could have done differently, but rather because his storyline sucked. Warlow was made out to be this super badass hybrid, some practically unstoppable force with super daywalker powers and he turned out to be a lovesick pushover, with psycho tendencies. I’m all for a good psycho, but he lacked bite. One little temper tantrum does make for a good villain. Now for a final season I want a big bad that is a real threat rather than a story we’re gonna take a season to build up and then be resolved in a disappointing 15 seconds. The perfection of Russell Edgington as a villain was that he was unpredictable in his grief. Did anyone expect him to rip the spine out of a newscaster and then ask about the weather? No, and that was delightful. I don’t want to be able to guess the endgame, I want shock and awe.

Brad:  I love me a good crazy pyscho . Russell tops the list of great villains. I want to be shocked out of my chair. This season needs less predictability. I want to be guessing what's next. I don't wanna be all sappy and crying because they killed off the entire cast but I want shock and awe. I want nail biting yelling at the tv because I was not expecting. If you need a good example of holy shit what the hell happen go and watch the red wedding on game of thrones. That was EPIC.

Jasmine:  I would agree with every this last season didn't have that shock value that we have had in the past seasons, so yah, in this final season, give us something that will keep us "at the edge of our seats!" The season ended with the threat of Hep V infected us the feeling that there is something dangerous and ominous is coming. My reason for wanting to see that suspense-filled and gripping factor in this season is that the whole Warlow build up just fizzled out...really!

Jenevia: The best villain moments from True Blood have had tremendous shock value. Whether it was Maryann feeding Eggs and Tara a human heart cooked into a pie, Russell ripping a man's spine out on live television, Eric staking Talbot mid-sex, or Sookie sending Talbot's remains down the garbage disposal while laughing like a maniac, that is more of what I want to see from the show's villains or even the heroes when they've gone off the deep end. Shock value can lose its edge if it's used too frequently, but I'd like a couple more this season to add to the list.

Bring Hoyt home
Brad: I am not asking for a big screen development but bring him home. I want my sweet southern gentleman back. But give him a more grown up edge to his southern good boy charm.

Jasmine: I absolutely agree with Brad! We did see some growth with Hoyt. It would be great to see him come home “all grown up.”

Jenevia: I don't thinking bringing Hoyt back would contribute anything to the show. They would have to rip apart all the closure he had in having his memories wiped of his best friend and ex-girlfriend, and leaving Bon Temps for a fresh start. I'm not necessarily opposed to him having a cameo, perhaps to visit his mother, but there's already so many characters that the show has to juggle that it may be better to simply leave him out.

Sue: I don’t necessary want Hoyt back. Jim Parrack was great, but well, his story was kind of done. He was great with Jessica, until he wasn’t, and really his character is better off being off the canvas. With this being the final season though I’m sure more than a few faces will show up for a final goodbye.

Alcide and the wolf pack
Jasmine: Alright! We have seen Alcide as lone wolf and become packmaster….then , at the end of Season 6, he’s with Sookie (Aye! Her magic vagina is at it again!) So which is it….I thought the whole wolf storyline was somewhat “a mess.”  What’s next for Alcide!?! I don’t think it’s with Sookie for very long...hahaha!!! I certainly did enjoy Alcide’s struggle to figure out “where he belongs.” I also could see that Joe Manganiello’s character has the potential to lead...I would like to see a more definite storyline for Alcide in the close of this series.

Jenevia: There's a lot of segregation within the supernatural community. Werewolves keep away from shifters, fairies stay away from vampires, but I think what would be good to see is Alcide's pack being more incorporated into the main arc. If the werewolves are by themselves the whole time, then it begs the question of why that isn't simply its own show. There was a bit of overlap with Luna's baby-daddy Marcus being a werewolf, but that storyline is mostly dead now (as is Luna) and I'd like for the pack's integration to not stem from who people are sleeping with.

Sue: I think the Wolves have to find a way to integrate themselves more within the storyline, and not just within Sookie’s magic fairy vagina. With everyone having to band together to take on the Hep V vampires the werewolves could be a great asset. Now whether or not they’ll actually be utilized to their full potential is a whole other story. With Bill hot on Sookie’s trail, she and Alcide aren’t likely to last long, but I hope he’s not just tossed aside the second the coast is clear, or worse because Sookie thinks she’s protecting him. And above all I hope that the panther aspect is left completely out, that’s one shifting group that was horribly done, and there’s no time to go back and fix the wrongs.

"I'm so over Sookie and her precious fairy vagina"
Jenevia: Pam summed it up quite nicely with that line. I don't care who Sookie is sleeping with. I could not be any less interested in seeing hot (often naked) supernatural men fighting over her. Don't write a storyline where the conflict is coming from people wanting to sleep with her. All the build-up with the threat of Warlow belly-flopped into a petulant supe wanting a fairy bride. Give me a storyline with the conflict stemming from political scheming, religious zealots, social injustice, etc. Making Sookie's love life the show's focal point is lazy writing and plays into the incessant tendency of male writers making a woman's end game settling down with a man. What is this, the 1950's?

Sue: Yes! I could not agree more. While I was unhappy with the way that the books ended, guess what, they actually had a plot other than the ever present game of just the tip. Sure even in the books, plenty wanted to sleep with Sooks, but there was also plenty of manipulation that had nothing to do with getting off. With the focus taken off of Sookie with it not being strictly from her view point, you would think that her lady parts wouldn’t be the main focus of the series. 

Jasmine: OMG! I could not have said it better myself, Sue and Jenevia! Really! I was already so over...everyone wants Sookie, a few seasons ago! It really annoyed me that the storyline(s) revolved around Sookie and who's sleeping with her. Not all the character's lives revolve around Sookie...C'mon! Give us a storyline that is gripping and thought-provoking beyond Sookie's vagina!

A Happily Ever After That Does Not Include Bill
Sue: We all know this is the last season, and the good thing is with Alan Ball it doesn’t mean Sookie needs to end up with Bill. Rather than staying on the path that Ball envisioned, chose a different ending. Ball had always been adamant that Sookie and Bill were soul mates, and rather than force an ending that no longer fits since as, like Charlaine Harris did with her series ender. All of the characters have evolved over the seasons; let’s have their endings reflect that as well.

Jasmine: True that Alan Ball has made a point to "push" that Sookie and Bill were soul mates, but people always change...and that's what we saw in each season. Every character has grown in one way or another, and has impacted storyline(s) that took off in different directions. It's not just about Sookie and Bill anymore. In this final season, I would like to see an "ever after," be it happy or not, for several characters such as: Lafayette, Eric, Pam, Tara, on and so forth. We need to see some kind of ending for them all.

Jenevia: I don't care one way or another if she ends up with Bill. Just don't eat up so much screen time on that storyline when you could be focusing on more interesting characters, Lafayette in particular.

Let’s Bring It On In
Sue: It’s the home stretch, the final ten episodes before our beloved show is no more. Rather than branching out on some wild tangent, let’s not. I don’t want to be introduced to a bunch of new characters I’m suppose to care about, because that takes away from the ones I already love. Destruction, mayhem, deaths, bring it on. I can handle watching the cast plunged into a dystopian environment, I can handle every single one of them dying, if it’s done right. I cannot handle any of them missing out on screen time because there is a lame character that has to be introduced because he’s über important but turns out utterly disposable because there isn’t enough time to develop or wrap up his story. Bottomline if it has to end, I want to feel satisfaction with the way it did rather than regret.

Jasmine: I absolutely agree Sue! We are coming to the final season, there shouldn't be any new storylines! This should be all about bring a close to all the current characters' storylines. We should see them either die or survive and then see where they go from there. Do not make a cliffhanger ending either. For example, the last season of the short-lived Syfy series Being Human was a FINAL season. They brought the characters storylines to a it happy ever after or not, but, most importantly, the show ended with the characters surviving their plight and revealing where they are after it all. Another great example is Syfy's Battlestar Galactica! I was not disappointed with these endings at all! That's what I can say are great examples of final seasons! Let's see this season with us cheering them on or crying our eyes out.

Jenevia: I agree with everything Sue said; no more new characters that are going to take away from the ones we've already spent years getting attached to and kill whomever so long as it's done right. On top of all that, do not screw up the ending. From Dexter to How I Met Your Mother, it's been one flop-finale to another. It's difficult for me to not have high standards for this show's ending, particularly because of Alan Ball's magnificent work with the Six Feet Under finale. To this day, that's still one of if not my absolute favorite ending to a television program. Since this show has been more action-oriented, I'd love to see it go out with a bang!


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