Turn S1E10 (S1 finale) - "The Battle of Setauket" Recap

Mary is shown to be reading the names of the codes from Abe's book and their corresponding spies. Caleb and Benjamin are preparing to take their hometown by surprise to save those that are set to spent ten years on the prison ship. Abe returns home to his wife and tells her about how Simcoe used an accomplice to shoot his father. She doesn't believe him and adds that if she went to Hewlett and told him the truth that he would be hung for treason. She accuses him of having an affair since he hasn't made love to her in quite some time so he promptly has sex with her.

A boy who spotted Ben Tallmadge and his men gets back to Simcoe and reports on their oncoming approach. Simcoe has the men currently strung up to rafters cut down so Ben can see his father hung up by the neck. Ben and his men come running up and Simcoe grabs the remaining prisoners and brings them into the church to hold hostage.

Mr. Strong arrives and kisses Anna, who is shocked to learn that her husband didn't die on the prison ship as she was led to believe. Ben and Caleb learn about the gravestones being ripped up. Major Hewlett isn't happy with Simcoe hanging prisoners against his orders. They must now prepare for battle and Hewlett scolds Simcoe for securing the prisoners but not the powder.

Mr. Strong is angry to learn that Anna had to sell the tavern. She tells him they were going to take it anyway. The man she sold it to tells him to take it up to Judge Woodhull. Richard joins Major Hewlett, still wounded but determined to learn what's going on. Ben tells Mr. Strong that Hewlett has them in his site and they must take the church back. Abe speaks up and tells Benjamin that the major isn't firing on the people but on him and that he will never take the garrison but merely get everyone killed. Ben tells Mary he remembers Abe being a much quieter man.

Hewlett is waiting for reinforcements and Simcoe wants to proceed regardless. The Continental Army opens fire and some Redcoats are injured. Simcoe proceeds to have the Redcoats use the prisoners to shield the windows of the church. This causes the Continental Army to hold their fire. Abe warns Benjamin that these actions are clearly from Simcoe and that he will kill all the prisoners, while Hewlett will never surrender. Benjamin thinks Abe will be the perfect man to deliver their terms since Richard is also in the church. Abe tells Ben in a barn that there were no hangings until he showed up. Ben apologises to Anna about lying but says that her husband is alive because his brother is dead. The raid is family business. This gives Abe reason to help out.

Abe approaches the church holding up a white flag. He tells Simcoe and Hewlett that there are between 60 and 100 men. The terms are that they will trade the soldiers for the prisoners in the ship and withdraw from the field. Simcoe grabs Caleb's father and brings him outside the church where he shoots him dead. Caleb tries to run up but Ben tackles him to keep him from doing so. Hewlett has Simcoe restrained and gagged, which has been a long time coming.

Richard suggests that releasing the prisoners might end any further violence and Hewlett seems to consider this. Caleb gets free from Ben and runs up towards the church as the prisoners begin to walk out free and holding Caleb's father. Ben asks Abe to express his thanks to Hewlett and Abe quietly tells him his spy name will now be Culper instead of Culpepper. He has decided to carry on being a spy.

Hewlett spots the reinforcements coming on a ship but it's too late now. Ben embraces his father before departing with his men, along with Mr. Strong. Anna is going to leave with him but ends up jumping out of the boat, deciding to stay in Setauket with Abe, who helps her out of the water.

Major Andre and Rogers are discussing Rogers' insubordination during the last prisoner exchange. Andre tells Rogers the people he commanded have been given a new leader and Rogers says they won't obey anyone but him. Rogers ends up laughing, saying, "What goes up must come down" before leaving.

Abe returns home and finds his codebook missing from his hiding place. He gets to the fireplace and finds Mary burning it. He yells at her that he didn't know Tallmadge was coming. Baker walks in, having heard everything. Ben raises his weapon and pleads with him to not come any closer and just let him leave. Baker says he can't be like Abe and commit treason. Abe shoots Baker when he tries to ready his weapon. Mary then creates a cover story about rebels coming through their farm and Baker dying trying to protect them. She then says that they burned their house down and only took pity on them because of their child, reminding Abe that their baby needs his parents. She says she knows to clean up a mess and has Abe grab their son before taking a candle and setting their home on fire.


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