Almost Human S1E13 (FINALE) - "Straw Man" Recap

A homeless woman named Abby is in line for a food pill. She's bothered by a man but then another man intervenes. He's in a wheelchair and his name is Glenn. He tells her that the pods have run out at this shelter but say there's another one that has open beds and offers to let her tag along after he's gotten his pill. Once they get outside and are away from other people, he reveals that he is faking his wheelchair condition, drugs her, and loads her into a van.

At the precinct, it's time for the annual reviews of the robotic officers. The members of the squad are questioned about Dorian, as he is the only DRN model. Maldonado, Rudy, and Kennex all speak highly of him. Dorian himself is also questioned and says that getting to help people again is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Kennex rags on Dorian by saying he told them all the things he has done wrong but admits he's just giving him a hard time.

Kennex and Dorian examine Abby's body at the crime scene. There is a piece of straw with her. They find that her body has been sewn up and stuffed with straw. Kennex believes this to be the work of a copycat of the MO of Michael Costa, also known as "The Straw Man." Kennex's late father caught the Straw Man and got him thrown behind bars. Kennex later finds that his father's case files are sealed so he can't look at them to aide his current investigation.

Kennex and Dorian go to visit Costa in jail. He was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and used to suffer from blackouts in which he would lose time. Costa is now on medication so his behaviour is under control now. Costa says that he never killed anyone and that Detective Kennex had come in saying he was framed and believed he was innocent. Kennex Sr. had come to visit Costa saying he was looking into something involving robots and crooked cops and then he was killed two weeks later in the line of duty. Kennex tells Dorian that a visitor that came on the day Costa said was an alias his father had used. They begin to believe that Costa's story and realise that the true Straw Man killer is still out there. Meanwhile, Glenn picks up another homeless girl.

Stahl says that the stitching she examined was identical to the original work so she doesn't really think it's a copycat either. Maldonado summons Kennex and gives him his father's original case file that had been sealed by Internal affairs. Kennex hasn't told anyone besides Dorian about his father's theory because some of the people involved might still be working there. Kennex sends Dorian to check in with Rudy while he looks through the case file. Rudy advises Dorian to make the reviewers more comfortable by acting more like an MX.

Kennex learns that his father believed someone planted DNA and a weapon on Michael Costa to frame him for the Straw Man murders. His father had also circled the feet of all the victim's feet and Kennex wonders why. Dorian calls Kennex to Rudy's lab. Rudy has found that Abby's body is a clone. Kennex's father had found that all the victims were flatfooted. Rudy explains that there was a flaw in the old printers for human clones that made them unable to create arches in human feet. The killer has been copying his victims to keep them hidden but they don't know why.

The killer's older bioprinter can't print human organs which is why they were filled with straw. Kennex tells Maldonado that his father had believed that Costa was set up. Costa said how someone framed Kennex's father for stealing robotic parts from the evidence locker and selling them on the black market.

The team finds the next victim and she has a pinprick from the meal supplement machines in shelters. They send people to go in undercover and investigate the shelters. Detective Paul poses as a homeless man and gives a homeless man some money to get a place to stay for the night.

Dorian and Kennex are in the squad car staking out a shelter. Dorian asks Kennex if he thinks his dad could have stolen the parts like he was accused of. Kennex tells a story about how his father busted a drug deal and refused to take a cut of the drug money, even when corrupt cops held a gun to his head, and is the reason Kennex is a cop today.

Glenn tries to pick another victim but stops his attempts when he sees the MXs on patrol. Paul spots the glasses word by the kid he had given money to and calls in Glenn's van driving away. Kennex and Dorian pursue it and reach Glenn's lab. They're also able to ID glen using facial recognitions. The team finds all of the victims in coffin-like chambers. Dorian reaches Glenn but it's actually a duplicate rigged to explode. The real Glenn attacks Kennex and they get into a fight, during which Kennex shoots him. Dorian scans the body and finds that Glenn is actually a cyborg. All the parts in him are from the police evident locker. Also, officer Grant, who had been in charge of the evidence locker when the items were stolen, was killed in the line of duty three weeks after Kennex's father.

Back at the station, Stahl informs them that Glenn had a degenerative disease and was trying to rebuild his body using robotic parts. It worked for a while but the biotech started to break down after ten years, leading him to kill again. Kennex tells Maldonado all he has found and she agrees that Officer Grant could have been framing Kennex's father before Glenn killed them both. Costa is being released with the charges against him being dropped. Maldonado congratulates Kennex for finishing his father's work and clearing his name.

When Dorian comes back in, he tries to act like an MX but drops the act when the interviewer tells him he received glowing reviews from everyone, particularly from Kennex who had apparently said that Dorian is the reason he's staying on the force. Dorian's assignment has been renewed.

Dorian tracks Kennex down to a ramen bar. He says that his term has been reviewed thanks to Kennex's glowing review and has a thank-you gift for him. It's a new leg with newer, better technology that isn't even on the market yet. Kennex thanks him and Dorian says he's glad Maldonado put them together. Finally, Kennex denies saying that Dorian is the reason he's staying on the force. Kennex is about to have his ramen but then they're called in on another case.


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