Almost Human S1E11 - "Disrupt" Recap

Rudy has gotten into the habit of running tests on Dorian's processing core while he recharges. Dorian is unhappy at what he sees as overstepping personal boundaries. Kennex comes to pick him up for a case and we see Rudy accessing a memory he found in Dorian's head of him playing with a toy train.

A man named Michael Bennett returns home to a luxurious house with a highly advanced security system. He speaks with the security hologram, SAM. Michael and his wife Linda have been receiving death threats because one year ago, their home security malfunctioned and accidentally killed a young trespasser named Aaron Kasdan. Linda goes for a swim while Michael has some scotch prepared for him by SAM. The news report switches to a story about Aaron's death. SAM begins to glitch and the cover on the pool closes, trapping Linda beneath the surface. Michael frantically tries to get outside and save her but the system is still glitching, leading Michael to have to smash a window. He begins banging on the pool surface once getting outside and his home security weapons shoot him and Linda drowns.

The team arrives on the scene. Maldonado answers some questions from the press. Dorian runs a scan and finds that the home security system malfunctioned at precisely the same time that it killed Aaron Kasdan one year prior. Maldonado doesn't believe in coincidence and says they are treating this as a homicide. They need to question Aaron's mother but still, there are numerous suspects considering how many people had sent the Bennetts death threats.

Kennex and Dorian visit Synturion and meet another SAM but this one is an android instead of a hologram. Dorian gets a flash of the memory Rudy had uncovered earlier. Then, he and Kennex go in and meet Peter Newsome, Synturion's counsel, as well as Kay Stenson, the CEO. Mrs. Stenson explains that she was assaulted at 15 and that was what led her to get into home security. She points them in the direction of a group called Disrupt that was particularly vocal in speaking against their company.

Stahl questions Aaron Kasdan's mother. Her alibi is that she was at a church vigil for her son. Mrs. Kasdan isn't a hacker. She says those smart houses should be against the law because of how dangerous they are. Aaron was made out to be a criminal during the trial. She doesn't know why he had trespassed but he didn't deserve to die. Aaron didn't have many friends and tended to stick to himself and just stay on his computer.

Dorian has more flashes of a child's memory while in the car with Kennex. It's not clear where they're from or how they got in his head. The lights go out all over the city and a photo of Aaron is projected with the words "Justice for Aaron" projected over them. Disrupt claims responsibility for the blackout. They're targeting Synturion and other companies putting out apparently dangerous technology on the market.

The gang asks Rudy about Crispin X, a hacker for hire, who they have found to be responsibility for the blackout. Rudy tells them there will be a hedonistic party celebrating the hack and Crispin X is sure to be in attendance. They send Stahl in, using Rudy's old hacker name. Kennex volunteers to accompany her and Rudy advises them to dress the part, leading to hilariously fabulous punk rock outfits. Stahl and Kennex find that everyone is hooked up to a virtual reality where a rave is happening. They find Crispin X, and learn that his name is Neko.

Dorian and Rudy are discussing Dorian's new memories. They discuss theories of where it could have come from. Rudy admits that when Dorian was decommissioned, he would regularly wake Dorian up so he would have someone to talk to. Rudy had to remove the files when he learned that Dorian was being recommissioned. Dorian says he'd like the files back of their conversations. He tells Rudy that they are friends and he doesn't need to keep things from him.

Neko admits to the hack into the city grid but he denies killing the Bennetts. Peter Newsome is murdered by his smart home. Dorian and Kennex are able to determine that the murderer is someone who knew Aaron personally. They tell Neko he'll get immunity if he can trace the social security tag on the photo of Aaron. The photo leads them to a girl named Emily Watson who was in the other half of the photo with Aaron. Emily has been missing but we see her hack into Mrs. Stenson's personal computer, sending a photo of Aaron with the message, "Do you feel safe?"

Stenson tells Kennex about the threatening messages and he warns her that Emily is in the building. He tells her that he and Dorian are on their way. Emily has hacked into the building's security systems and sent SAM androids after Stenson. Neko is hacking at the same time as Emily and they're going back and forth to try to harm and protect Stenson. Emily begins shutting down the life support systems in the building, which will interfere with the oxygen.

Dorian reaches Emily but is attacked by a SAM android. They get into a physical altercation. Kennex has Neko use the hologram system to replicate him in order to throw off the androids. Stenson is saved from an android attack but there's only a minute left till the oxygen system shuts down. Dorian talks Emily down by reminding her that Aaron cared for her and wouldn't want her to end her life. Neko is able to stop the oxygen system from shutting down and Emily decides not to shoot herself. Emily says that Aaron was coming to see him the night he was killed and breaks down in tears over her guilt.

Stahl tells Aaron's mother that Aaron was trying to connect with Emily and shows her that the photo of Aaron was actually constructed from photos of messages from people Aaron had connected to online. He wasn't alone like she thought he was.

Rudy has Kennex come into his lab and shows that the memories in Dorian are organic and have been in there a long time. Someone implanted them in Dorian and Rudy has taken precautionary measures to prevent the person who did it from doing it the same way. Kennex wants to tell Dorian the truth but Rudy says they need to find out why this has happened first and who did it.

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