CHEF - Available on Blu-ray & Digital HD on September 30th!

"★★★★"--San Francisco Chronicle


“Irresistible! Deliciously entertaining!” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone 


Universal City, California, July 31, 2014– A disenchanted master chef reclaims his love for cooking and his family during a rollicking road trip through some of America’s most mouthwatering food destinations in Chef, coming to Blu-rayTM Combo Pack, DVD, and Digital HD with UltravioletTM on September 30, 2014, from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Writer, director, actor Jon Favreau (director Iron Man,Elf) stars in this heartwarming comedy with something on the menu for everyone. The Chef Blu-rayTMCombo Pack include uproarious deleted scenes, as well as feature commentary from Favreau and the film’s technical advisor and co-producer, food-truck pioneer Roy Choi.

An online feud with an influential food critic (Oliver Platt) and a creative disagreement with his investor (Dustin Hoffman) convince Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) to hang up his apron at a posh Los Angeles bistro and get his mojo back in Miami’s Cuban-inspired cuisine. When his ex-wife (Sofia Vergara) helps him get a fresh start with a rundown food truck, Carl and his best friend and sous chef Martin (John Leguizamo) head across the country with Carl’s young son Percy on a culinary adventure that helps Carl rediscover what matters in life.

Robert Downey Jr. (IronmanSherlock Holmes), Scarlett Johansson (HerThe Avengers), John Leguizamo (Ice AgeRide Along), Sofia Vergara (“Modern Family,” Machete Kills), Bobby Cannavale (Blue JasmineWin), Oliver Platt (“Fargo,” X-Men: First Class), Amy Sedaris (Strangers with Candy, “Alpha House)” and two- time Oscar-winner Dustin Hoffman (Meet the FockersRain Man, Kramer vs. Kramer) star in a film that Pete Hammond of Movieline praised as: “Highly entertaining!...It’s got it all: laughs, warmth, terrific actors and lots of mouthwatering food. Jon Favreau has cooked up a real winner NOT to be missed!”

The Blu-ray™ Combo Pack includes a Blu-ray™, DVD and DIGITAL HD with UltraViolet™.  
•    Blu-ray™ unleashes the power of your HDTV and is the best way to watch movies at home, featuring 6X the picture resolution of DVD, exclusive extras and theater-quality surround sound. 
•    DVD offers the flexibility and convenience of playing movies in more places, both at home and away. 
•    DIGITAL HD with UltraViolet™ lets fans watch movies anywhere on their favorite devices. Users can instantly stream or download. 

Bonus Features on Blu-ray™ and DVD 
•    Deleted Scenes
•    Feature Commentary by writer and director Jon Favreau, and chef and co-producer Roy Choi 

Street Date: September 30, 2014
Copyright: 2014 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.
Selection Numbers: 61130280
Running Time: 1 hour 55 minutes
Layers: BD-50
Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1
Rating: R for language, including some suggestive references
Technical Info: English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish and French subtitles

Street Date: September 30, 2014
Copyright: 2014 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.
Selection Numbers: 61130279
Running Time: 1 hour 55 minutes
Layers: Dual Layer
Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1
Rating: R for language, including some suggestive references
Technical Info: English Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish and French subtitles

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Vikings Press Room at SDCC

The best press room at San Diego Comic Con has to go to History Channel's Vikings. Sorry everyone else, but they were the liveliest bunch! Video will be available shortly, but for now, you can hear the full audio of the interviews!

Stars Travis Fimmel (Ragnar), Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha), Clive Standen (Rollo) and Alexander Ludwig (Bjorn) joined writer/creator Michael Hirst in the press room to talk about the upcoming season of Vikings!

First up: Travis Fimmel gets a wet greeting from Alexander Ludwig, before he talks about where his character is going and Clive Standen answers the question why he didn't dress as Rollo for Comic Con.

Katheryn Winnick talks Lagertha being a free woman, gushes over Bjorn's historical fame, and throws some Old Norse at us. If you can translate what she says you can win the drinking horn from the Vikings press room, even if you can't there's a chance to win. Details to follow! And Alexander swears he's not a jerk even though he poured an entire bottle of water on Travis.

And Michael Hirst talks Paris, and the whole new exciting season.

VIKINGS, Season 3 is currently in production and is slated to premiere in 2015.

About VIKINGS: VIKINGS, Season 3 is currently in production and is slated to premiere in 2015. Check out the trailer for season 3 below.

VIKINGS tells the extraordinary tales of the lives and epic adventures of these warriors. The drama portrays the world of these Dark Age raiders, traders, explorers – not from an outsider’s view, but, through the eyes of Viking society. VIKINGS centers on Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), a restless young warrior and family man who longs to find and conquer new lands across the sea and claim the spoils as his own.

Travis Fimmel (Warcraft) continues to lead the stellar cast as Ragnar, along with Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha, an Earl and fierce shield maiden; Clive Standen as Rollo, Ragnar’s impulsive brother; Alexander Ludwig as Bjorn, the intelligent and bold warrior son of Ragnar; George Blagden as Athelstan, a young and not-so-innocent monk; Jessalyn Gilsig as Siggy, beautiful wife of the late Earl Haraldson; Linus Roache as Ecbert, King of Wessex, a man of strength, knowledge and undisguised ambition; Gustaf Skarsgard as Floki, a ship builder who designs the new generation of Vikings ships and Alyssa Sutherland as Princess Aslaug, Ragnar’s new wife.

Joining the cast for season three are Lothaire Bluteau (The Tudors) as Emperor Charles of France, a powerful man who views battling the Vikings as spiritual and earthly; Kevin Durand (The Strain) as The Wanderer, a mysterious man who is not what he seems; and Morgane Polanski (The Ghost) as Princess Gisla, the elegant, self-possessed daughter of Emperor Charles and his most trusted advisor and Ben Robson (Dracula: The Dark Prince) as Kalf, Lagertha’s trusted second in command.


EMILY KINNEY Will Perform A Special Concert At WALKER STALKER CON In Atlanta This October

Atlanta, GA –Walker Stalker Con is excited to announce that Emily Kinney will be returning to Atlanta to perform a special concert for her fans at Walker Stalker Con Saturday, October 18th at 9:00pm.

Prior to the concert, a special VIP Meet & Greet will start at 8:30pm that will include: VIP seating Entrance to exclusive Meet & Greet with Emily before the show Signed copy of Emily’s album, Expired Love.

Tickets for the event can be purchased at:

For more information, guest announcements and regular updates about Walker Stalker Con please visit the website


Teen Wolf S4E6 - "Orphaned" Recap

Kate wakes up in the backseat of a car. It's raining outside. She picks up a gun and uses it to turn off the radio. A cassette tape pops out. Seriously? Do Teen Wolf viewers even know what a cassette is? she looks it over and finds the message "Play Me" written on it. She plays it hears a recording of a man talking about werewolves needing to be trained to become Betas and a sacred object: the Triskelion.

We then see a bloody Kate questioning a man on the identity of the Benefactor, with the help of her Berserker minions. He points her in the direction of a group known as "The Orphans," who have apparently also been receiving mix tapes. One of her victims isn't dead and shoots her from behind. She tries to retaliate but something about the bullet forces her to transform and she proceeds to maul him to death.

The police are investigating the death of the student and Papa McCall tells Scott he should have been there to protect him. Parrish escorts Violet out, who after reading his name plate, realises he's one of the people on the list. Sheriff Stilinski has confiscated her weapon, the thermal cut wire. Liam tells Scott that Kira's gone, having left to see Lydia. Scott overhears his father talking to Violet about the weapon and says that she is one of "The Orphans." She is escorted away and then he says they need to find her boyfriend, Garrett.

Derek and Stiles have Brett, the poisoned werewolf, at Deacon's office. They're trying to help but he breaks free, only to be punched out by Peter. Derek is losing his werewolf strength and notices that the cuts on his arms aren't healing. Deacon cuts the werewolf's chest open and the poisonous gas shoots out. He thinks he'll be fine but be out for a while. He whisper-chants, "The Sun, The Moon, The Truth." Derek's cuts finally heal after a delay. Deacon says that the chant is Buddhist. Derek and Peter look at each other and have a flash to a Japanese woman. Peter says, "Satomi."

Scott breaks into Garrett's locker while Liam keeps watch. Scott lies and says he hasn't found anything, even though he has stumbled across a massive stash of cash.

Mama McCall is on the phone about the bills. She's three months behind and needs the power turned back on. Scott hears her from upstairs and with the cash hidden under his bed, it's obvious what he's considering doing.

Liam goes for a run and is hit by Garrett in his car. When Liam's friend Mason catches up, Liam and Garrett are nowhere to be found.

Malia hears a voice calling her name while in class and she leaves to follow it. She finds Derek who says he needs her help. He needs help finding Brett's pack and knows they have a meeting place in the woods. Since she's spent more time in the woods than anyone else, he gives her his jersey and teaches her to track using its scent.

Stiles and Lydia bring Parrish the hit list and show him the fact that he is on it. He's offended at the number "5," thinking it means he's worth five dollars, until Stiles clarifies that it means five million. He's then further confused, since he only makes forty-thousand a year. None of them know why he's on it. They say they need Meredith's help in order to get the last cypher and crack the last third of the list.

Mason tells Scott about Liam. They try asking Coach if he's seen him but he's no help. Scott gets a call from Liam's number and it's Garrett. Garrett says he wants his money and Violet or Liam will never be seen again. Liam wakes up in the bottom of the well because it's another horror-cliche that needed to be checked off the list. Scott meets with Garrett and asks what he expects him to do; Garrett wants his help pulling a heist when Violet is set to be transferred. Garrett reveals he stabbed Liam with the wolfsbane-tipped knife and when the poison spreads to his heart, he'll die. The well is revealed to be somewhere in the middle of the woods.

Derek and Malia arrive to the woods. Derek tells her how the leader of this pack is Satomi, one of the oldest werewolves alive. She is also revealed to be one of the people at the Oak Creek internment camp. She was a bitten werewolf and the one that killed Rhys, Noshiko's love. Malia smells gun powder and Derek finds a shell casing. Derek realises that the pack is hiding.

Scott and Garrett prepare to do the heist and they come up to the car only to find that it's already crashed. Scott is in a panic, worrying about his injured father and Sheriff Stilinski, who warns him, "They're still here." Garrett is approaching with his poisoned weapon drawn when the Berserkers reveal themselves. Garrett is impaled by one and Scott is attacked.

Stiles and Lydia visit Meredith at Radley, with the help of Deputy Parrish, who reminds the Orderly that they let him off with a warning when he was caught driving under the influence. Meredith says that the Benefactor doesn't want her to tell him.

Scott wakes in Deacon's office with a Berserker claw still him in and Argent pulls it out. Deacon tells him that his father and the Sheriff are in the hospital and will be fine. Scott needs to use his nose and the claw to track Kate down, who has Violet, who knows where Liam is, probably.

Malia suggests to Derek that they think like Stiles, a detective, to figure out where the werewolves are hiding. Where would Buddhists hide? An Eastern point, a lookout point. Time to head East!

Liam's trying to climb out of the well. But in perfectly dramatic cinematic form, he falls back down. He punches the wall and remembers a conversation with Scott in which he talked about advice from his father that said that angry kids either hurt themselves or hurt someone else. This spurs him on to try again, with a perfect product-placement shot of his Nike shoes.

Meredith becomes frantic and screams that she doesn't know. It's then that Lydia's ears bleed and Stiles caresses her face, looking horrified that his lady-love is injured.

Chris Argent and Scott have tracked down Kate and her Berzerkers. A fight breaks out. During the commotion, Scott finds Violet already dead. Kate roars to prevent one of her Berzerkers from killing Chris, for some as-of-yet-unknown reason.

Derek and Malia find the pack, dead from poisoning. Malia suggests that they run as fast as they can from Beacon Hills. Derek realises that someone among the bodies isn't dead. It's his BAE, Braden.

Liam's still climbing and we get another Nike-shoe-shot. He roars, eyes flash yellow, and Scott hears it.

Stiles suggests that the cypher follows the trend of dead names but Lydia says they've already tried all the names they can think of. Lydia blames herself for pushing Meredith over the edge and Stiles tells her it isn't her fault. Stiles then suggests that the third key is someone who isn't dead but someone who will be. Lydia closes her eyes, concentrates, begins to type, and the name she writes is "Derek." She enters it and it works. I know this is supposed to be suspenseful but come on. Derek is not going anywhere. The last third of the list reveals Liam's name with a bounty of 3 million.

Liam's just about to fall when Scott catches him and pulls him out of the well. Scott hugs him and tells him he's going to be okay. Lydia calls Parrish to warn him and he tells her that Meredith is dead, having hung herself in her room. Lydia is emotional but Stiles comforts her.

Deacon saves Liam and Scott tells him and Argent that no one else will die. He doesn't care what anyone on the list is; he's going to save all of them. Go on, honey!

Scott still has the money, in a Nike bag because this show isn't going to pay for itself, and Stiles tells him they should count it. They dump the money out and find a "Play Me" cassette. And how exactly are they going to play that? Who has a cassette player lying around?

Peter finds Kate in a sewer. He sasses her in his v-neck, though it's not as low-plunging as his others, and she sasses back. Peter offers to teach her to control herself in exchange for his money back. She says there's no way that's all he wants. He says he wants what he's always wanted: power.

Teen Wolf airs on Mondays on MTV at 10PM.


Constantine Press Room at SDCC

Constantine was a huge attraction at this year's San Diego Comic Con. Everyone is excited for it, and with good reason, it looks amazing. From a cool interactive trailer screening tent in the gaslamp, being apart of WB/DC preview night hosted by Stephen Amell, to signings, and bags galore, Constantine made it's presence felt. Seriously, I have like twenty Constantine bags to giveaway later.

I was one of the lucky few who got a chance to speak with Matt Ryan (Mr. Constantine himself), Charles Halford (Best friend and sometimes driver Chas Chandler), and newly cast the lovely Angélica Celaya (paranormal sensitive Zed).

Constantine is an upcoming American television series to air on NBC, based on the characters appearing in the comic series Hellblazer published by DC Comics under their Vertigo imprint. It is scheduled to premiere on October 24, 2014.

Angelica Celaya  talks Constantine at  San Diego Comic Con 2014. Her character hasn't debuted yet, she replaced Lucy Griffin in the pilot but she is very excited about her character. DC was nice enough to give her tons of reading material so she could really dive into the character

Charles Halford stops by our press table and havoc ensues. He talks his character Chas, the right hand man of Constantine. Being a friend to Constantine isn't an easy task, but Chas manages.

Matt Ryan fills the shoes of Constantine to perfection. He talks the badassery of the character. He didn't have a whole lot to spill, only being three episodes in.


IronE SINGLETON Will Perform His One Man Show, Blindsided By THE WALKING DEAD At WALKER STALKER CON In Atlanta This OCTOBER!

Atlanta, GA –Walker Stalker Con is excited to announce that IronE Singleton will be performing his one man show, Blindsided by the Walking Dead at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta, Friday, October 17th at 8:00pm.

Blindsided by the Walking Dead (for mature audiences only) is a one man show based on a true story that chronicles the life of “The Blind Side” and “The Walking Dead” star, IronE Singleton. “Blindsided by the Walking Dead” shows IronE’s transformation by sharply contrasting the trials and tribulations of his life growing up destitute living in a housing project in Atlanta during the onset of the hip hop explosion and crack epidemic to his rise to fame in the Oscar nominated and biggest box-office grossing sports movie ever, “The Blind Side” and subsequent landing on The Walking Dead, the biggest show in cable television history.

Through drama, comedy, dance, spoken word and rap, “Blindsided by the Walking Dead” takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and peaks with a surprisingly explosive conclusion. The main and only character of this production, IronE, plays a multitude of characters. In addition to playing his alter ego, appropriately named, “Alter E”, he plays, Kid E, Teen E and Scholar E in order to depict his life as a child, a teenager and student athlete at The University of Georgia. Also, IronE transforms himself into a thug, crack addict, a hoochie mama, a drag queen, an Englishman, an Asian, a Hispanic, Richard III from Shakespeare, GOD and his own deceased mother before our very eyes. There is also a tribute to Dr. King and Gandhi. This show offers a perspective on the psyche of a young man growing up in America. Overall, this show explores the human condition and offers a solution to the issues we all encounter as human beings.

Tickets for the event can be purchased at:

For more information, guest announcements and regular updates about Walker Stalker Con please visit the website


Our Leader THE MOCKINGJAY Teaser Trailer Is Here!

The wait is finally over! See the BRAND NEW teaser trailer for the highly-anticipated film: THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY – PART 1.

Be sure to check out the epic OUR LEADER THE MOCKINGJAY TEASER TRAILER below and get ready for the incredible return on November 21.

THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY – PART 1 opens nationwide November 21, 2014!
The worldwide phenomenon of The Hunger Games continues to set the world on fire with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, which finds Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) in District 13 after she literally shatters the games forever. Under the leadership of President Coin (Julianne Moore) and the advice of her trusted friends, Katniss spreads her wings as she fights to save Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) and a nation moved by her courage. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 is directed by Francis Lawrence from a screenplay by Danny Strong and Peter Craig and produced by Nina Jacobson's Color Force in tandem with producer Jon Kilik. The novel on which the film is based is the third in a trilogy written by Suzanne Collins that has over 65 million copies in print in the U.S. alone.
Lionsgate presents, a Color Force / Lionsgate production, a Francis Lawrence film.
Cast (Character): Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen), Josh Hutcherson (Peeta Mellark), Liam Hemsworth (Gale Hawthorne), Woody Harrelson (Haymitch Abernathy), Elizabeth Banks (Effie Trinket), Julianne Moore (President Coin), Philip Seymour Hoffman (Plutarch Heavensbee), Jeffrey Wright (Beetee), Sam Claflin (Finnick Odair), Jena Malone (Johanna Mason), with Stanley Tucci (Caesar Flickerman), and Donald Sutherland (President Snow)    
Directed by: Francis Lawrence           
Screenplay by: Danny Strong and Peter Craig                 
Based upon the novel “Mockingjay” by: Suzanne Collins 
Official Twitter Page:
Official YouTube Page: 
Official Pinterest Page:                
Official Digital First Look:
Official Capitol TV: www.TheCapitol.PN


SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR Comic-Con Red Band Trailer

Dimensions Films brought Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and debuted a smoking hot trailer at this year's San Diego Comic Con! Check it out!

Co-directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller reunite to bring Miller's visually stunning "Sin City" graphic novels back to the screen in "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For." Weaving together two of Miller's classic stories with new tales, the town's most hard boiled citizens cross paths with some of its more notorious inhabitants.

Director: Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez
Release: 8/22/2014
Studio: Dimension Films
Starring: Eva Green, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jessica Alba, Juno Temple, Josh Brolin, Jaime King, Rosario Dawson, Mickey Rourke, Jamie Chung, Lady Gaga, and Christopher Meloni


Grimm Press Room SDCC

The cast of Grimm sat down with a few reporters following their season four panel during San Diego Comic Con. The videos will be uploaded and posted below once they're available.

Grimm is known for some crazy cliff hangers, and season three was no exception. After three seasons of Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) coming to grips and getting comfortable with being a Grimm, he has his powers taken away from him by a vengeful Hexenbeast. And while I'd be willing to cut her a little slack, since she only did it to get her baby back, Nick's girlfriend Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) isn't likely to be as forgiving.

But first we got a chance to talk to the beautiful Bree Turner (Rosalee) who was as surprised as the rest of us that Rosalee and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) actually made it down the aisle.

Sasha Roiz hams it up, and no he didn't choose his half naked button, but he does wear David's. He does talk about the bad way we left Renard, and how things aren't looking much better when the series comes back.

Reggie Lee really enjoyed the asuwang storyline, since it came from his heritage, scaring the crap out of him, and a lot about his side projects.

Silas Weir Mitchell talks about the greatness of the show, though a supernatural show is really grounded in reality, and how he really doesn't want a baby on the show, which is utterly hilarious. He also breaks down for us again the outcomes of Wesen breeding.

Russell Hornsby wears our Grimm hat while he answers questions. Hank isn't really experiencing more in the Wesen department, but going to offer some moral support for the now Grimmless Nick.

Grimm EPs David Greenwalt, Jim Kouf, Norberto Barbar were tough shells to crack. They sprinkled plenty of breadcrumbs, but of course no big bombs. They do give a small preview of Season 4, where our characters are when the season picks back up, and a little of whats to come.

Poor David Giuntoli gets asked a lot of questions of motivations that he really can't answer. He doesn't write the script afterall, but he does reveal his favorite Wesen, and what he'd sneak around Comic Con as if given the chance.

Bitsie Tulloch talks hair and relationship status after the whole Adalind (Claire Coffee) debacle.


The Strain Recap S01E03 Gone Smooth

Voldemort looks himself over in the mirror and he’s not unhappy with what he sees, but he’s about to make some changes. A few prosthetics here, some make up there, and well, Thomas looks more like himself. Soon the time for this little charade will be over, and victory will be his.

Ephraim and Nora head to the director. He knows that the bodies are gone, but not where the bodies have gone. Everett is almost too happy to wash his hands of the whole problem, even though all involved know that the group on the plane did not die of carbon monoxide poisoning, and Everett reminds them that they no longer have any authority in the matter having been relieved of duty. Everett tells Jim that the press gets nothing, that they get no news from them. It is no longer about disease control but about damage control.

Jim worries over just what he has done. He places a call over to StoneHeart to chat.

Flatbush, Brooklyn. One of the survivors are awoken by his dog. He stumbles out of bed. His eyes are bloodshot, and his front teeth are bleeding. The press sit outside of the house. His wife sends the children away from the windows. The phone is off the hook because of all the ringing. She worries what if he has to go back to the hospital, that he’ll need to be quarantined. He assures her that he’ll be fine. She knew he should not have gone on the trip, and Ann Marie keeps going on and on. She mentions that one of the dogs came back hurt, and the noise in Ansel’s head gets louder. She sends him back up to bed.

At the Health Department, the secretary watches the airplane coverage. Fet notices that there is a week’s worth of rat calls that have all come in today. His boss warns him to go to the mayor’s office first and to be on his best behavior.

Redfern’s diagnosis continues. There’s all sort of theories on what it is, but Eph tells them that it’s a nasty blood worm. A protocol for treatment is being formulated. Redfern wonders if he’s going to die. Eph thinks they can find the cure, he promises to make him better. Nora tells him that he can’t make promises like that, but he has nothing but hope to offer the man. His custody hearing starts soon, so its up to Nora to follow up with the other survivors. Nora suggests that she also speak with Abraham, since he seemed to know about the situation.

Jim is at the StoneHeart Group meeting with Thomas, he’s come to meet with Craig, but Craig is not available. Jim isn’t familiar with Thomas. Thomas figures that he’s there about the airplane box, but Jim feigns no knowledge at first of what Thomas is speaking of. He was asked to allow a piece of medical cargo through and Thomas has the rest of the funds for his favor. Jim doesn’t take the money, instead he asks what was in the box, and where the corpses have gone. Thomas doesn’t answer, and Jim thinks that he should go to the authorities when Thomas mentions Jim’s sick wife. She has cancer, and she was denied into a special program. The StoneHeart has a long reach, and they can help her get into the trial. Jim accepts the money, telling him that he’s only doing this to pay for her treatment. Thomas makes it clear that Jim is now is bitch, and he’ll bark when he’s asked to.

Abraham’s hearing begins. The judge asks what he was doing at the airport, and he claims he saw something on television, and he’s unsure why he went, he’s old. The judge asks about next of kin, which he has none. The charge of trespassing is of little worry, but the judge is concerned about the giant sword in his cane. Abraham promises to have the hardware removed, and the judge allows him to go. Nora stops Abraham outside, asking how much of the doddering old man was an act. She knows that he’s upset, but not about what she thinks. He’s mad because the bodies are missing, but he knows where the bodies are going. She asks if the military is covering it up. It’s nothing so simple as that. Being good isn’t enough, and he warns that they need to find and destroy all of the bodies and everyone that has come into contact with them. Nora hesitates. She’s useless to him, she isn’t ready.

Queens Family Court. The judge faces Zachary, and asks him what he thinks will be the best solution for him. He knows his parents want what’s best for him. He says that he thinks his dad should get 1-2 weekends a month, because he knows that his dad has a super important job, and he wouldn’t want him to worry about missing dates. This is not what Ephraim wants, he wanted joint custody. Kelly says nothing. Zach says that he wants what is best for his dad, that’s all. Eph is clearly upset over the order. After Kelly goes to him to see if he’s okay. Zach still doesn’t know that he’s the most important thing to him. Kelly tells him that saying it isn’t the same as proving it. She tells him that he can see his son whenever he wants, with a little notice. He thinks she’s gloating, but she points out that their son just had to choose between them, and he chose what was best for Eph, not for himself.

Gabriel watches his band rehearse, but he doesn’t feel up to participating. Between the plane, and biting the girl, Gabriel is hotter than ever, Ruby tells him, but he still can’t bring himself to sing.

Ephraim pays Mr. Arnell a visit. The door is open, and he walks in, but the house is quiet. Ephraim sees a “pilot” pin on the counter as he continues to look for Mr. Arnell. Eph heads upstairs and see a pink tinged bathtub of water, and a clump of hair, but no signs of Emma or her father. He gets a call from Norm, asking if any of the personal affects have been released to the next of kin yet. He says something that sends Ephraim running, and Eph never sees Emma in the shadows.

Health Inspector Fet is at the mayor’s apartment. A rat bit his daughter in the face, and he wants it caught and taken care of. Fet starts his rat hunt. There’s some cursing, and he comes out with a bag containing a rat. Fet tells him that rats also like the cigars when he notices the mayor smoking a Cuban. After a little lecture of cigars, and the neighborhood Fet is off, but outside he spots a rat. He follows it and notices rats pouring out of the sewer, they look like they’re getting out of dodge.

Jim returns home to his wife. Sylvia tells him that Stanford called, and she has been admitted to the trial, she’s one of the lucky 100. She hugs him, and he realizes the deal with the devil was really made.

Ansel’s german shepherd barks at him. The buzzing in his ears gets louder. He goes into the fridge and spots a raw steak. He drinks the blood straight out of the bottom of the pan. His wife spies his odd behavior.

Gabriel’s personal doctor prescribes him a whole medley of drugs for his performance issues. He asks if he has any issues beside the voice in his head, and there is one. The doctor turns almost green looking at Gabriel’s crotch, which “doesn’t look good.” A doctor should never look in that region and make that statement, and he suggests that someone drive him to a hospital, but Gabriel isn’t really interested in being a youtube sensation for that. The doc suggests a urologist.

Abraham gets the airline manifest from a hacker. She asks why he wants the list, and he claims its so that he can pay respect to their families, aka hack them to bits with his giants sword. She takes her prize and runs out, appeased with the answer.

Redfern’s prognosis remains bleak. He’s rapidly declining at an unprecedented rate. Redfern says he’s here. Nora scans him with a UV light, and the worms are swirling under his skin, but they aren’t sure what happening.

Zach watches news footage on his ipad when he hears a noise downstairs. He heads down, thinking that its his mother. He finds Kelly looking at old family photos and crying. He sits outside with her.

Regis Air Corp headquarters. Thomas pays the president a visit, asks if he would like to write a note of any regrets, sorrows. He holds a gun on him, but only so that he can put it in his hand and pull the trigger to make it look like the man committed suicide.

Gabriel comes out all painted up. He pulls out a contact, and his eye beneath is beyond bloodshot. He removes his wig, and he’s practically bald beneath, with more patches of hair coming out in his hands. Gabriel is a mess, and no longer a hot one. He removes his war paint. Scratching, he goes to take a leak, and his dick falls off. I’ve heard of bad days, but that pretty much takes the cake. He looks like a poor ken doll.

Jim finally shows up. Eph and Nora cannot find any of the other three survivors, and Redfern is going into sugery. Jim tells them that his wife has been accepted into the trial program. Finally some good news. A nurse rushes in, Redfern is gone. He was left alone for but seconds and now he’s vanished. The three split up to find Redfern. Jim spots him in the kitchen in the basement. He’s going to town on some blood bags when he sees Jim. He attacks Jim and Nora arrives. Redfern goes after her, throwing her. Ephraim arrives on scene. Redfern attack him with his throat tentacle. Eph manages to beat him back, kills him with a fire extinguisher. That’s one way to put your anger issues to good use.


Day 4 SDCC 2014: The Strain, Chuck Palahniuk, Supernatural, and The Following

The saddest day of San Diego Comic Con has arrived. It's closing day, time to get any last minute purchases, that shirt you've been eyeing all weekend, see that special guest that you keep putting off, or grabbing that graphic novel that you saved just enough room in your suitcase for.

Before checking out of our hotel room, it was the final morning to stand in line for signings. There was no camping out the night prior, even this girl needs an occasional sleep in an actual bed. First up, as normal was the WB line with its animation heavy lineup. Teen Titans Go!, Supernatural, Scooby Doo! Frankencreepy, The Following and Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon.

Next we headed over to FOX. Now FOX had run into some issues with their Saturday signings. The cast of American Horror Story arrived late, or ended early. I'm not sure, but I do know that a lot of people missed out on their signing even though they had tickets, so FOX made it up to them by offering the signing of their choice from Sunday's offerings. FOX only had three: Sons of Anarchy, The Following, and The Strain. Nearly every person chose Sons of Anarchy, even though Charlie Hunnam was not going to be present.

The last signing that had to be obtained was Chuck Palahniuk, since I failed miserably the day before. I arrived at the Dark Horse booth first, but that didn't give me a better shot at the raffle. It took about six tries to get a winning bead, and ticket into the signing.

Signings obtained I did head back to the hotel to pack up, ship off some goods, and check out of the hotel. Supernatural was the first signing on my agenda. The boys are my favorite Sunday stop. I'm really not sure what I'll do when Supernatural ends. Misha was well, Misha crazy and hilarious. Jared teased, and Jensen drew on his poster crotch when I noticed where he was intent on signing. Mark Sheppard and EP Jeremy Carver were also in attendance.

The show is getting ready to start its tenth season, and I cannot think of another show that I am more happy that has hit that milestone. These guys are as great off screen as they are on, and they're so good with their fans. They're always a joy to chat with. Jeremy is seriously brilliant, and the writer of some of my favorite episodes, I cannot wait to see the new season of Supernatural.

The cast of the Strain was up next. I haven't read the novels, but I adored the Graphic Novels from Dark Horse. The story translated to the television medium beautifully and I've really been enjoying recapping the episodes. Not only did The Strain bring Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan, EP Carlton Ruse, but the entire cast: Corey Stoll, David Bradley, Mia Maestro, Sean Astin, Kevin Durand, Jonathan Hyde, Richard Sammel, Miguel Gomez, Ben Hyland, and Jack Kesey. I was so excited I forgot to take pictures during the signing and had to face the masses to try to capture a few shots.

Straight from the Strain, Dark Horse was the next stop. Giant blown up banana in hand I was ready for Chuck Palahniuk. He spotted me before his publicist and came over for a quick hug and hello. His publicist came and collected my banana and books as only the poster offered at Dark Horse could be signed during the actual signing. And did I mention Fight Club 2? That's the poster that both Chuck and Cameron Stewart who will be the artist of the new graphic novel. Lots of goodies coming out of Dark Horse.

I closed out my con with the lovely people at FOX and the Following. It's honestly not a show I watch (The lovely Jenevia does the recaps), but the cast boasts some amazing talent. The Following brought Kevin Bacon, Shawn Ashmore, Sam Underwood, and Jessica Stroup, along with creator/executive producer Kevin Williamson and Eps Marcos Siega and Jennifer Johnson. Kevin Bacon is a legend, and yet he's so humble. I adore both Ashmores, and Shawn is just delightful. With the Following signing done, so ended my 2014 Comic Con. It's been fun, but I could use some sleep.


Masters of Sex S2E3 - "Fight" Recap

Bill delivers a baby with adrenogenital hyperplasia. It's a boy but the genitalia are rather ambiguous. The father is downright belligerent, saying that his son will never be a man with such a small package, and wants his son's package to be cut off. Bill coldly tells him to read up, get educated, and his son will be saved from his father's poor judgement. He refused to perform the surgery, as it's not his area of expertise, but promises to get in touch with some specialists.

Bill and Virginia are having one of their hotel trysts while the 1958 boxing match between Archie Moore and Yvon Durelle is playing. Bill kicked the night off with some angry sex to work out his frustration over what happened at work. Bill continues to explain rules of boxing to Virginia throughout the night. Bill learned how to box in boarding school because he wanted to be able to hold his own. They also discuss the cover story developed to explain these meetings they have in the hotel as Dr. and Mrs. Holden. She visits her sick mother in Louisville and he is a radiologist practicing in Kansas and this is where they meet in the middle. Virginia prefers to make it more exciting, saying her mother is in prison and he is a radiologist developing spy techniques.

Meanwhile, the baby is being scanned and examined by doctors. It seems evident that the "corrective" procedure will be performed and Bill is not there to try to stop it.

Bill and Virginia decide to play-fight so he can teach her some moves. She takes it seriously and goes to hit him and ends up getting her bracelet stuck in his hair. She has to saw it out with a steak knife and she sends for some clippers so she can fix his hair. He shares a story about how his father acted like a doting father but dropped his son off at boarding school at age 14 and told him to take care of himself and not come back. Bill wants Virginia to beg him to make her feel good but she says she can make herself feel good, proceeding to touch herself.

Bill and Virginia leave the hotel both lying to themselves and each other that what they're doing is purely for science. He calls in to check on the baby and learns that it's about to have the operation. He rushes to the hospital and pleads with the father to think of the consequences of forcibly assigning gender to a child but he's too late; the surgery is finished and a "success." The father coldly utters, "Better a tomboy than a sissy."

Finally, we see Virginia preparing to exit the hotel but deciding to go into the bar and watch the fight finish.

Masters of Sex airs on Sundays on Showtime at 10PM.


Halt and Catch Fire S1E9 - "Up Helly Aa" Recap

The group arrives in Vegas to check in for Comdek and finds that their room was released because their corporate account has been frozen due to the pending criminal investigation. They're able to buy a suite off a pair of brothers with a weak presentation on their printer. Cameron ends up putting together a striking display with chains and spray paint that attracts a large number of guests up to the suite. Gordon's having trouble getting the machine to work but Joe is able to manipulate the guests into wanting to party their faces off under the condition and come to the booth the following day to see their demo then. Gordon and Donna are able to get the machine working.

The following day, Donna's former boss is shown to be selling a product called the "slingshot" that is virtually identical to the group's machine. She attacks him but Joe quickly ushers her away. Once back in the room, Gordon confronts her and she admits to kissing him but nothing more. She points out that they have been having problems in their relationship.

Joe meets with Donna's former boss, who is willing to sell the machine back to them. Joe's not keen on the idea but it looks as if he won't have much of a choice. He heads back up to the room with Cameron and finds a drunk Gordon has removed Cameron's operating system to make it faster. Cameron pleads with Joe to tell Gordon to undo it but Joe sides with him, saying it's what's right for the machine. Joe follows her out and tells her he wants her there with him when the machine has its demo but she refuses, since he won't put the operating system back in.

The demo is underway and Joe focuses on speed as a selling point, utilising all his skills as a smooth-talking salesman. Later that night, Joe comes across a demo for MacIntosh. The machine speaks. And Joe may have to eat his words sooner than he thought.

Halt and Catch Fire airs on Sundays on AMC at 10PM.


Marvel TV SDCC 2014 Press Room Interviews

After a successful first season, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. paid a visit to San Diego Comic Con to promote its second season. This time, the show was partnered its promotional tour with the upcoming series, Marvel's Agent Carter.

We here at Museled, have watched closely during Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.s' first season and will be doing the same for Agent Carter, but what did these series' stars, writers and producers have to say about these beloved series?

Agent Carter show-runners Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas shared some plans for this highly anticipated series and teased the possibility of the appearance of the beloved Howling Commandos.

Legendary Marvel writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (seriously people, these two wrote the screenplay for Captain America: The Winter Soldier) have been brought on board to write for Agent Carter and shared their thoughts on why they're happy for the shorter, 8-episode season, and their thoughts on writing for the Marvel Cinematic Universe's first major female-led project.

Agent Carter producer Louis D'Esposito and the woman of the hour herself, Hayley Attwell, sat down to share their thoughts on the upcoming series and Hayley gives her reaction to the large amount of Peggy cosplayers that turned up in full force to the shows' panel just to see her and ask her questions.

Look out, everyone, it's the Cavalry! (But don't call her that!) Ming-Na Wen has quickly risen in the ranks to become a stand-out fan-favourite. But what does she have to say about Melinda May's journey and what's to come for her in season 2?

Clark Gregg is arguably just as large a fangirl as the passionate fans following the show every week. So how does he feel about the show's success, the continued journey of Coulson, and his on-screen relationship with Melinda May?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. show-runners Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon have certainly had a busy year manning the ship of the MCU's first foray into television. Maurissa shared the experience of being able to work on a show with two strong WOC leads, while together, they tease what's in store for our favourite team of six in season 2.

Brett Dalton proved that you just never know who's going to be a double-agent for Hydra. But what does he think of the duplicitous Grant Ward? Brett shares this and gives a bit of insight into Grant and Fitz's fractured bromance.

Producers Jeph Loeb and Jeffrey Bell were also ready to share some teasers for the second season and how this is just the beginning of Marvel's television presence.

Stay tuned throughout the year for our coverage of all things Marvel television! It's simply too good to miss!


SDCC 2014 Day 3: Arrow, Divergent, Salem and my Chuck Palahniuk fail

Day Three of Comic Con started off much the same way as day two had, which meant camping and early morning signing ticket pulls. WB had an even larger slate for the day, which meant a harder decision to be made, although it did present a bigger opportunity to hit the line twice for some. WB brought: Mad Max Fury Road, Arrow, The Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies, Constantine, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Gotham, Person of Interest, The Flash. On any other year, True Blood would have been at the top of my list, but not this one. Maybe its because its all coming to an end and I'm a little saddened by it, or maybe because the show wasn't bringing either of their towering hunks. Either way it wasn't on the agenda.

Fox brought also brought many shows, most of which I watch, and the decision there was equally difficult. Fox brought American Horror Story, The Simpsons, Sleepy Hollow, Family Guy, Gotham, Bones and Salem. It would be a first for both American Horror Story and Salem.

Also on the list of things to obtain for the morning was a signing bracelet from Lionsgate for Divergent. After all signing tickets and wristbands were obtained it was time to start the madness. First up was Arrow. I have a serious love for the show, and even more so for the cast. If you're not following Stephen Amell on facebook, you're seriously missing out. Besides the fantastic Amell, David Ramsey, Willa Holland, Colton Haynes, John Barrowman, Paul Blackthorne, Greg Berlanti (Executive Producer), Mark Guggenheim (writer/producer) were all in attendance. Willa Holland mentioned hitting the gym, but the salmon ladder is still desperately out of reach. Although David Ramsey got to don the Arrow suit once, he's not getting his own set of tights any time soon. Colton is, and he was feeling a little nostalgic hearing about the camp out for Teen Wolf. Stephen promised more action, and shirtless fun. So this season of Arrow sounds like it may be better than ever.

Fight Club writer Chuck Palahniuk had a signing after. Chuck Palahniuk has a serious following, the man is brilliant afterall, but the signing not so much. Chuck personally went along the line and handed up inflatable bananas and told everyone that they had to blow them up before they reached the front of the line. Although the line stretched pretty far across the convention floor few people actually recognized the author. In fact a few girls behind us had no clue who the author was as he handed out his new book and swag. After standing in line for an hour waiting for the signing to start, it was cut short, and I never made it to the front. Dizzy after blowing up six bananas (no one around us could blow them up, so I blew them all up) Chuck's publicist promised to have everything signed if I made it to the Dark Horse signing the following day.

On to Salem. Surprisingly, this wasn't a signing that was highly coveted. Perhaps it was because the show played on WGN America, and as my cameraman Brad says, no one has that channel. The show was outstanding and dark. The opening credit song by Marilyn Manson still gives me chills, and the cast is pretty outstanding. Shane West, Janet Montgomery, Seth Gabel, Ashley Madekwe, Iddo Goldberg and Elise Eberle along with Executive Producers Brannon Braga, Adam Simon and Josh Barry were in attendance. Although I was overly excited to see the entire cast, my must see was certainly Seth Gabel. Cotton Mather utterly stole my heart with his bible spouting fornicating introduction to his drunken watering of his friend. Of course, Seth blushed before the conversation was over.

From there is was a quick jaunt to the Constantine press room. I'll post the video from that room in a separate post. As if I wasn't in total anticipation for the series before, the cast thoroughly impressed. Not only were they provided with the actual comic series to read up on their characters, they actually did and seem to really get them. As a lover of the Hellblazer series, its really exciting to see their level of enthusiasm.

The last signing of Day Three was the Divergent signing. Leads Shailene Woodley and Theo James were the only ones on hand, but the fans of the film still came out in droves. The pair each signed their own thick full sized black and white tattoo poster. When the first few people came out of the signing I mistakenly thought the cast was signing blank pieces of paper, and only when I got closer did I see what they were actually signing. I hate the idea of separate posters for the same movie, and Shailene agreed it was a waste of paper, so she and Theo chose a single poster and both signed it.

The last thing on my Day three agenda was the one that I was the most excited for Grimm. The press room was a lot of fun, the cast as gracious as they were gorgeous, and all the videos will be up in another post.


Legendary Showcases Future Film Line-Up Including Unveiling Expansion Of The GODZILLA UNIVERSE And The Company’s Take On SKULL ISLAND

San Diego, CA - July 26, 2014 - Comic-Con: Legendary Entertainment presented in Hall H today its future film line-up with some added surprises, franchise announcements and special guests.

In addition to GODZILLA director Gareth Edwards' video thank you message to the fans at Comic-Con, where the re-imagination of GODZILLA was first introduced in 2012, Legendary CEO Thomas Tull presented what is to come for the iconic monster and the cinematic universe that Legendary is creating.  Joining Godzilla in future franchise installments will be several other classic monsters from Toho Co., Limited, including three of the most popular monsters from the Godzilla universe: Rodan, Mothra, and the formidable King Ghidorah.  During the panel it was also announced that filmmaker Edwards will direct the sequel to GODZILLA after he finishes his installment in the expanded STAR WARS franchise.

Today in Hall H, Legendary also revealed it will be making a feature film based on the famed Skull Island, the cinematic origins of another classic beast, King Kong.  Previous works have touched on the island, but staying and exploring this mysterious and dangerous place offers Legendary the opportunity to take audiences deeper inside this rich world with a style and scope that parallels other Legendary productions. The film will be released on November 4, 2016.

Rounding out the appearances for Legendary in Hall H today iconic filmmaker Michael Mann made his first trip to Comic-Con showcasing his latest thriller BLACKHAT.  In addition to screening footage, Mann brought to the stage his lead actor, the mighty Chris Hemsworth.  BLACKHAT will be released on January 16, 2015.  Comic-Con favorite, the multi-hyphenate Guillermo del Toro, brought a sneak peek of his upcoming gothic horror film, CRIMSON PEAK, in theaters October 16, 2015; and director Duncan Jones took the stage to showcase footage from the recently wrapped production of WARCRAFT based upon one of the most popular video games of all time.  Jones showed footage as a follow-up to the mood-setting piece introduced at last year's convention.  WARCRAFT will be released on March 11, 2016.

Legendary also gave fans a look at an extended trailer for its upcoming horror film AS ABOVE/SO BELOW, which arrives in North American theaters on August 29, 2014 via Universal Pictures, Legendary's distribution partner across its film slate.  Future GODZILLA installments will, however, be distributed by Warner Bros., Legendary's partner on the first film in that revitalized franchise.

About Legendary Entertainment

Legendary Entertainment is a leading media company with film (Legendary Pictures), television and digital (Legendary Television and Digital Media) and comics (Legendary Comics) divisions dedicated to owning, producing and delivering content to mainstream audiences with a targeted focus on the powerful fandom demographic. Through complete or joint ownership, Legendary has built a library of marquee media properties and has established itself as a trusted brand which consistently delivers high-quality, commercial entertainment including some of the world's most popular intellectual property. In aggregate, Legendary Pictures-associated productions have realized grosses of more than $9 billion worldwide at the box office. To learn more visit:


SDCC 2014 Day 2: The Book of Life Press Room and Signings: Game of Thrones, Outlander, Penny Dreadful Pt. 2, and Teen Wolf

Day Two of Comic Con opened with high energy, even though there was little sleep to be had. To get all of the signings on the agenda, meant camping out. A lot of people camp out, for many different reasons. Some to get into Hall H, some for Ballroom 20, some just to get onto the floor for the exclusive and things to be had there, and there are some who camp out for signings. Day 2 of Comic Con promised Game of Thrones and Teen Wolf as luck of the draw raffles, a chance for the second half of the Penny Dreadful signing and so much more.

WB usually is the first to open up their signing raffle. Gone are the days of camping around the WB booth for the signing lines to open, which I am completely grateful about, but the luck of the draw raffles still aren't a favorite, especially not if I'm camping out overnight. For the more in demand things, it means choosing between favorites, because you'll only have one shot. Can you get in line a second time, sure. But will your favorite thing still have wristbands left, that isn't so likely. Friday the WB offered iZombie, The Originals, The 100, Game of Thrones, Mike Tyson Mysteries, Batman: Assault on Arkham, and Banshee. If you think the choice is tough, just wait until you see Saturday's line up.

Fox also does their ticket pulls in the morning, but an hour or so later, so there is plenty of time to get from the WB line over to Fox. Fox is also nicer, as if you don't win, there's a chance to draw for a lesser in demand property, so a really good chance that you'll get atleast one signing. Also with a slightly shorter line, there is a chance that you can jump back in line for another chance at a signing or a second one, which ever the case may be. Friday, Fox offered the following signings: Archer, Bob's Burgers, Bones, Brickleberry, Teen Wolf and Wayward Pines.

Rather than waiting for the email of fate, I headed directly to the Entertainment Earth Booth to see if I would be one of the lucky few to meet with the delectable Harry Treadaway (Dr. Frankenstein) and series creator, writer and executive producer John Logan. They ran the same process of handing out stickers, but were much more organized. The entire Museled staff got into the signing, but one member was stuck in Hall H and missed it. Harry was a little overwhelmed with Comic Con. He was warned of the masses, but wasn't quite ready for the actual thing. John Logan had plenty to tease, but other than basically promising to knock our socks off with the new season by going further, darker and bigger than last season he didn't give much.

Between signings, there was much to see on the floor. The guys and gals over at AMC's Walking Dead booth are pretty good. As hard as we tried to get the walkers to break character we couldn't this year, but it was plenty fun trying.

Teen Wolf was up next. I'm not sure that there is a more fun or energetic cast signing. Most of the cast was present, all except Dylan O'Brien to the chagrin of many. Tyler Hoechlin was as charming and flirty as ever, and he and Holland Roden were equally impressed that not only had I camped out, but that I looked awake and put together. Can I just say how beautiful Holland is? Well, I just did and she's absolutely flawless. And Tyler Posey. What can we say about the charismatic and silly Tyler, other than the guy cannot make a normal face if he knows your taking pictures.

MTV was also doing some individual and couple signings for the Teen Wolf cast on both Friday and Saturday, but the Fox signing was the only way to get most of the cast. With the morning signings out of the way, it was time to head into some press rooms.

The Maze Runner has been at the top of my every list since it was announced. Not only is it a really good book, but the casting seems pretty close to perfect. The talent levels are through the roof, so unless the screenwriters totally botch the story, the movie is going to be pretty brilliant. I'll post the video from the Maze Runner in a later post.

Another property brought by 20th Century Fox was The Book of Life. This is the Guillermo Del Toro animated piece. If you've never heard Guillermo talk about anything, he's a very passionate person, and his level of passion just about goes through the roof as he talks about Mexican Cinema. Writer/director Jorge Gutierrez was charming, Christina Applegate spoke of her joys of voice work since she doesn't have to bath or get prettied up, and Channing Tatum didn't have much to say, which no one really minded because he's Channing. Ron Perlman laid down some pretty hilarious sound bites as he asked Christina Applegate if she said Vaginal (she said Magical) and was just his perfect Ron Perlman self, fuck yous and all, making the press conference anything but boring.

Press conferences completed, it was a sprint to get to the last two signings of the day, Game of Thrones and Outlander. Taking pictures at the WB signings prove to be nearly impossible, I'm just not that slick, but chatting with the cast is always simple. Due to the time scheduling Natalie Dormer did not make the signing, which was a bummer, but Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams did make their Comic Con debuts. Gwendoline Christie was absolutely stunning, and very funny. But my favorite was the flirtastic Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who hilariously apologized for not handing me the award at the MTVu Fanfest, and followed it up with some audacious comments about a Chuck Palahniuk pin Chuck's publicist had pinned on me.

With barely time to breathe after the Game of Thrones signing it was time to head over to the Outlander signing, which I barely made. The tickets were done via a draw over the previous day and that morning, but not an advertised thing. Many people had no idea even that the draw was happening. Most booths give an 11x14 or 12x20 poster, but not Outlander. They did a thick 14x6 poster that couldn't be rolled without destroying. On hand for the signing was Ronald Moore (Executive Producer), Diana Gabaldon (Author/Writer), Sam Heughan (Jamie), Caitriona Balfe (Claire), Tobias Menzies (Black Jack Randall), Graham McTavish (Dougal) and Lotte Verbeek (Geillis). While Caitriona is absolutely gorgeous, Sam Heughan surprised the most. He's extremely soft spoken, and blushed easily enough. Outlander has to be one of the most anticipated shows of the season. The pilot is fantastic, and if you're of the mind set that Sam Heughan is too good looking, too pretty, to play Jamie he'll change your mind in the first scene he's in.
That ends day two on the con floor. Day three coming soon.


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