Almost Human S1E12 - "Beholder" Recap

A man plays on a gold simulation in his swanky apartment. A hooded man with some nasty bandages and what appears to be botched plastic surgery electrocutes the other man and extracts something from his body.

Dorian and Kennex discuss a bad date Kennex went on the night before when Stahl comes in and tells them about the dead victim. The coroners are saying he died from a heart attack but Stahl says that the man is a chrome and chromes don't die young. The victim's name is Brian Barrow and he was in peak physical condition. Dorian finds the puncture wound on the man's neck and checks it for DNA. The DNA is of seven people who all died of apparently natural causes. They're all also rather attractive so they're looking at a possible serial killer.

The killer is shown to be receiving facial procedures from a doctor in an unofficial lab. The doctor doesn't want to help him but the man threatens to expose him for practicing with a revoked license, for which he would go to jail.

Someone's been talking to the press about the beautiful-people-killer. Stahl has a lead; the man was at the club Electus before he died. Kennex says he'll go but Stahl says that it's an exclusive chrome club so she has to be the one to go. At Electus, the woman manning the door gives Stahl an attitude about Stahl being a police officer despite her being a chrome, but then the owner Jack Bowman comes over and is much more receptive to her. He wants to get to know her and she still wants the surveillance footage. He has a chrome brother who is a sculptor so he's more receptive and understanding to an unconventional chrome. He agrees to give her the surveillance footage.

Kennex and Dorian check in with Rudy, who shares that nanobites were injected into the victims. The surveillance footage shows the killer but facial recognition matches the various dead victims at different moments in time. Rudy finds that the nanobites can reconstruct facial tissue. The killer is trying to form the perfect face using the faces of his victims.

Kennex and Dorian visit Dr. Randolph Amir, a plastic surgeon who had specialised in nanobot plastic surgery. The trials didn't go well; the nanobots were stopping people's hearts. The electricity of the nanobots were causing heart arrhythmias. The nanobots are injected with an actuator which matches the weapon that the killer is using.

Kennex and Dorian visit an informant named DeCarlo to track down how the killer obtained an actuator. DeCarlo points them in the direction of Dr. McCann, the same doctor operating on the killer (named Eric). When McCann sees Kennex and Dorian at his door, he injects himself with synthetic adrenaline. He attacks Kennex when Kennex storms in and then dies from cardiac arrest. McCann lost his medical license for hiding the side effects in the nanobot trials. Eric had been one of his patients. He has gotten most of the facial features he wants but there's one victim left on his kill list, a chrome named Jonathan Gettes. Eric wants his cheekbones. Stahl and some other officers get to his apartment and find him still alive. Eric is unable to get his last victim.

Stahl notices that all the victims live in the same area and Kennex realises that they might all use the same DMV. This leads them to wonder if Eric works at the DMV.

Eric is chatting online with a woman named Judy, who lives nearby. They've never met in person and she says she can't wait to meet him face-to-face.

Stahl finds Eric, who was in fact a DMV employee. They deduce that he has dysmorphic disorder and that is why he is so hellbent on achieving perfection with his looks. The team raids Eric's apartment but he's gone. They find his messages with Judy and Kennex realises that she is just across the way by looking out the window. Eric arrives at her place to surprise her. He apologises for the bandage on his cheek and in a fantastic twist, she tells him she is blind. He's not angry for her keeping this fact secret and they share a touching moment in which she tells him she doesn't care about his face.

Kennex, Dorian, and the other officers come crashing in. Eric runs up to roof, pursued by Kennex. Eric threatens to jump and Kennex tries to reason with him. Eric asks Kennex if he has ever been loved and Kennex says he has. Eric says that he wouldn't understand and then jumps from the rooftop.

Kennex is about to ask Stahl out but then Jake shows up to take Stahl out, having already made plans with her. Kennex looks longing after her as she's about to walk out and in typical television fashion, she does the same once he has looked away.

Almost Human airs on Mondays on FOX at 8PM.


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