Beauty and the Beast S2E22 (S2 Finale) - "Déjà Vu" Recap

in New York City, 1854, a mob is hunting for Alistair, Vincent's ancestor/doppelgänger. Rebecca, Cat's ancestor, save him. They discuss a man who is killing people and framing Alistair for it. Rebecca wants Alistair to get away so he doesn't get hurt. The mob catches up and then Cat wakes up.

Cat has been reading Rebecca's journal and tells Vincent that she went through the same thing as what they are currently going through. Vincent says that all he cares about is their future. JT shows up to tell them about Gabe being a Beast again. JT says that Gabe is different now and therefore more powerful than he was before.

Cat and Tess get to the crime scene and find Beth dead. Vincent and JT are with them, too. Vincent has a vision of Gabe killing Beth and wants to track him but he is followed by a swarm of reporters and we see Rebecca and Alistair experience something similar to Vincent and Cat's reporters. Cat and Tess convince Vincent to wait to go after Gabe. Cat calls Agents Knox but instead she hears Gabe kill him. Cat tells Vincent killing Gabe wouldn't be right and that he needs to be brought to justice through the law but Vincent isn't hearing any of it and heads off to find Gabe anyway.

Tess calls JT to tell him he has killed Knox. He's done the math and has found that Gabe is too strong. If they fight, Vincent will be killed.

Cat visits her father in prison to get some help. He simply says that she's going to lose Vincent either way and that Beasts only get worse. She tells him that Vincent hasn't been getting worse and her father speculates that perhaps her love has kept him from turning into a monster, just as Rebecca had done for Alistair. He then says that there is a point of no return for beasts and that the only way Vincent will be able to stop Gabe is to lose his humanity. He tells Cat that capturing Gabe might be her best bet of saving Vincent.

In 1854, Alistair fights the Beast who has been setting him up.

JT hacks into the surveillance system and finds Gabe, who is sitting and waiting for Vincent. Gabe speaks, knowing Vincent can hear him, and taunts him about killing Knox and threatens to kill all the people Vincent loves. Before Vincent can arrive, Cat, JT, and Tess arrive with a tranq gun and knock Vincent out, dragging him away. JT takes some of Vincent's blood to lure Gabe into a trap at Cat's request. Cat says that history is repeating itself and she just needs to do what Rebecca did. Cat tells them to compile the evidence they have against Gabe, not including the information on Muirfield that would incriminate Vincent too.

In 1854, Rebecca brings Alistair to safety and says that everything that's happening to him is happening to her as well. She then says that perhaps it's her destiny and not his to kill the Beast. She locks him in a cage to keep him safe and heads out to take him on.

Cat echoes these actions and decides to go after Gabe herself. She locks Vincent up to keep him safe and heads out to use Vincent's blood to bait Gabe. The police station is preparing for Gabe's arrival and the Captain reminds Tess that if she can't deliver Gabe, then he will take Vincent. Cat meets with Tess and says that something feels wrong about doing this without Vincent. She thinks that Rebecca and her father might be wrong and that she might be leaving Vincent vulnerable. This could have been what got Alistair killed.

Vincent tries to break out of his cage, just as Alistair had tried. Cat begins leaving the blood trail for Gabe and finally realises that her doubts are justified. She knows that leaving Vincent alone and vulnerable is wrong. She goes to let Vincent out and explains how she was just trying to keep him safe and that she should just trust him and all they have been through. She asks for his forgiveness and he pouts momentarily before doing so. He admits that he was just trying to go after Gabe for the terrible things he had done and she encourages him to hold on to his humanity.

Cat and Gabe go to meet JT to get the evidence against Gabe and find him hanging from his wrists on the ceiling, bleeding out. They call for an ambulance and he is taken to the hospital. Tess arrives as he is being wheeled away and she panics over having been so mean to him. Cat encourages her to stay strong because he needs her right now.

Gabe taunts Vincent from a distance again and they meet up at a pool hall. After a brief chat, the fight begins. Gabe taunts Vincent for not being able to "cross the line" and then Cat shows up and locks the gem collar around his neck. She says that despite almost killing JT, he was able to compile the evidence against him and he will be locked up. He hits Cat, knocking her to the floor and tries to attack her with a broken bottle. Cat impales him with a pool stick and it's light's out for Gabe.

Cat gives all the evidence to the Captain, including the experimenting with cross-species DNA. She and Vincent leave for the hospital to check on JT after Cat is given her badge back. They arrive at the hospital and find Tess crying, saying he's not going to make it. An alarm goes off and they think JT's about to die but when they get to the room, they find that he is fine. His doctor is shown to be one of the government agents that had taken Vincent from the prison. Cat and Vincent step out to talk with him. He says that they saved JT because they need Vincent's help against a new threat.

Cat and Vincent sit together next to the river and note how strange it is to finally be able to sit out in the open. Vincent says that if it wasn't for her, he wouldn't be there right now. He asks what she wants to do about the offer from the government agents and she says she doesn't want to think about the future just yet. She wants to sit and enjoy the present with Vincent.

Beauty and the Beast will return on the CW for Season 3.


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